The Secrets of Willpower

Many of us have been taught to believe that we have to develop and build willpower. To add another duty to our growing list of responsibilities, especially when “having great willpower” does nothing for the average person at any given moment. There are hidden secrets of willpower that aren’t given the credit they deserve for helping us create success.

Anyone with great willpower knows that he already possesses the thing(willpower). So it would only be natural that the next question to answer would be, “How can I access it?” 

Accessing the secrets of willpower can only be done with proper training of the mind, which is accomplished through the changing of beliefs, since changing beliefs means changing habits, and doing both of these take active focus and concentration on what it is that we want. With our beliefs come feelings, and feelings make beliefs true. All of these things zero in on accessing willpower, because willpower is the power to do things at will, or because you “willed” it.

Just a single drop of Willpower adds up

What Does it Mean to Access the Secrets of Willpower?

These seven steps help you to access willpower.

What this means is that through mental training we can tap into willpower, one of the body’s unseen natural forces. 

Atkinson says,” The mind is the instrument, and the supply of willpower is proportionate to the fineness of the instrument through which it manifests.”

Exhibiting self-discipline is a benefit of having access to the supply of willpower. Strong character, timeliness, effort, and all of the benefits of being able to access willpower are clearly on display and you can name several yourself, can you not? The power to “do” at will. Active functions like doing the opposite of the bad habit that is keeping you in a certain place that you don’t want to be in. Passive functions are the habits that make us the person who we are, the character that is the magnet for everything our world is made up of at the current moment.

How Can These Secrets of Willpower Help Us?

Winning/success is a matter of creating opportunities. Creating opportunities is a matter of active functions. Opportunities must be created for one to win. One cannot win without the opportunity to achieve victory. Victory in itself is a matter of being completely ready for the opportunity that was created. The more opportunities that are created through accessing willpower, the more you give yourself the opportunity to win

Those with weak access to willpower would say, because of their character and habits, that chance is king and they have no control of anything that happens to them, and if they do, there’s not much they can do about it. This would also mean that “taking responsibility” cannot be done without the willpower to make responsible decisions. 

Power in itself is the “ability to do.” By believing in your “I AM” you can access the “will.” This would mean that you can choose to DO what you WILL. To use willpower is to believe in your own ability to choose to do as you please, which for many is a mixture of teaching and education from childhood through adulthood in the form of feedback loops and news media consumption.

Applying the Secrets of Willpower

To begin to access your own willpower and tune your mind to tap into the unlimited power source at your disposal:

  1. Tap into your “I AM” and say the phrase several times a day, if not once on the hour: “I am using my willpower.” This should especially be done whenever you find yourself avoiding responsibility,doing something difficult, or in tasks that can help you achieve your goals and accomplish those things that are responsible for you as you take on the state that you desire.
  2. We all know how easy it is to do the thing that agrees with us. We pat ourselves on the back when we do the easy thing. The hard thing is doing something that doesn’t feel so good. So do something that you know you should do, the “disagreeable task” at least once a day. For some people that’s working out. For others it may be eating better consistently. Others, reading or writing a page every day, or at regular intervals. Teach yourself to do hard things.
  3. Do both of these every day for a month and track your progress. Note how you feel when you use your willpower to do the disagreeable task, and what happens over the course of every day for 30 days. Let this be your guide moving forward, as you move from active function to making the use of this technique habit, and then moving forward to higher and higher levels of fine tuning the instrument of the mind for tapping into your willpower.

Building the Mind in Four Steps

“Man can build up his mind and make it what he wills. In fact, we are mind-building every hour of our lives, either consciously or unconsciously.”

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It is not just my own opinion that a weak mind makes for a weak body and weak decision making skills, or that a strong mind makes for a strong body and strong decision making skills. You can attest to this fact by taking a good look in the mirror and being honest about what you see and what you know about yourself.

Do you have a strong mind? Do you consistently make good decisions over and over? Do you ever procrastinate? Do you do what needs to be done, right here and right now with the utmost of all effort? Do you build up your body as you build up the mind? Do you actively seek out discomfort as a tactic to build discipline?

Or do you choose the easy way? Do you give yourself excuses as to why you cannot do a thing? Do you use lots of “ifs,” “buts,” and “I’m trying,” in your everyday speech? Are you using language of a weak mind or a strong mind? The strong mind sounds something like “I can and I will,” while the weak mind uses phrases like “I can’t,” or “I’m trying.”

The body should be subordinate to the mind. The strong mind makes the body submit to its will, not the body controlling the mind with its desires and hormones.

What Does Building the Mind Mean?

“As above, so below, as below, so above” goes the hermetic principle. Either the mind rules the body or the body rules the mind. You know which one is you. And you can continue being the slave of your moods, passions and animalistic nature as long as you want, and that is all you will ever have.

As Above So Below

You cannot be a king or queen without control over your subjects. Your senses of the physical desire to be satisfied the more you give them authority to choose whatever they want. By denying these senses you gain willpower and strengthen your mind’s ability to make sovereign choices with what must happen as a king or queen would. Building the mind requires focus and attention on bending the mind to the will.

How Do We Begin Building the Mind?

An affirmation to use with absolute authority is:

“I am asserting the mastery of my real self.”

You are not your body. You are not even your mind. Your mind is just the home and unit through which divine thought speaks. By asserting mastery of your real self you begin to assert that you are not your body nor the mind and can therefore control the mind as well. Your real self uses the mind as a tool, so building the mind strengthens the connection between mind and body.

How Do We Apply This Concept?

  1. Do not just repeat the above affirmation like a parrot would. Put thought and therefore emphasis behind it. The feeling is the thing.
  2. You must affix your mind to the higher self instead of the lower self and draw your inspiration from the unlimited willpower at your disposal.
  3. Understand and FEEL within that you have access to this willpower, and only must attach the tether of the mind to it. Assert that you are using your willpower whenever you feel weak. Say it, believe it, and act on it.
  4. Cutting off bad habits is the start, because bad habits are those that keep you on the lower plane. Run in the opposite direction from things that do not allow you to build your mind and learn to attach it to your unlimited source of willpower.

This takes time, work, and relentless effort daily to stay in this zone, but as you conquer each trial, it takes you just another notch up, making it easier every single time to get in touch with the willpower at your disposal. Using the willpower will build the mind and building the mind uses willpower.

Thoughts, Vibrations and Willpower

A Discussion on Thoughts, Vibrations and Willpower

There are many faculties of the mind. Thoughts create vibrations throughout the mind, and we create our reality through actions we take with and through our willpower. Thoughts are an energy source, and can tap into our willpower, another unlimited energy source, and we vibrate with that energy to create the life we have around us.

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Active and passive faculties abound and are there for our use and benefit. The many passive functions(habits in this sense, not involuntary actions) keep many of us from ever moving past the 10% function, IF we ever get there. By active impulse we can insert new habits, while passive functions carry out old commands. In this function exists the law of conservation of energy, that energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transferred from one form of energy to another.

In Genevieve Behrend’s book, ”Your Invisible Power,” she mentions a process by which she began to accept her mind as a unit of the divine mind. The divine nature seeks to expand upon itself just as the universe does, and by expanding, it can reveal its true nature.  “I am the substance of all there is,” she states. If we are the divine mind personalized, then we also are a function of the divine mind which seeks to express itself through us, and in ways never experienced before. 

Atkinson states,”All thought impulses, or motion impulses, once started on their errands, continue to vibrate along passive lines until corrected or terminated by subsequent impulses imparted by the active function or other controlling power.” This is Newton’s law of inertia at work in the mind; that if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed. Atkinson also states in chapter three that “there is in Nature an instinctive tendency of living organisms to perform certain actions, the tendency of an organized body to seek that which satisfies the wants of its organism.”

What Does This Mean For Us to Have Vibrating Thought Patterns?

The Mind Can Be Illuminated

Moving these functions require that man learn to bend the mind to the will. We have an unlimited source of willpower – this is a function of the absolute power of the universe living in us and through us – but we have not taught ourselves how to attach the mind to the electrical current of the will. The electric current is the thought form that creates the vibrations throughout the mind and body.

Atkinson states,”The Will is strong enough, it does not need strengthening, but the mind needs to be trained to receive and act upon the suggestions of the will. The Will is the outward manifestation of I AM.”

I AM is our consciousness, that I AM. Whatever follows the I AM is that which we are conscious of being. This is why it is extremely important that we watch our language, because what we are conscious of being is exactly what we will be.

“As a man thinketh, so shall he be.”

How Do Thoughts and Vibrations Work?

Through constant teaching of our mind to tap into our willpower, we gain control over how we think, process information, and create our reality through thought and speech. Remember, thoughts create vibrations, and we control thoughts through willpower.

“The body is willing but the mind is weak.”

We do not teach ourselves to constantly do hard things. These hard things become easy things as our mind taps into the will. A weak will is similar to a flickering light in a dark room: it flickers here and there and makes it hard to steadily see that which is in front of you. A strong will has the powers of illumination, as every accomplishment in building our ability to tap into our unlimited source of willpower is a stepping stone to bending our divine nature completely to its source of power: the Will.

Through active thought-impulses we can change our passive functions, making our passive functions that which we seek to ultimately be. Our passive functions seek the path of least resistance, so changing our passive functions from habits that hurt our divine progress to those of a divine nature only increases our alignment with our inner divine nature. Giving a command to our faculties is a function of the will, and to continue to command until the function is changed into a passive impulse is the completion of alignment. Our thoughts in active and passive forms are vibrations which send impulses for the actions we take.

How Do We Apply this Concept of Thoughts and Vibrations?

Everything is a Process

First, understand that you ARE source. You are the universe individualized. The universe seeks to expand itself through you. Our bodily functions are those of a “lower nature” and the law of inertia means the path of least resistance is the most natural one. Only by force of will can we change our nature from that of the primal and instinctive to that of the divine.

Second, it is by choice that we must tap into our unlimited source of energy and through changing the passive habit we use this unlimited source of willpower to control our thoughts and create our reality through active thought-impulse and passive action impulse – the vibration frequency is key. “Be transformed daily by the renewing of your minds.”

Third, the first step of building our ability to tap into willpower is to break off bad habits. The second step is forming new habits. It is a recurring theme for those seeking to create a new reality around themselves. Willpower is the unlimited source of energy and bending the lower nature of the body to the mind, and the mind to the will, enables us to tap into the divine nature that lies within all of us.

Thoughts vibrate like a frequency which cause the materialization of the thought into the physical realm. Controlling these thought vibrations is a focal point of tapping into our willpower. The exercise is learning to tap into the willpower so we have a better adeptness at controlling our thought-vibrations.