The Reproduction of Thought Waves

In chapter one we reviewed how thought waves are a frequency, a living thing just like sound waves, light waves, etc. Just like how a drop of water causes ripples in another body of water, thoughts also ripple out like waves. However, thoughts possess the ability to reproduce themselves according to Atkinson. Whether you think of thought waves as notes on a piano or waves of water rippling, what’s important is that you understand thought waves are being sent back and forth to our minds just like a radio waves, and whatever station we are tuned to will only get stronger in clarity, with the additional feature of the pulling nature, the law of attraction that these thought waves contain.

The Mental Plane is where Thought Waves Exist

What Does This Mean For Us?

It is important to understand your thoughts attract thoughts of similar nature. Opposing thoughts cannot exist in the same faculty of the mind. Whatever you think, so shall you become, according to James Allen in As A Man Thinketh. We are what we have thought ourselves into being at this point in time. We are the future that we thought into being. So while the future is now, this future will become the past and whatever future we saw before will take its place. 

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If you aren’t consciously having thoughts, you are unconsciously having thoughts, and therefore still creating your future self through the actions which follow the thoughts you have, whether conscious or unconscious. You have a choice to assert control, or leave control up to the subconscious mind which has been programmed largely by parents, environment, survival instinct(avoiding death and pain), government, teachers, etc.

How Does It Work?

There are degrees of “pitch” in the mind according to Atkinson. We will see what we look for. We always find that which we think about. The LAW doesn’t care whether you think about good or bad, it is that you are thinking of it. Whatever you think about has to appear by the nature of the law.

This means that if you are in a lower state of mind at any time, and feeling passionately about that “negativity,” you will pull more of those thoughts into being. Atkinson says the positive line of thought will have one feeling “strong, buoyant, bright, cheerful, happy, confident and courageous, able to work well and carry out intentions.”

On the negative line of thought you will feel depressed, weak, passive, dull, fearful and cowardly. You will struggle to make progress. 

It’s not about a higher or lower physical frequency, as there is no good or bad according to the universal mind, with good or bad being decided by the perspective of the receiver. It’s simply what you choose. Positive and negative here are only used based on what people link experiences to. It’s another step removing good and bad from the thought process, as these do not exist to the universal mind.

Your power lies in that you can assert control over your thinking patterns. There are much more negative thinking people in the world, so if you find yourself on the negative thought plane, it is easy to get caught up in the line of thoughts that are constantly being sent out and received on that plane, just like radio waves.

The Future is Now

How Do We Apply This Concept?

Development of the will is essential to power. Willpower is not some fallacy. Willpower allows us to exert extensive control over the thought process, effectively allowing us to actively create through our choice of thought.

The first rule of building up one’s willpower is breaking off bad habits. Thinking negatively is a habit. You have the ability to choose how you think. Of course if you are accustomed to thinking a certain way, it is easy to fall into that pattern. It is a simple thing to think negatively about a situation, and to FEEL negatively about it, thereby starting the cycle of thinking negative and negative happening.

Building up the will is a series of trials, especially through the first rule of breaking off bad habits. The first habit to break is the negative line of thought. You must break this habit by changing the language of the mind.

If you find yourself mentally or verbally thinking and speaking negatively, by force of will you must change the language and repeat this language until you feel it. This is the first and most important step, and for a person steeped in the negative plane, the hardest. Remember the body wants to do things automatically, it requires less energy(the law of conservation of energy) so making a passive habit is the first thing the mind wants to do in the body.

Change your thought waves by the active power of the will. It will be tiresome at first, but with each trial you will find yourself just a little bit stronger until you find yourself choosing positive trains of thought when you arrive at the thought station. 

Your thought train leaves now. Which one will you choose?

The Law of Attraction in the Thought World

Thought Vibrations Review

Through man’s “science” we understand a tiny fraction of how the universe works. Man’s ego and pride, however, keep man from understanding his place and capabilities in not just the seen(physical) and unseen(metaphysical) world. Everything is made up of matter and contains energy. Everything runs on the laws we have discovered thus far, with one of the main laws being the Law of Gravitation. William Walker Atkinson describes the Law of Gravitation as the physical manifestation of the Law of Attraction in the Thought World. 

Law of Attraction

What Does This Mean For Us?

Because thought is a force or “manifestation of energy” according to Atkinson, thought must also have a magnet-like power of attraction similar to the law of gravitation, its physical brother/sister. 

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The frequencies/vibrations of light, heat, sound, etc. can be heard and registered in various tones and wavelengths by our physical senses. Our physical senses are how we make sense of the world, and our feelings are there to solidify our beliefs about what it is we think we know.

We get sensations based on our various organs that register these vibrations and wavelengths, and the organ that registers thought-waves is the brain. The mind is the ethereal, unseen controller of the brain, the sender and receiver of these vibrations and energy that we know as thoughts. Humans register over 6,000 thoughts a day according to psychologists

Buddha on Law of Attraction

How Does the Law of Attraction Work?

Robert Greene in his book 40 Laws of Power tells us of Law 23: Concentrate Your Forces; a law that tells us anything is achievable if we merely concentrate our thoughts on a single point or cause. Spreading “yourself thin” is exactly why most of us never accomplish anything in life. We don’t concentrate, have short attention spans, and never focus on a single goal for more than a few minutes, and at max, never long enough to make a habit out of the action derived from the thought that would help us achieve or attract what it is we think about.

What you think about is what will manifest. The Law of Attraction is based on the sum of our thoughts. The things you think the most about are the things that will become physical reality around you. Your actions follow the vibrations of your thoughts, as little by little your thoughts transmute to become the energy of feeling, and that feeling is the powerful magnet-like attracting force behind everything that comes to fruition in our lives.

How Do We Apply The Law of Attraction?

Focus, concentration, and mindfulness. Ask yourself:

  1. How am I thinking, and why?
  2. Does this pattern of thought benefit me?
  3. What is it that I desire? (and focus on that with those 6,000 thoughts-that’s a lot of energy)

While this is not everything, this is the basic start to beginning to change your thought patterns(vibrations). Check out my article on building the will for more tips on gaining mental power with willpower.

How to Develop the Will in 7 Steps

You’re not responsible for the actions of the person next to you. You are only responsible for your own actions. To control your actions, you must have the will to do what is necessary. To use the will properly, you must build the power of the will. James Allen gives us seven simple steps to develop the will in his book, “Master of Destiny.”

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Free Will, Cause and Effect

Man’s free will enables him to choose the action. The instant he chooses the action, the effect is now out of his hands as fate takes over. Fate is justice at work. All causes must be rectified with equal and proper effects. Justice is the balance in the world, that every effect is in absolute equal ration to the cause. 

The true law of this universe is that of cause and effect. Character is born from deeds. Character is shaped by deeds, the cause and effect makes a man what he is. Life at its core causes a man to grow by the constant cause and effect of his choice of action and inaction. Fairness of life is irrelevant, as the more you are consciously responsible for your actions, the more you aim “fate” in the “right” direction.

Good and Evil

Man wants to relinquish responsibility for good and evil by creating an absolute good and evil in the form of deities. By creating a god outside of ourselves to whom we attribute “good” we say that nothing good can come from anything that we do. By also creating a subsequent devil, or opposition to the good god, we give all responsibility for the bad things that happen in our lives to something or someone other than the choice we made in the past. “The problem of evil subsists in a man’s own evil deeds, and it is solved when those deeds are purified.” We are the origin of any evil whatsoever in the world.

Without developing willpower, life will be hard

The current present is a sum of all past choices. All choices have not just instant payouts, but future payouts. It is therefore necessary that man develop his will to tolerate all things good and adverse. Handling adversity is a way of understanding life’s justice. Even if you are perfect and have paid for all previous sins, because one will always lack knowledge you will still experience learning opportunities, which seem “adverse” due to our ignorance. When we don’t develop our will, we continue in courses of action that have gotten us to the present day, which may or may not be favorable.

We Reap What We Sow

If everything comes down to our free will to choose our actions, then we must either clearly and intelligently make every one of our choices, sowing knowing what we will reap, or we will continue in our ignorance, constantly reaping the fruit of the seeds we’ve sowed, until we have learned the lesson we are being encouraged to learn by the “adverse” effects. Developing the will enables us to do what we have never done before.

Develop the power of will

The truth of our world is that you reap what you sow, every action has an equal reaction, and every cause has an effect. In order to accomplish what must be accomplished, you must build up and develop the power of your will. The power of the mind must be utilized in order to accomplish anything great, and to harness the power of the mind, one must have strength of will.

The Seven Steps

This can be accomplished in the following seven simple, everyday steps:

  1. Break off bad habits
    1. It demands we use successive efforts. Immediate pleasure is there in bad habits, and we cannot rule over ourselves if we cannot put forth the effort to break bad habits. Success gives us an increase in strength of will when we stop bad habits. Stopping bad habits requires strength of purpose.
  2. Form good habits
    1. This requires intelligent direction of purpose. We must constantly watch ourselves by being mentally active and energetic in the perfecting of ourselves.
  3. Give scrupulous attention to the duty of the present moment
    1. Thoroughness in accomplishing things can only be done by giving full attention and focus, which are powers which give us weight to our character. This requires “singleness of purpose.”
  4. Do vigorously and at once, whatever has to be done
    1. Idleness and a strong will do not and cannot operate together. Do not put off till tomorrow what can be done today. Strength, success and peace comes when we do now what we can do, not waiting till later.
  5. Live by rule
    1. We must not just live by passion. We must adhere to the rules we make for the “right government of conduct.” This gives us strength in will and reason. We should make rules to govern our conduct in every area and cling to them, not living loosely according to our mere desires at the moment.
  6. Control the tongue
    1. You must not utter anything with evil intent, impureness, without check, etc. Controlling the tongue is essential to developing the strength of will and character.
  7. Control the mind
    1. The “crown of a perfectly poised will cannot be attained without controlling the mind.” That is the true crown of a king and queen.

The little things in life are the most important, and that’s what requires us being thorough in attentiveness and gratitude. Great things come about from the small insignificant things. Few people acquire skill and excellence, which comes from developing willpower.

 “The law of survival of the fittest is not based on cruelty, it is based on justice…the thoughtless and lazy cannot take precedence of, or stand next to, the thoughtful and industrious.”

To be a person of character, one must develop the will to break from all bad habits, as the first step to controlling the choices you make is seeing the choices you make as seeds being sown into your future.