Achieving Total Victory in Your Life-The Seeker Post #11

Championships don’t always come in the way of sports, but to be a champion is to have done the best you can, for as long as you could have, UNTIL the outcome you seek has been achieved.

Truth Pt. 1

Truth, in its essence, requires change.  It requires that we respond to it. Whether through action or acknowledgment the truth always wins in the end. This is why most “truths” are perverted.  Most truths are perverted to avoid the change necessary to cope with the acknowledgment of actual truth. Man’s will and reason, given toContinue reading “Truth Pt. 1”

The Collective Break…

…and The Power of Sunshine (opinion) For a mid-westerner, you grow up believing and trusting in the seasons.  There used to be about three to four months in each legitimately, before the weather really began acting on its own accord, in part because of people, and in part because of…people. Regardless, the past few yearsContinue reading “The Collective Break…”