Building the Mind in Four Steps

“Man can build up his mind and make it what he wills. In fact, we are mind-building every hour of our lives, either consciously or unconsciously.” It is not just my own opinion that a weak mind makes for a weak body and weak decision making skills, or that a strong mind makes for aContinue reading “Building the Mind in Four Steps”

The Law of Attraction in the Thought World

What you think about is what will manifest. The Law of Attraction is based on the sum of our thoughts. The things you think the most about are the things that will become physical reality around you. Your actions follow the vibrations of your thoughts, as little by little your thoughts transmute to become the energy of feeling, and that feeling is the powerful magnet-like attracting force behind everything that comes to fruition in our lives.

Embracing Failure and Disappointment

Failure and disappointment are two things that will happen consistently in life if you’re actually living it. Giving an effort in life may bring failure and disappointment, but so will not trying at all. You will never regret trying and failing, only never going above and beyond your capabilities. Learning to embrace the failure andContinue reading “Embracing Failure and Disappointment”