The Reproduction of Thought Waves

Your power lies in that you can assert control over your thinking patterns. There are much more negative thinking people in the world, so if you find yourself on the negative thought plane, it is easy to get caught up in the line of thoughts that are constantly being sent out and received on that plane, just like radio waves.

The Law of Attraction in the Thought World

What you think about is what will manifest. The Law of Attraction is based on the sum of our thoughts. The things you think the most about are the things that will become physical reality around you. Your actions follow the vibrations of your thoughts, as little by little your thoughts transmute to become the energy of feeling, and that feeling is the powerful magnet-like attracting force behind everything that comes to fruition in our lives.

How to Develop the Will in 7 Steps

The truth of our world is that you reap what you sow, every action has an equal reaction, and every cause has an effect. In order to accomplish what must be accomplished, you must build up and develop the power of your will. The power of the mind must be utilized in order to accomplish anything great, and to harness the power of the mind, one must have strength of will.