What Radio Frequency Are You Playing Daily?

We can, however, learn to TUNE ourselves, so that we receive the energies we put out more than emitting frequencies we don’t want to receive back.

Eating Like the Biggest Animals on Earth; The Plant-Based Approach-The Seeker Post #2:

By photosynthesis, plants are able to convert light into food. This is why fruits have the highest vibrational energy. It IS the closest food source to light energy. It’s how animals eat and feed their young, and how humans SHOULD be eating.

Truth, Pt. 2

It’s why man created laws.  Man’s inability to enhance his inner checks and balances comes at a cost.  If we all agree no man is perfect, how then can man create a law that applies to all?  It causes an imbalance in an otherwise already perfect system. A law system not derived from perfect natureContinue reading “Truth, Pt. 2”