The ONLY Resolution You Need to Make This Year

There is only ONE resolution you need to make this year.

On my my recent podcast I talked about courage, along with some other virtues. However, Courage is not the one resolution you need to make.

While courage is necessary, it is still just the first step we need to take.

As usual, there is a follow-up to every decision and choice that we choose to make. This part is where we see a lot of pain come in, because a lot of people make a choice, but never follow up.

“The Wise man is neither raised up by prosperity nor cast down by adversity;

What’s the follow up?


There is no magic potion to getting something done. There is only your choice to do, and the consequences of the choice.

Remember if something is worth having, it’s worth doing something about. And if something is worth doing something about, it’s worth standing there and dealing with the consequences while WAITING on the outcome.

These days, a lot of people are impatient(patience is another virtue) and unwilling to just DEAL. As if an easy life provides some sort of satisfaction. Satisfaction isn’t something achieved by avoiding all problems.

It isn’t something you can taste by never having gone through anything. We are supposed to have hiccups. We are supposed to have tough times. Without tough times, we cannot EVER experience joy.

Life has a dual nature to it:

  • You have to WEATHER the STORM
  • Without BAD times we wouldn’t know what a GOOD time is
  • If you don’t experience pain, you never know what it’s like to be alive and well
  • Suffering paves the way for gratitude

The list goes on.

Resilience is what causes a prize fighter to smile when they take a hit. In that moment a fighter acknowledges that yes, they have been hit. Hit hard. And it HURT. The smile in that moment tells the body:

“Hey, that wasn’t so bad. We can definitely take a few more shots like that an survive.”

That’s life.

The minute you decide to pout, grimace, frown, or be sad that something happened and it didn’t feel great, it’s all over for you.

Resilience is a state of being. Remember, how the mind thinks about things is how they are.

Steps to Being Resilient

Smile always.

Tension builds up in the body in places we don’t always see. Wonder why an old person has a sour face? They have been frowning most of their life. Those people you will see with ailments.


Because the mind isn’t well. If the mind isn’t well, the body cannot be well.

Know that everything works out.

If it doesn’t work out, you’re dead.

So, as long as you have breath, keep moving forward. Of course, you need a break, but that’s just a time y our mind needs to rest and recover from constantly working.

Work smarter, not harder. This means put your mind to use, not just your body.

Refer to the first step. 😉

Choose to live your life, your way.

Carrying the hopes and dreams of others is a sure fire way to get burnt out and be unhappy.

Choose to find yourself in all the chaos and be true to yourself.

When you live true to yourself, it’s easy to smile knowing that everything is your choice.

Although everything in general is OUR choice, it’s hard to see them as our choice when we are doing things solely, to please others.

At least when we live our lives, our way, we can take responsibility knowing that no matter what, we will never have any regrets and that everything is working out, whether we are learning lessons or experiencing a moment of sunshine after the rain.

People who dance in the rain live longer anyways.

– Coach Jay –


4 Ways to Get What You Want

neville goddard what you are imagining you are creating

Does the “law of attraction” still not work for you?

Are you huffing and puffing and blowing out spiritual candles every day, following every astrology and self-help page and still not “attracting” what you want?

Using sage to smoke out every past demon and cleanse yourself of all mistakes you’ve ever made and still, nothing seems to change?

If you answered yes, then keep reading.

How “Reality” is Created

We take in over 36,000 bits of information per hour through our eyes. Our hearing fills in blank spots, our sense of touch makes things real, the sense of taste and smell enhancing our very nervous system through engagement with what we see and hear.

Why do our senses matter?

Because they aren’t what creates reality, no matter how REAL they may seem. They are what tell us we EXIST, and that is all.

Reality starts in our head. Every waking thought, every dream, every DAY-dream, every interaction, past and future, including the thoughts about ourselves and our place in the world, have a heavy hand in determining the creation of our reality.

How you THINK is EXACTLY how things will be.

For example, I myself noticed that I have been making strides with my mental state regarding finances and wealth creation. I know that millions of people know better than I. I have stopped frivolous spending on consumables and re-routed that back into spending on money-creating opportunities.

However, I have still been reluctant to hire other mentors for myself. It has been a thing popping up since October. The need for coaching for myself.

It is my thoughts about coaching and what coaches do, or are SUPPOSED to do, or charge, that has really made me SKEPTICAL.

Why charge $1,000’s?

I know now that they know things I don’t know, and they know the VALUE in their work.

While this has nothing to do with YOU, this has everything to do with the concept that if I am SKEPTICAL, my ENERGY, because I believe this way, is one of skepticism. So MY OWN PERSONAL WORK WILL BE CREATED out of this belief.

Does this make sense?

How you believe is how you will live your life. If you believe that men or women lie, you will ACT WITH THIS AS YOUR TRUTH.

It will NOT BE POSSIBLE for you to attract honest people, even if you yourself are honest, or consider yourself to be, solely because you BELIEVE. In fact, you will ALWAYS push away honest people, in order to MAKE your believe true.

How we believe is exactly how we will operate and go about our daily lives. This is what creates. Our basic beliefs will drive us, unconsciously, subconsciously and then consciously to do and behave as though what we believe to be true, IS true.

You’re Out of Alignment

You want things, but you don’t know that you don’t actually want them. They just sound good. Most times we are actually afraid of what we THINK we want because subconsciously we all know we are NOT READY.

Think about this.

You’re not ready for what you say or think you may want.

You’d lose it if you got it, that’s why you don’t currently have it.

Since everything starts in the mind, what is created out of that is a feeling, which turns into energy used by the body to operate.

Nothing is attracted, everything is created. Your energy creates, using the feeling from the thought that started in your mind.

How do you REALLY believe about something? Do you believe that it’s possible your energy DOES NOT MATCH what it is you think you want?

walt disney if you can dream it you can do it
Walt Disney Famous Quotes Famous Quotewalt Disney Imagination Quotes Walt Disney – Quote And Sayings

A million dollars. You say you want it, but do you REALLY?

Do you have $5,000? $10,000? Have you ever created this amount(not saved) and re-created it over and over?

Do you know what it takes to EARN a million dollars? If you did, you would have done it. Think about that.

If you knew how to EARN a million dollars, you would have done it.

Me personally, I do believe I am capable of EARNING a million dollars, and making another million on top of it. I know that I am only universal – not human – time away from seeing that number physically in my bank account.

I feel like I already have a million, and that’s why I am writing these words to you.

You will act as though you have, what you already have.

You will act as if something is true, if you truly believe it already is.

If you don’t believe something is true, you will never ACT as though it is.

To Align Yourself and Create, Do These Things

Find Out How You Really Believe

Take some time to think about and write down every single pain that you remember. If you remember it, it’s possible that you have not truly learned from the event, forgiven yourself/others, and released this FEELING.

Realize that not releasing pain means you carry that load with you. The universe can SEE that backpack of pain, even though everyone else can’t. Your unconscious and subconscious know that it’s there.

You must release your backpack and walk into every day fresh, with the intent that things are working out for your favor, and in fact everything is as it should be, for your highest and best good, in each and every moment. This is gratitude.

Honoring yourself by learning from and releasing this pain means that you will be able to create new beliefs, and with those beliefs create new feelings which drive the energy which surrounds your being.

neville goddard it is not what you want that you attract, you attract what you believe to be true
Close Your Eyes and Imagine What It Is You Truly Want

Imagine that you are in the place you so desire, doing what it is that you want to do. If you truly believe, you will be able to smell the smells, see the imagery, taste the essence, and hear the sounds of the environment you seek. This is the world you create in your mind.

These feelings can stay with you.

Savor and Relish that Feeling

Operate in this. Feel it. Remember it. Act as though it is. Smile about it, YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! In your mind it is real, and that is where REALITY is made. Your external circumstances just haven’t caught up yet.

This is faith, actual faith.

The belief in things unseen by the body’s eye, the hope in things that have not appeared yet. Through that FAITH we act, and because we believe, it MUST happen.

Exist in That State, Permanently

Your existence in the physical world will always, ALWAYS catch up to what you envision and believe in inside your mind’s eye.

As you exist, your energy will flow through your physical body, and you will act in ACCORDANCE and ALIGNMENT with those new beliefs.

You may not even notice when things start happening, because your trust will always be in your imagination, not the physical.

Would love to hear your success stories. Comment and email me if this has helped you!

– Coach Jay –


Five Keys for Changing Your Mindset

louise hay quote if you accept a limiting belief then it will become a truth for you

Our beliefs shape our reality. Our thoughts bring life to our beliefs, be they factual or not, and our actions support our beliefs.

Therefore, everything that we do builds our universe. Because the universe is mental. Everything exists in the mind. Our senses process, and we act based on what we sense. If our senses bring us to good conclusions or good “feelings” we typically will try to reproduce the situations that caused those “feelings” to manifest.

This means that our beliefs will control everything that happens to us, because we will act, consciously and subconsciously, on those beliefs.

Here’s the kicker:

Your beliefs MORE than LIKELY are not YOURS.

That overwhelming dark cloud that never seems to leave? It’s your core.

You wouldn’t have looked up those search terms that caused this article to pop up.

So it’s safe to say you are looking for an answer to a question you don’t have an answer to.

Your power core, or your heart, your soul, desire to feed on energy that fills it. The only things that really fill the needs of the soul are:

  • Freedom to explore and make good decisions – prove that it is capable of providing for itself of its own accord
  • Something to care for – does not always have to be human
  • To be thoughtful/mindful of every moment – why meditation is such a big deal in a busy world
  • To learn and experience new things – a life lived in anticipation of something great

Your core is essential to powering your body with spirit, which is our will. You lose will if you aren’t connected to something that you deem important.

Your core is separate, but connected to the entire world through your BODY. Your body’s senses are highly sensitive, but due to programming, desensitizing, and improper nutrition, they are dull. Eventually the dulling of the senses leads to a robotic and un-explorative style of life, where feeling is only really necessary in relationships, and thus the highs and lows some people find themselves so attracted to; those highs and lows are ways out of the steady rain cloud.

You can imbue your core with anything to power it but first you need to understand and accept these few things:

1.Your beliefs can be changed

Believe it or not, you do not have to keep the same beliefs you had as a child. Your past is there as a lesson, usually not repeated unless the lesson has been learned. That’s why any feat accomplished by a set of beliefs must be over and above the previous victory, especially if kept in the same system of beliefs.

Eventually a set of beliefs can only take you so far, unless you were to purposefully dig into the next level of said beliefs. However, to never change is to invite stagnation. The soul recycles energy based on experiences, and it’s why those who stay active as they age typically live longer.

New experiences are exciting and thus carry new energy – the feeling of being energized – so changing your beliefs can lead to an unknown way of living that we would have never experienced if we didn’t change our core beliefs.

You can believe whatever you want. If a belief doesn’t serve you, get rid of it. No one has ever forced you to believe anything, and if you live a life based on the FEAR of something, you will face a saddened and depressed way of feeling from your soul.

Take what is good, discard what isn’t useful, isn’t that what the great Bruce Lee said?

bruce lee quote absorb what is useful discard what is not
2. Your soul loves to grow, achieve and accomplish new things

Your soul is like a plant, the stages of which we can all name. Seed, in the soil, sprouting, breaking through the soil, etc. We don’t just age unaware like animals of how much time has passed, we remember. We have vivid memories and can take note of everything. We can program our body through repetition and plan out a future with our imagination. We don’t have to rely on anyone for knowledge of how our bodies should work. It’s our vehicle through life, we should make it work ourselves.

Because of this, living by any belief system that you didn’t create for yourself will leave you unhappy. Believing because someone told you so, or labeled it as fact, shouldn’t leave you never finding out for yourself.

Commit to doing something tough daily that you know will lead you to success. Success in anything, as long as it is important to YOU, will feed your soul.

Make the hard decisions, for an easy life. Making easy choices will lead to a hard life, because everything starts in the mind.

If you never go through any adversity, you will never be satisfied.

journal of personality and social psychology better mental health negative life events
3. Most of your current beliefs are probably not yours if you look deep enough

We are a blank slate until your earliest of memories. What is your earliest memory? What do you feel from that moment? What was happening? Did you enjoy it? Hate it? Love it? Don’t feel any sort of way?

So, if things aren’t intentionally programmed by way of parental teaching, the “education” system, and who comes in and out of our lives giving us instruction, then what else can program us, UNINTENTIONALLY?

Our environment. Typically this is the roll of the dice. You have virtually no control over this, as each and every one of us started with a thought. Wink wink.

We have so many teachers in life, and yet everything doesn’t have to be taken as law, as we unknowingly box ourselves in with all sorts of rules and regulations that have no place in real life, because real life is what happens when we live, breathe and do as we desire.

Absorb what is useful. Make sure if something doesn’t serve your higher good, get rid of it.

Make a decision to learn something about life. Find something inside you and dedicate yourself to it, and put morality to the side.

The sun shines on the just and wicked alike, as does the rain.

They both die the same as well. Your morality can get you killed just as easily your immorality. Your good is someone else’s bad, and your bad is someone else’s good.

Choose ye this day, whose beliefs you will take, or create. Watch carefully in each moments that thoughts you are having and understand where they originate. Do they serve your highest good? Will they satisfy your soul?

What you ultimately choose to believe is how your life will be lived.

buddha believe nothing quote no matter where your read it or who has said, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense

The “It” Factor

The seemingly unknown magic potion that helps some get exactly what they want out of life, while it seems others consistently pull the short straw.

News flash: You can still drink from the straw.

I don’t care what size straw I get.

The above picture is from today, right now, as I’m seated at a community workspace. This is yet another part of my dream coming true, even though this is a space I pay for.


We are here as humans to work out our very existence. Before we can accept our purpose, we have to accept and be grateful for the very improbableness of the chance that we are here in the first place.

What does this have to do with the IT factor?

Do You Have It?

I believe the IT resides dormant inside of us until we find a REASON.

Whether it’s a reason to continue moving forward, a reason to never quit, a reason to start something, to get in shape, to shape ourselves in a successful manner, or make enough money to feed every starving person on Earth, the IT is what helps us stay in the race.

Mentally, life is always a marathon, and rarely ever a sprint. The only sprinting we ever do is with the physical body in various forms:

  • Work
  • Errands
  • Working out
  • Thinking we are busy

I know Dr. Phil has stirred a little controversy surrounding the marathon sentiment, but let’s be honest, how many of you have ever tried sprinting toward your goals, only to be worn out and quit?

IT allows you to keep moving when you’re tired, to never ever quit no matter what, and most of all, to KNOW that you are capable of WHATEVER it is that you put your mind to.


The belief in yourself is the IT factor.

I truly believe that no matter what, the only person that can defeat me, is me. I can’t be stopped any other way, unless of course, I choose to stop.

The IT factor requires that you accept responsibility for your life, choices, and everything that has happened to you.

Agree or Nah?

Most people talk about their past like it’s still happening to them. This is not acceptance of what’s happened. It’s clear one has not forgiven and forgotten if they still speak of the past as if it matters.

It does not. The only relevance the past has to today is if the past has made you into a person that has taken responsibility, and therefore, can now create based off the experiences one has had and the lessons they’ve learned.

Agree or Nah?

Having the IT factor means there is no failure. Only learning.

No mistakes, only experiences.

No past, only growth from the darkness.

The IT factor means that no matter what, at some point, you will have the success that you so desire.

The IT factor means that you no longer have to worry or overthink, unless you’re plotting something spectacular, because as long as you are moving forward, everything else will always fall into place.

Kinda like this community workspace just did.

See you soon. Love to hear your feedback!!!!!


The August Challenge


Instagram Challenge @thereeljamestaylor

If you’ve been following me on Instagram @thereeljamestaylor you may have noticed I posted a challenge for August. If you didn’t now you know.

The challenge?

To optimize through achieving total balance.

It’s about accepting the whole, never aiming to take away or add, but living and dealing with what is, in every moment, while optimizing ourselves and our bodies for ultimate success.

You’ll hear these phrases spoken about life a lot, however one-sided they may be:

  • Don’t take life too serious, you’ll never get out alive
  • I just wanna have fun
  • Do whatever you want just don’t hurt anybody
  • YOLO

However, I will probably always agree with YOLO. Because we only live once, and we should do things because we only live once.

We should also take life seriously because we only live once, just not TOO seriously. Aim for the balance between the two.

Having fun is a matter of perspective, values, and circumstance. Some of us enjoy the journey, it’s never about the destination. The destination for all of us at the end, is the end of the life cycle, where we meet death and enter the next cycle.


Working through this 24-hour fast with no weed or coffee was brutal mentally, and i’ll be honest, if it wasn’t for all of you, I may have been like:

“Fuck this, I’m bout to smoke and eat.”

Being wildly aware on a Sunday, I’m understanding how much the body is affected by everything we put in it. I woke up in the middle of the night sweating. Apparently I didn’t know I had detoxing to do.

Well, I didn’t intend to make this post long. Just an update and a few thoughts during this first weekend of the August Challenge.

See you next week.


The “M” Talk

Why is the conversation around masturbation so hard?

The Talk

I don’t have all the answers. I have however, experimented with:

  • non-ejaculatory orgasms (a 1-year experiment)
  • consistent and steady masturbation with sex-life
  • way too much,
  • way too little
  • All the ways

And you know what my conclusion is? It’s how we can tap into our primal life force.

It’s the basis for all human life. Along with consciousness and spirit, the primal earth force, that we tap into during sex, is also there.

The primal comes from being completely uninhibited.

Those of you who have masturbated and found yourself in all sorts of upside-down crazy positions understand this.

Being in touch with oneself, completely uninhibited. Do you know the power you can tap into?

The primal energy is different than source energy.

Check it out:

Along with disciplining oneself – that it’s indeed not about the ejaculation, but muscle control and mental state – you can find things out about yourself that you never knew, but you must practice steady discipline, or the lust for pleasure will control.

Anyway, this is a very long subject, so expect more on this on the upcoming amateur TV series, the REEL, which will be releasing here!


Distractions: Tactic of the Weak-Willed

See, what had happened was:

I was GOING to post this video I shot last week, of me sitting with a bland background, talking about something that, at the time a week ago I thought was super relevant and super dope, until I watched the video to edit it and realized I couldn’t upload that shit anywhere, ever.

So here we are.

It’s 9:00 P.M. on a Friday night, and I’m typing this drinking GT’s Kombucha Third Eye Chai, and this happens:

  • Thinks “Oooh, let’s take a picture of this for the blog since you aren’t doing the video”
  • Takes three minutes taking the pictures and setting the lighting
  • Realizes how distracted I’ve become
  • Proceeds to open up the iPad while transferring pictures to PC for the blog
  • Literally opens up a game
  • Realizes how the distraction has now turned into a somewhat medium sized demon that I must somehow conquer
  • Realizes that the distraction was perfect because that’s exactly what this post is about

I kid you not that’s EXACTLY what happened. Here’s proof:

A picture of distraction in motion

And even more of the devil’s work:

Being distracted while writing about being distracted

You may ask, “James what’s going on??!!”

At the same time that things serve you a purpose, they also do not, as a general rule of the dual nature of our universe and everything around us.

Sometimes a distraction will cause you to gently rethink what it is you are doing, to make sure it is INDEED what you want to be doing. On the other side, the game I play requires very little work, and stimulates the creative side of my brain if I am doing logical work which may sometimes bore me.

Why do I say weak-willed? Because at the end of the line of why’s, there’s only one response left, and that’s a lack of supreme focus on a singular task at hand.

Is it good or bad? Can you still win with distraction as a tactic?

You’d have to be extremely logistical, thinking about:

  • How many minutes would you save with ZERO distractions
  • Do you NEED to save time or is it ok to metaphorically “pat the brain” for working so hard with the treat of a distraction
  • Even if you got all of whatever you were doing, done, what would that mean anyway? Isn’t there ALWAYS going to be something else to do?
  • This is also if you’re really trying hard to win, if you’re enjoying smelling the roses, you can really be distracted all you want, as long as you focus when necessary

It may not be that a person(myself) who enjoys petty distractions is necessarily weak-willed however, maybe, just maybe, it’s balance.


Or I could just be weak-willed.

Either way, distractions are crazy sometimes, aren’t they?

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Also, sometimes the distractions serve to ease me into whatever work I’m about to accomplish, because after uploading those pictures I never did anything other than finish writing this. Balance.



Cycles of life.

We know they exist but we never really pay attention to them unless something unpleasant happens to us.

What would happen if we were to look at every cycle? We might learn a few things.

Take a look and see if you agree:

  1. Cycles have a beginning and ending. Always.
  2. Cycles have phases; a beginning, a middle, and end.
  3. Cycles are the natural balancer of the universe. Earth has enough cycles to keep us bewildered for centuries.
  4. Knowing that the cycles exist for all of us takes away the power the cycle has over you.

Cycles are good. We need cycles to scrap or recycle old stuff so that it can be used again. We learn new things in every cycle, and have a chance to master those things DURING the cycle.

There is no good and bad, only cycles of progression and regression.

How can I say this?

Progression happens before regression and regression happens before progression. The dual sided nature of everything is the other balance in life. Sometimes when it seems you aren’t moving forward is when you’re actually working the hardest at learning, so it seems like a regression.

Other times when we think we are progressing, we are actually missing the point, and therefore regressing.

What does this mean?

Everything has a dual nature and a cycle. From our days, minutes, hours, moving in or out of an apartment, job cycles, learning cycles, laundry machines, dishwashers, sleeping, working out, eating, the cycles can be applied to everything.

So what did we learn?

Just when you think you can’t go anymore, think about what part of the cycle you may be in, and make your decision based on how you believe the cycle will most probably end.

Most times the cycle ends and you’re a better person because of it. This leads to new cycles.

Other times the cycle ends and you have to do it all over again.


Why Life IS a Beautiful Struggle

Short, boring post from me today. Why? Because maybe just a few boring words will do. Just this once.

For some of you who are ahead of me in time (all of you) this post should reach you either as you’re heading to sleep, or waking up in the morning. I just want you to do something for me:

Accept it. All of it.

Everything, including the moment that you chose to read this post, has happened to allow you to be here, now, having pressed that button, which would mean you may just have needed to hear those words.

Our human experience is based one being able to accept all of the good and the “bad” because one cannot exist without the other.

No Joy without Pain. No sadness without happiness. Lying within each the struggle of existing on two sides of the same coin, the beautiful struggle within. The balance of one truth enveloping the other.

Your growth in understanding comes with acceptance that once you understand/accept the duality of life, you can move past that “ebb and flow,” the swinging pendulum of life that throws you around, leaving most hanging on for dear life.

Have questions? Email me or comment. Have a great weekend.

Every now and then a “soul-nourishing experience” – a good meal, trip, escapade with friends, A drink, etc. – heals it of the discipline it has endured, just as discipline strengthens the spirit. What feels good to the soul, dampens the spirit eventually, and what feels good to the spirit(i.e. discipline) also dampens the soul in the same way.

-James Taylor

The Art of Confidence

Redefining Definitions

By the end of this post, you should be able to:

  • Understand the full meaning of “art” and “confidence”
  • Grasp the power that lies within words
  • Be able to understand why you struggle with “confidence”
  • Understand how to “build” confidence

The Meaning of Art and Confidence

Art in its simplest form is a form of communication. Because art is an expression or application of a human skill it always means exactly what the artist intends for it to.

The -ist on art means that an artist is a person who practices or is concerned with something, in this case, the art of creating, building, and keeping confidence.

Confidence can be broken down into a word with a suffix added on. Confide and the suffix -ence.

To confide means to place complete and total trust or belief in. Our belief that confiding means that we are telling a high priority secret to a best friend is exactly why so many of us struggle with confidence.

The suffix -ence implies a state of having a particular quality or the action or process of doing something. What does this mean?

To confide in oneself is a constant state of being created by the constant work of art that is the creation and maintenance of confidence. To have COMPLETE trust and belief in one’s SELF and one’s actions or abilities (a WHOLE other topic) is TRUE confidence.

The Actual Power within Words

I watched this whole video kind of disinterested. It had the whole piano thing going and the blind guy asking for money and in general most basic emotional ploys just don’t work with me anymore.

However the end instantly moved ME. The first way the sign was written (let’s forget that he was blind and wrote a sign) I honestly didn’t feel any certain way about. But I was curious about what this woman in black wrote on the sign.

Something that EVERYONE can understand.

The right word, the right phrase, the way it’s said in context with events and experiences can pierce the coldest of hearts. This is important because reaching people is cool, but MOVING people changes things.

You can only use words how they are supposed to be used when you UNDERSTAND the power that lies within each letter of every word. How every letter, word, sound, and phrase work together to deliver harmony to one’s ears, mind, and soul.

Struggling with Confidence

The best part about struggling? We don’t struggle when we understand. We struggle when we have an issue comprehending how something works, naturally.

The constant work of confiding, or placing complete trust in, one’s SELF as an ongoing process of creation IS a struggle for most not because they don’t want to be positive, but because they don’t understand what that means.

You have to get wins or personal, moral victories that resonate in your soul as part of the process of placing complete and total trust in one’s own abilities (again, this is not what we think it is, it’s completely different).

Building Confidence

Fear of change keeps us from moving forward, but building confidence is a state of understanding things will not always go our way, but we MUST keep trying. To improve, one must constantly go beyond comfort.

Comfort comes when things have settled into a place of understanding in our minds and we do them with ease. The things you used to consider hard are now easy. Imagine being able to say that about the things you consider hard now. Fear is what keeps us from trying.

Whenever fear creeps in just go “NAA”:

  • Do things that are NATURAL to your innate talent, find things you like to be productive at, and work at them, keeping track of getting better to build small keystones of confidence
  • Always build on the confidence, stay ACTIVE at the things you are good at, and keep looking for ways to improve in that, while gaining talent in other areas, aiming to NEVER STAY THE SAME
  • ACCEPT the challenge of constant change. It will be hard. You will want to quit and eat a pint of ice cream and watch TV. Do that, but get right back to work.

Attaining a state of confidence means that you will always know that you really can “do anything you put your mind to. Be natural to your SELF, be active at those things, and accept the challenge that comes with change.

Last Words

Break down anything you don’t understand. Break it down until you can see the building blocks and put it back together so that you can understand in a way that makes the action do-able for you.

Confidence is key when you have a goal in mind. If you don’t know if you can do something, chances are you will probably never try once past a certain age.

Use these keys to build confidence for yourself. I’d love to hear from you!


Perception and Ego

“To see a thing uncolored by one’s own personal preferences and desires is to see it in its own pristine simplicity.”

Bruce Lee

Our perception is clouded by all the things we believe and hold true in our lives. How we grew up, the people we were around, the things we saw or didn’t see, and the goals that we currently have.

Everything just is. Our perception is the coloring agent of the world.

The Enemy of Development is the Phobia of Pain

Because we are mostly unwilling to accept any pain at all in our lives, whether emotional, physical, or mental, we cannot experience development without some type of uncomfortable circumstance or experience.

Get Rid of Your Attitude

Until you can open yourself up completely without the fear, without perceptions which are mainly untrue, and express yourself fully, you will have an attitude about the way things are.

What is your internal reality? How does that compare to your external form? If your external does not reflect your internal, learn to express and let go completely so that it can.

The Obstacle of Ego

Ego in its first form acts as a protective layer for our beliefs and preferences, whether these preferences and beliefs are right or wrong. This means that any ego that runs unchecked will perform a block of acceptance to anything outside of its realm of preference.

Man and woman must learn to USE the ego, and not be used by it or blinded by it.

To be used by the ego:

Is to let your perceptions and beliefs control your actions, emotions, and environment.

To be blinded by the ego:

Is to let ego color the world the way it is NOT. This is where unfounded opinions about what a small percentage of what’s going on come from. We believe, so we find something that tells us what we believe, and based on the small amount of info we have based on an even smaller study, we act, or don’t.

One Cannot See Through Others if They Cannot See Through Themselves

Ponder this:

To not be able to see one’s own:

  • Failures/Mistakes/Lessons
  • Shortcomings
  • Lesser nature
  • Opportunities to get better
  • Lack of ability or surplus of

Means that one can never see those in other people. If you can see through your own self told lies, stories that aren’t real, etc. then it’s highly probable that you can see other people for who and what they are, also without cloudy vision or judgement.


The Meaning of Life

The Seeker, Post #23

“There’s no way James discovered the meaning to life.”

Every Person Reading this Post

You’re damn right I didn’t DISCOVER the meaning to our existence on this planet. But together, with some highly accomplished and talented friends, along with you and your opinions on this piece, we can probably agree on a damn close “loose” definition.

Laura Pratt Photography, sunshine balloon

In this longer piece, we will process the following six ideas, and in doing so, come to an UNDERSTANDING of what it means to live:

  • You can never step in the same water twice
  • Living is a constant process of relating
  • Life simply IS
  • You simply live, not live for.
  • Finding peace of mind is the general goal
  • Life is the world’s best teacher

You can never step in the same water twice.

Bruce Lee

“Like flowing water, life is perpetual movement. There is nothing fixed. To avoid trying to solidify the ever flowing, you must change and be flexible.”

Imagine stepping in a river. All at once you have engaged with something that is ever changing, ever flowing, constantly moving, simultaneously in every moment and still flowing however the terrain deems it flow.

Trying to stop and solidify the ever flowing is not only a ridiculous process, but it will also halt life from springing up downstream, causing an ecosystem breakdown that could have been avoided.

Instead, learn to change and be flexible.

flowing water

Living is a constant process of relating.

Bruce Lee

Always do your best to relate DIRECTLY to what is being said in each moment. To live is to relate.

Each of the cells in our body has a purpose and works somehow in tandem with every other cell, whether they are working together as an organ, tissue, muscle fiber, or firing off synapses to perpetuate thought and action.

Same with the world. Except in the world, each cell (human) somehow seems to think they play a more important role than the next, which leads to trying to influence OR gain approval.

Seek, instead of influencing or gaining approval, to relate to the next cell in every moment. Letting go of past feelings and situations, we can then abide in every moment as freely as the water flowing, adapting to our surroundings and environment, relieving the stress of trying to make our environment fit to us.

Life simply is.

Bruce Lee

Life is a living now. He who is living is not CONSCIOUS of living, for LIVING happens when we allow life to LIVE through us, completely UNHAMPERED in its flow.”

If life simply is, trying to MAKE life happen is the cause of all the stress and problems in the world. In existing in each moment relating to what is happening around us we are able to find total meaning in every moment, being led by life, instead of trying to lead and change the ever flowing.

The key: Be flexible to flow with life.

Flowing Water through the mountains

You simply live, not live for.

You guessed it: Bruce Lee

There can be no former or future problems when we live in the moment. Living for is what causes all of the stress, heartache, anxiety, and pain that we feel in life.

Remember, living is a constant process of relating and being in every flowing moment. Life will always flow, but learning to flow WITH life is paramount.

The goal of life is finding peace of mind.

Bruce Lee

When life is just lived, and not traded or conceptualized or squeezed into a pattern of systems, one can truly find peace of mind.

We all want peace of mind. It’s why we marry people or get a 401k. It’s why we invest, get a second job, and buy houses.

Somehow we never achieve peace of mind.

Take life out of the box, or better yet, take your box out of the water, and flow with the stream of life.

The greatest teacher is life itself.

Bruce Lee

We all have said it: Life teaches us more than any school ever could.

True education draws inner knowledge to the surface. Outside indoctrination seeks to input empirical knowledge, which is NOT ever flowing with life.

Things that have already been discovered can be great things to learn, but we discover more when we LIVE, and these things register as stronger synapses in our minds.

The concept of the meaning of life, can only be understood when we learn to flow with life. It cannot be understood any other way.

Learn to flow with life, relating to your environment and everything that is happening around you in every moment. In this, you gain peace of mind, as you become enamored with constantly learning in each and every moment. In relating we find joy and happiness, and in learning we gain freedom.

The meaning is of your own creation. Whether you flow with that is up to you.


Personal Liberation and the Art of Self-Sabotage

Dr. Bruce Lipton is a cellular biologist that has studied the power of the subconscious mind and discovered that DNA and genes can be turned on and off based on how our mind works. With over 3.5 trillion volts all the way up to 70 trillion volts in total cellular capacity, our brain and body are constantly working through electrical messaging to create our reality through every cell in our body.

Dr. Bruce Lipton on Brain Power

We must first understand that:

“There is no problem, and therefore there is no solution.”

Zen Proverb

If there is no problem, you ask, what’s the actual issue?

“The whole trouble is just our failure to realize there is no problem.”

Bruce Lee in “Striking Thoughts”

If what Dr. Bruce Lipton, the way of Zen, and Bruce Lee says is true, then it must also be true that we create EVERYTHING that happens either through attention to something or the opposite: a lack thereof.

Our subconscious brain is committed to making the reality that we want and believe to be true, actually true. With our brain subconsciously charging up to 70 trillion volts of electricity through the cell membranes, it only makes sense that what we believe will actually be made true in reality.

So how do we change? Where do we start? Glad you asked.

The 8-Fold Path to Eliminate Suffering

Correcting False Values and Gaining Knowledge of Life’s Meaning annotated by Bruce Lee in “Striking Thoughts”

  1. First, you must CLEARLY see what IS wrong.
  2. Next, you must DECIDE to be cured
  3. You MUST act.
  4. SPEAK so as to aim at being cured
  5. Your livelihood must not conflict with your therapy
  6. The therapy must go forward at the staying speed, a critical velocity that is sustainable. It takes energy, action, and motion on a CONSISTENT basis, all the time for this therapy to work.
  7. One must THINK and FEEL about it incessantly
  8. Learn how to contemplate with the deep mind


  1. Right Views (understanding)
  2. Right Purpose (aspiration)
  3. Right Speech
  4. Right Conduct
  5. Right means of Livelihood
  6. Right Effort
  7. Right kind of Awareness or Mind Control
  8. Right Concentration or Meditation

Personal liberation starts with you. The art of self-sabotage is an art we are all familiar with. We sabotage because we don’t know better.

Now you know better.


The Will

Having the “will” to do something is like having a magical power at times.

The “will to win” and even the two actionable phrases which most of us are now hip to:

  • I will or I can
  • I can’t or I will not

Say those two phrases in your head, and see if you can feel inside of you the inner motion of the waves and neurological energy that sparks or doesn’t spark.

Bruce Lee on The Will:

“It is the WILL that makes men, success takes perseverance.”

“Experience shows that the athlete who forces himself to the limit can go as long as necessary. It means that ordinary effort will not tap or release the tremendous amount of latent power in the human body. Extraordinary effort, highly emotionalized conditions, or a true determination to win at all costs will release this extra energy.”

“The spiritual power of a man’s will removes all obstacles.

lastly, and most importantly:

“What does self-willed mean? Hell, isn’t it knowing above all, that indeed, one is the captain of one’s soul, the master of one’s life? Now what causes such realization and , consequently, brings about a change in one’s behavior? TO BE REAL, TO ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY FOR ONESELF.

The innate power in the body enacted when you decide that you WILL indeed do something, no matter the cost, is quite possibly one of the strongest powers in the world.

Whether you decide to use it or not is completely up to you and your will.


Good Will Hunting

“Real loss is only possible when you love something more than yourself.”

Sean Mcguire – Good Will Hunting

This post isn’t about loss. It’s barely even about the movie, which I’ve only just fully seen for the first time in the last few days.

Recently taking Instagram off my phone to get some things done opened up some more creative space, and after having been told I reminded a friend of Matt Damon’s character in the classic flick I knew I had to give Good Will Hunting a watch. I know, scold me later.


Here is the Good Will Hunting short version of the Netflix description :

“When professors discover that an aimless janitor is also a math genius, a therapist helps the young man confront the demons that are holding him back.”

Demons. We all have them. Over the last week, I’ve had so many signals that I was going to be facing my own demons. The funny thing is, I thought I had faced most of them.

These demons are the ones that you don’t get the opportunity to face unless you’ve been doing some serious cleaning. These are the demons that are well fed with old and outdated belief systems that have kept them comfortable and camouflaged within our minds and lives.

Watching Matt Damon play the role of a genius, angry, self-centered young white male had me shaking my head, but at the end of the day, I allowed my demons to guide me and my day to day actions without me even knowing it.

Arrogance. Fear. Lack of empathy. Procrastination. Inconsistency. The list goes on. These are vices that I thought I had overcome and dealt with, but there’s still some areas that need work.

These demons have hampered my genius. They have held me back. And I have done nothing but let them.

Because we are all geniuses in our own ways, and we all need to discover how to stop holding ourselves back.

So why the first sentence about loss? Well, you can’t really truly care about something outside of yourself, more than yourself, unless you have let those other things go, completely. And until you can care about something outside of yourself, more than yourself, you can never truly experience loss.

I have ran from everyone that ever truly loved me, thrown wrenches in my own plans to keep myself from truly caring or experiencing true failure, and given myself every reason in the book as to why my situations aren’t always really MY FAULT.

Good Will Hunting. Because we are all geniuses in our own ways, and we all need to discover how to stop holding ourselves back.


Freedom and Happiness

The Seeker Post #19

You know, I spent an hour writing this post, about an hour ago. Freedom or Happiness.

I noticed that the WordPress auto-save feature was auto-saving for about the last thirty minutes. Just constantly blinking. I had uploaded quotes on freedom, quotes that you will see here shortly, maybe Quotes that had meaning with the content I had written. Not freedom and happiness.

Content which seems irrelevant with the feelings of frustration I feel now based on words I had written which no longer are here on this page, in the order that I wanted them to be. My phone even just randomly restarted. Where’s the freedom and happiness?

So how can I write on happiness at this time? How can I write on freedom when I am bound by the necessity of the time crunch of getting the things done that I chose to do today in the timely order I had previously made? How can I write on happiness when it seems I should be upset? What is freedom and happiness?

Man cannot be free if he does not know that he is subject to necessity, because his freedom is always won in his never wholly successful attempts to liberate himself from necessity.
Hannah Arendt
Quote by Hannah Arendt

It’s exactly that. Whether the universe was testing me, or possibly even saved me from a mediocre post, I will never know. So let’s try this.

Freedom and Happiness is not:

  • how many likes we get on a social media post-it’s just cool to see that people think the things we think are cool, are indeed cool
  • the person in our life-it’s just nice to know that someone sees the worth in us that we have a hard time seeing ourselves
  • money, cars, clothes, jewelry, or anything material-it’s completely wrapped in the time and work we put in to allow us the freedom from the necessity of survival to purchase things that will rot and become obsolete
  • friends-we are just looking for our tribe of people
  • food or drinking-you cannot quench and inner hunger or thirst with physical goods or consumables, although a good experience is always desirable and can be obtained from more than just food and drink
Freedom for me is to live with dignity, and if my dignity and freedom is controlled by a man, I will never be free.
Manal al-Sharif
Quote by Manal al-Sharif

Freedom and Happiness is:

  • thinking and acting in our own uniqueness without any fears because of social constructs
  • not having to wonder about anything related to survival; whether paying bills, going to a job because we have to, or the food we have to obtain
  • being able to think creatively, because you have the energy to
  • helping others, because we can
  • letting our inner light shine-truly being unafraid of anything
  • not what you think it is, it can only truly be felt in every moment in which you are truly free and happy

This post was originally about walking naked on a nudist beach, which, if you’ve never been naked in front of strangers, is still one of the hardest things I’ve ever done. In fact, a couple years ago I would have chosen to step in a cage over walking naked in front of a bunch of strangers.

My suggestion on achieving freedom and happiness? Anytime you have the thought to do something and you wonder what your parents, friends, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, or these “strangers” will think of you, you are not free. The more you allow the unfree thoughts to run free is the act of caging yourself in.

The most certain test by which we judge whether a country is really free is the amount of security enjoyed by minorities.
John Dalberg-Acton
Quote by John Dalberg-Acton

I found my truest freedom in walking naked on a beach. My deepest rooted fears were exorcised. I now know true happiness lies in being able to make every choice as freely as possible. Freedom and happiness is up to you to choose to have.


The Time In-Between

Where the Magic Begins and Ends-Post #18

Audio Thoughts

It’s nothing but a cycle. A cycle that is waiting to be controlled. A cycle that can be seen, prepped for, and used wisely. If you stand in the ocean with your back facing the ocean you will be swayed with every wave that crashes down on you.

Except, you know the waves are coming after a few of them.

The time in-between each wave and what you do with it is up to you.

While you can have a good idea of when the waves are coming, turning to face them gives you a better chance of bracing yourself and remaining unmoved. You can plan to advance in the time in-between.

The time in-between. The time in-between beginnings and endings.

You might be familiar with these beginnings and endings:

Beginning to end of school.

Beginning to end of your lunch break.

Beginning to end of that cup of coffee in your hand.

Beginning to end of the Marvel Avengers. No, but really, all good things ALWAYS come to an end.

Beginning to end of every relationship. Or more accurately, beginning to end of the stages of every relationship.

What do we do with it? With this time in-between? Plan for it. Learn from what happened before. Use it wisely. If you know where you want to go, use it to figure out how to get there. If you don’t know where to go, use it to figure out where you want to go. If you don’t use the time in-between wisely, you can never create sentences that work together in tandem.

Do you know what this means?

Your life is a story. YOU are writing the book. It’s totally up to you how you want each sentence, each paragraph, each chapter to go. You can spend chapters doing the same sentence, over, and over, and over again until the book gets closed. No one wants to read a book that’s looping the same sentence over and over, that’s exactly why books get closed sooner, rather than later.

The “best” life is one that is lived so vividly that you begin to exist in every moment that you’ve ever lived.

James Taylor

With the hindsight that we obtain from experience, you gain foresight, allowing yourself to live in both past and future moments. You’ll begin to act with intent, an intent that comes with belief, that you DO have purpose, and whether you know what it is or not is irrelevant. In-between that time, work, believe, have faith, and create the magic for your future.

Don’t let the time in-between pass with no action. You can take control of the ebb and flow of every single cycle in your life.

Write your story with the time in-between. The time in-between is where the magic happens.


Dreams to Reality

Salk Institute Equinox Photography
Salk Institute Photography

The Seeker Post #17

Dreams to Reality Audio Post

Did you know that your brain has a tough time distinguishing between fantasy and reality? “If you see it, you can achieve it.” That’s where that phrase comes from!

If you listened to the podcast audio above you heard that clarity is the important piece of establishing one’s singular vision. How much “time” passes before the achievement of the vision is absolutely irrelevant. What matters is that one is doing something that stimulates their electrical system, as a rusted, dead electrical system cannot sustain a charge.

Maybe there was a time that you felt dead inside. The thought of going to work is dreadful, you’re stuck in a relationship that you know isn’t alive, you’d rather eat than workout, and when you do work out, you don’t enjoy the art of shaping your own body. Have you ever thought, wow if the world was perfect, I’d be doing this or that?

News flash: The world is perfect.

Another news flash: Humans are not. It’s not that they can’t be, it’s because we choose NOT to be. At every turn, requesting perfection, or at least a perfect effort(which is simply doing everything that you can do, and relying on the energy you’ve put out into the universe to do the rest) causes people to go into an angry frenzy proclaiming:

“No one’s perfect!!”

“Being perfect is impossible!”

The Salk Institute Equinox
Salk Institute Equinox

Being perfect is a state of being that exists in each moment, moments where we can effectively choose to do everything we can in each moment to complete whatever mission we are currently on. Humans love having purpose, and our purpose is inside, hidden in the deep rumblings of an electrical current waiting to come alive with 1) vibrance of nutrition, 2) a system based on life(truth), and 3) action to back belief in the system.

This positive charge will fuel an individual to realize those dreams inside can also become a reality. Because if you can see the steps, you can achieve the vision. If the vision isn’t clear, look for clarity, which requires patience.

The podcast above is a story about my life, changing in ways I never believed it could, at least not until the past year. My choices leading up to this point, my mental transformation, eating habits, workout flow, and efforts are NOT the blueprint. The blueprint is not physical.

Remember, being perfect isn’t anything we can achieve physically. It is a state of being. Turning dreams into reality requires perfect alignment of dreams and action. One must act ACCORDING to their dreams, not their reality. In the above hyperlink, the state of perfection is discussed, which is what I enjoy. I do not necessarily agree with everything stated, or religion in general, but the concepts are legit.

Can you say that you have a dream you want to bring into your current reality? Does your action and daily life reflect the dreams you see when you close your eyes? If you do not dream, it is possible you have buried the life within under layers of death perpetrated by our system built on death, not life.

Bring your dreams to reality with the following steps:

  1. Get a journal to record your steps. Anytime you have a thought, jot it down. Check it out. Even if it takes five years, you’ll want to know exactly how far you’ve come and remind yourself that you are indeed chasing your dreams and perfection.
  2. Seek a dream. The fastest way to dream again is to remember what made you feel alive as a child. What did you do when you were 7 or 8 that gave you life? It’s highly likely that you still love those things now.
  3. Give that dream clarity. To achieve clarity you have to constantly chip away at the bullshit. Chip away at the lies(these are even what you tell yourself you like or dislike, all fake stories that enable us to not BE perfect.
  4. Action, Action, Action!! It is imperative you act on what you are now seeing and believing. Even if it doesn’t work out, keep working. If your feelings about the dream change, that’s okay too. The dream is ever evolving, like a state of being. You exist in moment to moment and eventually you’ll come to the foundation of who you are, what you want, and most importantly, WHAT YOU ARE WILLING TO DO.
  5. However long it takes, stay the course. How hard you work is irrelevant if you aren’t perfect. Perfect is everything. The universe will never give you what you are not ready for, and what you are ready for you will be given, as long as you ask, seek, and knock. Ask first. Seek, and look hard. Knock, and the door will be opened, and if not, you can feel free to wait, or move on to the next door, because the choice is completely up to you.

See you next week! Please leave comments!! I love hearing from you!


Just a Little Faith

The Seeker Post #16

Faith. That word alone carries so much weight it’s mentally difficult even typing it as the title of a blog post.  This week’s topic was induced into existence during a phone call with a person dear to me, who has been experiencing the effects of faith and asked me to speak on it as if I’m some guru.  Thanks for believing in me to even dare speak on this.

The Salk Institute
The Salk Institute San Diego California

However, I have lived by faith for some time now, which doesn’t make me an expert, but I do have some experiences to draw from.  I grew up being told about faith in all the WRONG ways, but I will not blame religion, my parents, egotistical evangelical pastors making millions, or the Holy Bible they take their lessons from about my “Mis-education in Dealings of Faith.”  It’s no one’s fault because one cannot know what they don’t know and because I decided to learn what it is on my own.

Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.  Or so they say. Confucius puts it this way, “Start with the smallest stones first.”  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen. The EVIDENCE of things you haven’t seen yet.  The substance of things HOPED for. The unseen “thing” is the cleared pathway through or around the mountain. What’s hoped for, is that one gets to the other side safely.

The Salk Institute
The Salk Institute San Diego California

This must be discussed.  I don’t want to use the mountain reference though, I feel like it’s possible one can become deflated reading this while thinking about all the ways that one cannot move a mountain, even if you started with moving the small stones first.  I don’t even feel like moving a mountain.  I wouldn’t want to. That’s the kicker.  The question isn’t “how do I move this mountain,” but “how do I move this mountain that somehow must be moved?”

The more pertinent question is, “What is it that I want to move with my life?”  Faith is the power needed to know that you will always make it where you are trying to go on your life’s journey, if you have the faith necessary.  Faith requires action. Only through action can faith grow. The more faith grows, the more action ensues. The more action is fueled to the cycle, the more powerful the cycle becomes.  Of course, it takes energy, because positive energy always uses more than negative or neutral energy.

Which means if we are talking about the cycle of action/faith, we must talk about the birthing process.  But if you want to discuss the birthing process, you either have to fully understand idea creation, or ask your parents just how you were thought of and made, or if, well…. Nevermind, I guess we can leave that up to your imagination to decide what I was going to say.  Lol.

The Salk Institute
The Salk Institute San Diego California

If I have an idea, that idea won’t see the light of the day if I don’t DO something about the idea.  Once the decision is made, effort is used to begin to give the idea with life. Then once the idea receives life, it can be birthed, and through faith, which can only be followed by action, the idea can be given its physically manifested form.

We act because we believe.  When we act we gain experience which leads to knowledge, or acknowledgment of the truth.  The truth of who we are, what we want, what we cannot put up with, what we can put up with, what we want to do, the truth of ourselves.  Knowledge of self.  Once one becomes confident in who they are, or self-mastery, one can then act on faith because of the solid foundation they created.  Continually acting on that knowledge is the self-fulfilling—-”self full fill mente(mente means mind)”—-the action of filling oneself, and once you understand that process, what it takes to fill oneself with knowledge and energy, you realize how wasteful it is to share energy with those who are not willing to do the same.

Faith.  Even as small as a mustard seed it can move mountains.  Where an idea was birthed also comes belief that the idea can be manifested.  Where there is a belief, there is action, and the fruits of those actions give birth to more faith, and belief.  This faith can move mountains, it just takes a little time.


What Radio Frequency Are You Playing Daily?

The Seeker Post #15

Coffee shop Views
Contemplating this piece at a local cafe

Reflect, reflect, reflect.  We reflect the light, we reflect energy, we reflect our environment.  If we reflect, then we also project. We project outward into the world around us what is inside of us.  Duality is in existence in the world, and in us. It’s what creates balance. We need balance for the world to exist.  So we are not only mirrors of our fellow man, but we are projectors, or, creators, of our immediate realities.

I was in a room the other day and a guy came out to greet me.  Because I was in such a zero state of no emotions, no feelings, clear-minded and free from outside influences, I didn’t realize how easy it was for me to receive “input.”  Input is our sensors receiving “output” from external sources. If we are not “open” for input, it’s probably because we are on output mode, exerting frequencies for reception from open communicators.  My radio had been turned to static, looking to pick up a frequency, while his radio, however, was definitely set to a lower frequency, which I did pick up on.

Bench In San Diego
Contemplating this piece on a bench

Back to this “guy,” who I did discern had given me a slight side eye.  “Did this muhfucka just side-eye me? Man, whatever. Lol.” What I had initially thought was a dislike that originated from me, became clear was a dislike being emitted from his radio station, because I had this feeling in my “head” this whole time that I was fighting a small dislike, which was impossible because I didn’t even know the guy.  I’ve long grown past the need to judge someone and emit energy based on things I don’t know. There’s a difference in making a judgment call and adjusting your station and treating someone a certain way based on something from our past. My output was set to too positive a frequency, and in a negative environment, a positive frequency is easily rejected.

He didn’t like me.  I knew it, and he was trying to hide it. As small as the feeling was, it existed.  The side eyes I thought I was receiving were felt through the handshake, the answers he gave me, the tone in his voice.  I was receiving his output, and his output told me this:

“I don’t like this guy.  I don’t know why, but I’m choosing to.  No matter what, he can’t convince me to like him.”

Good thing I learned a long time ago that it’s impossible to get everyone to like you.  One must still be positive anyway.

Now, I’m okay with this.  After really reflecting for a couple of days on it, I realized that I was receiving his output.  Why do I keep repeating these words of input, output, reflection, projection, and sensing?  Because we are frequency receivers. In a positive environment negativity cannot exist. In a negative environment a positive light is extinguished.  The same way light cannot exist in the darkness is the same way darkness cannot exist in the light. This is why “Birds of a feather flock together.” My positive energy frequency at the same time was NOT being accepted into his “input” which caused this small friction the ENTIRE time we were talking.  No matter what tactic I tried to rid the room of this friction, it stayed.

How many times have you projected energy that was, in turn, reflected back to you, without knowing where the energy originated?

How many times have you reflected back energy that escalated a situation?  

Knowing that we are constantly receiving and reflecting energies while we are not aware can be scary, but it explains almost every scenario we find ourselves in.  We can, however, learn to TUNE ourselves, so that we receive the energies we put out more than emitting frequencies we don’t want to receive back.

Learn to tune your radio and be better at your energy and frequency input and output management with the following tips:

  1. Know that if you aren’t emitting an energy or frequency, you are reflecting one.  Watch yourself from the third person to check just HOW you’re reflecting. Unless you’re a master, it’s nearly impossible to see just how you’re “reacting to a situation” whether positive or negative unless you remove yourself from the situation.
  2. During emitting, or “output” typically what you are emitting will be returned, unless you know how to “direct” this energy.  If you are emitting that “I want attention” you will receive “attention” from ANYONE open to that frequency. See how we tune ourselves to whatever radio station that we like to listen to?  Same with energy. The energy we want to receive is exactly the energy that will be sent our way.
  3. During “input” be careful of what station you are set to receiving.  Be aware of whether you are at zero or not. A way to recognize if you are at zero is to check the energy dwelling in your body at the time.  Are you stressed, happy, sad, angry, irritated, lustful, etc? If you are receiving an energy you will not reflect it back cleanly, and this will lead our interactions.  Our energies mixed with the energies of others will create an entirely new atmosphere. Be open for only the input you are willing to receive.
  4. Never, ever blame.  Seek to take responsibility.  When it comes to input and output of energy, understand that knowing exactly what you are and have been responsible for will allow you to get better at tuning your own “radio.”

You are an electric being with a radio station being played from your body at all times.  Your input and output will attract frequencies of the same type no matter how subtle or loud your station may be playing.  Discernment is key. Grade yourself constantly. Grow from your experiences. Watch yourself in the third person. Make adjustments.

What frequency you play is entirely up to you.  If someone plays your music back, you better believe it was for a reason.


Then I Moved to San Diego

Thoughts a Week Later

The Seeker Post #14

You know, there’s this thing about finding oneself.  There’s this THING about learning about yourself and adjusting to this literal game of life.  When you understand this entire thing we call life is just a series of choices made and not made, one realizes the importance of the cause and effect of every decision rippling incessantly and infinitely through this time in space.

What happens in one area of the universe ultimately affects every other area.  No matter how minor we think a choice might be, in the grandest of all schemes, everything matters.  Even the smallest choices of whether to eat the one extra cookie, or have the one extra sip, or the one extra piece, shows a lack in one’s discipline that will affect every other aspect of their life.  You want to know anything about a person, watch how and when they eat. Listen, I’m guilty of it too, and I do believe that when you reach the shore of every goal that you have eyed down through years of obsessive planning that you should celebrate the accomplishment.  But decide on the amount of time spent celebrating, and get back to business. Because a lack of discipline in a crucial moment, is what could cost us our lives.

buildings in Downtown San Diego
Downtown San Diego

Why did I move to San Diego?  I’m not sure how many of you reading these lines right now are actually asking that question, but it’s relevant to my entire life.  Since the age of around 10 years old, I had this desire to be west, to be in California, to live in California. By the beach. I wanted to be able to jog to the beach.  

As I gain experience through my journey of life I understand how my choices now have causes and effects.  My choices are influenced by beliefs, and every decision has a consequence, whether we speak on the immediate, short terms effects, or the long term issues that follow us through life like a bad odor.  

Vegan Strawberry Cream Donut
Strawberry Cream Vegan Donut at the Donut Bar in Downtown San Diego

I know that we have pleasure sensors that need activated every once in a while.  San Diego was going to provide some much needed sunshine, the beautiful Pacific Ocean and all the beaches, a change of pace, 70 degrees a majority of the time compared to cold and gray, and most likely an increase in income to provide for the increase in cost of living.

Knowing that writing is a ten year process at least(anything worth having usually takes that long to manifest as a legitimate talent), I know that I have to fill up the time inbetween doing things that people wonder about doing.  

waterfront park San Diego
Waterfront Park San Diego

So why did I move to San Diego when I had a one bedroom apartment in a gray, cold, rainy city that had almost no one that looked like me for $550 a month with a job that didn’t ask much of me?  I needed the challenge, and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to become the writer I always wanted to be. And we cannot write without experiencing.

I felt like I was locked in a cage.  Most of my life I’ve never really left an area.  It’s way too comfortable staying around areas that are familiar being on roads you know, doing things that are pretty decently easy.  I had been prepping to move to a city like San Diego for at least a decade, and at some point I had to pull the trigger and just go. Work can be found everywhere if you’re looking for it, and it’s probably a great time to put the pride away, and do what must be done, when it must be done, with no questions asked.

San Diego is the most beautiful place I’ve seen so far on the planet.  I haven’t been to much of it, but my 34 hour drive from Columbus, Ohio to San Diego, California was honestly quite dreadful.  I won’t lie, sleeping in the car probably isn’t the way to go for that kind of trip, one might need a bed if you’re going to spread out that trip over a few days.  Just a warning.

Expresso in Little Italy, San Diego

I know that I will make this city work for me, and I hope I can show you how to do the same in your life.  You can change any situation you want, just by changing your mindset. The mindset allows you to access the tools necessary to create the change in your life, because everything that happens in our life results from some belief in an idea.

An idea can never truly be manifested in the physical, but understanding that can help give us some comfort knowing there’s pleasure in the doing of the thing we created.  So many get stuck on the idea portion, not realizing that our creations are creations, not the idea. Freedom cannot be expressed physically, but it can be felt internally.

Downtown San Diego Apartment
Downtown San Diego Apartment

It’s why I moved to San Diego.  It’s why I moved west to California.  I wanted to be free. Free from everything I thought was helping me, free from the gray, free from the scarcity mindset, free from the mediocrity that Ohio living afforded me. Changing the world starts with oneself, and I first have to change my own world before I can even think of helping facilitate change for others.


How To Do Something Crazy and Not Regret It

The Seeker Post #13

I’ll tell ya, as a writer, I struggle daily with doing what I should be doing.  99% of that is writing how I believe a piece should be written, no matter what’s fashionable in the blog scene, fitness world, veganism, environmentalism, the list is extensive.

I restarted this article FOUR times.  I’ve written and deleted entire copy of no less than five full pages.  Yes, five FULL single space, size-11 font, fully punctuated paragraphs.  I even got my laundry done by the end of the third page of deletion. By the fifth page, I had already walked around looking for the cafe of the day when I found a shop in Little Italy that sold CBD drinks and cold brewed coffee(oh but James aren’t you fully alkaline??..Yes, I stay truly balanced, I like to make sure my immune system still works properly from time to time, plus having coffee after being alkaline intensifies the effect, just like your first drink or smoke after abstaining for a while…sorry I forgot we were talking about something else before I was bombarded with questions about my alkalinity…ahem, back to the coffee story which is actually the story of how this piece got written and published), so I bought some, walked around lost for a few extra blocks, and I didn’t pull my GPS out just to make sure I stayed lost.

Then a good friend of mine told me to stop trying to make the blog about words.  Maybe just say what you want to say without trying to make it sound pretty and wordy.  In trying to create the world’s best blog post, I ended up coming up with all these great sounding titles, which inevitably made the copy follow suit, and in holding onto silly pride, because you announced on social media unfinalized plans you risk embarrassment because of your own lack of planning.

So I erased one more time and wrote the title you see up top, which was actually the subtitle of the previous title, “Evolving Butterflies” which one may have seen on my Instagram which is @jaywilltay if you don’t follow already, lol.  Hint hint.

Now that I’ve warmed up my typing fingers and flicked my creative node a few times, I’m all sorts of ready to lay down what you came here to get; the answer to the title of this blogpost. How to do something crazy and not regret it.  

I’ll be honest, I don’t regret anything I’ve done in my life, and at 36 years old, the reason I can live not feeling any regret is that I don’t hate or regret the person I am now.  While I know I have many more lessons to learn, and a whole lot more change ahead, I know everything will always work out okay in the end, because if I’m not okay I’m probably dead.

Regret means you feel as if a mistake is unrecoverable.  There’s no chance to rectify the mistake. If that were the case, life wouldn’t be worth living.  If it’s one mistake, game over, then we should all just quit, right? But, we have the gift of being able to live and to live means understanding what can happen, will happen, regardless of the decisions we make.  If we understand that with every effect there is a cause, and with every cause, there is an effect. Our causes are caused by our beliefs, driven by our thought processes whose aim is to solidify and reinforce belief patterns or lose them.

A balance of feminine and masculine energy, the yin-yang(it’s yinyang, but spellcheck doesn’t even know that masculine feminine is never separated, but always working together) is necessary for one to “flow” with what seems to be the ups and downs of life, however, there are no true ups and downs, there are only causes, and the effects of those causes, which lead to more causes and therefore more effect.  This is why it’s important to examine what one believes. There’s a stark difference between what one believes to be true and what one KNOWS to be true. If one is constantly doing what one knows can be true, then nothing “wrong” can ever really happen.

Hopefully, that explained making crazy decisions, but if not, you’re in luck, because there’s way more to that story.  I hope what’s next makes more sense than all the information I just snuck into those previous paragraphs , but we will explore them in time, regardless.  Now for what you really came here to read.

“How to Do Something Crazy and Not Regret It”

Me and my best friend and roommate finished cleaning the apartment, my very own, very first apartment in my name in the city I grew up in.  It seemed to take longer than I anticipated(a full decade) but with help from really good people, the plan was still all coming together, and while leaving the apartment behind was a little bittersweet, but still part of the whole process.

I can’t even joke with you, the beginning of this paragraph also started a very different way, and I deleted yet another hour of copy.  So I’ll get to the point.

This wasn’t easy.  But anything actually worthwhile never is, but it will never leave you in a worse state than one previously was in.  Regardless of what I thought about Columbus, I did buy a car there, have my own one bedroom apartment, keep a pretty decent slew of jobs on hands, and live pretty cheaply.  But it’s a TERRIBLE state to write in. Jesus Christ couldn’t clear the “chemtrails” and dark ass sky from there if that’s where he lived. Six months out of the year are gray and cold, and I’ll be honest, my caramel skin needs the sun.  I always said that I needed 70 degrees and sunny to operate at my finest.

Picture of Laptop from Cafe in Little Italy San Diego
Little Italy, San Diego

For six months the roomie and I decided we would save as much as we could by living in a one bedroom apartment-the living room was no longer my extra space-and made the choice to move by April, no matter what.  I’ll tell you this; it’s never going to be perfect. Not one part of it. Not how much money you save, not the job you’re trying to get, accept that and you can get through anything.

If you stick to your decision, then you’ll make choices that allow you to do exactly as you planned.  Here is where you learn to accept the choices and the subconscious thought process that got you there.  In the end, some part of me wanted to test the “overpriced box in the hole in the wall apartment” theory to see EXACTLY how uncomfortable the situation is.  Because I understand true knowledge comes from doing. With that knowledge I can experience everything life truly has to offer. A move like this across the country to live in a box in downtown San Diego a stone’s throw from the water is EXACTLY everything I wanted to feel.

I knew this was a part of the process.  I wanted it to be a part of the process, because in doing this, we’d be able to appreciate every time we were allowed to work with more.  It’s about evolving, learning about the self, and gaining the knowledge to think, and acting on that thinking to manifest what it is that we want in life.

Never Stop Creating Poster in Little Italy San Diego
Little Italy, San Diego

As I type these words, I realize that it’s a blessing to be able to do these things and write about them.  I intend to do all the crazy hard things that people say exist in life, like moving across the country on four year plan to the very place you’ve always wanted to go, while sipping on some all-natural wellness beverage taking in the sun’s rays with the weather just perfect.  I’ve wanted to do the “struggling writer” thing for a while, you know, the kind you see in movies. I figured, if I do movie worthy shit, and live a somewhat decent life, maybe I can gain immortality. Maybe I can live forever in the minds of those who were told also that they couldn’t do something, that it would be too hard to overcome, that it’s better to not even try.

Yes, I wanted to make this move for selfish reasons.  I wanted to free myself from the comfort of living in a place that I knew like the back of my hand.  I absolutely wanted to live frugaly in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen with my eyes after torturing myself through a 34 hour 2300 mile drive across America.  I wanted to dye my hair the color of Goku’s Super Saiyan Mode, and do something crazy, and live to tell about it. I wanted somehow, for the people reading this, to feel some hope in their own lives after I selfishly lived mine.

Takeaways from Doing Something Crazy and Not Regretting It

I wanted the world to be a better place.  That’s why I could do something crazy and not regret it.  They said it’s impossible to change the world. They didn’t realize that changing the world starts with the individual.

If a person believes the world cannot be changed, it’s because they themselves do not want to change.  To live as naturally as possible in as much harmony as possible takes an evolution of each and every human being on this planet, and I can’t ask of someone else what I am unwilling to do myself.  To write a piece like this, as the sun continues to shine through the window, I know that living your truth in order to be able to give others hope is the most humbling and exciting way of living.  No matter what happens, what is supposed to happen WILL indeed happen, and if one is living the best possible way that they can, they should expect also that what NEEDS to happen for their growth, will indeed happen.  The universe gives us what we NEED based on how we BELIEVE. You will always end up in the situation that you’re supposed to be in if you act according to how you believe.

Here are the true takeaways on How to Do Something Crazy and Not Regret It:

  1. Decide to do something, just make sure you really believe it to be your truth at the time, knowing that change always happens, and if you don’t find out, know that you’ll wish you had tried.
  2. Change is the result of needing to grow, evolve, or learn something new about ourselves.  Accepting change means we accept our lives and the responsibility of doing what is best for ourselves, because we are a part of the world around us.  
  3. Understand your choices should be made to help yourself GROW.  Growing and becoming stronger in life doesn’t happen overnight.  Realize you have a limited amount of time to work with, and that the time and days don’t ever cease to cycle, so if you don’t do it NOW, it’s highly unlikely you ever will.
  4. Doing the hard things makes it easier to appreciate the small things.  If you’ve never done anything to stub your toe, you’ll never appreciate what it feels like to not have that pain that causes a limp.  The pain is what teaches us, the pain is growth, and the best memories because pain is the strongest teacher. Accept the pain, and you accept life.
  5. Life will only take you where you allow it.  Flow with it, naturally, like a river that passes by various shores on the way to the destination of the ocean, placing us in harmony with the world around us.  To fight to cling to a shore or area is pointless. If you are working on yourself you can understand that if you are working on doing better, life will indeed get better.  By thinking that, we can act on those things that lead us in that direction, which is also known as trusting one’s intuition.
  6. You can live freely when you trust your intuition.  The commitment comes with deciding to evolve no matter what.  Embrace the pain, embrace life, embrace change, and you can truly live freely.  Pain teaches us joy, life teaches us an appreciation for living, and embracing change makes evolving easier.
  7. Get a partner.  Or two. What I mean by this is get yourself a friend who will cheer you on, tell you the truth about the situation no matter how you feel, and keep it absolutely 100 with you.  I have purposely built a circle of people not afraid to keep it real with me so that I can see clearly. We all see better together.
  8. Enjoy the choices.  Choices were made because we knew they would lead us down the path we needed to go down the most.  Appreciating the journey helps us understand life. To live, to evolve.
  9. You only live once.  You should experience exactly what you think you should get to experience.  If you choose to accept what comes along with that, maybe one day you’ll write a blog post like this and we can talk about it over coffee sometime.

So, see you next week.  Oh yeah, this entire post took me at least 15 hours to write, so don’t quit your day job just yet folks, but you can move to San Diego.  Just save a couple months rent and have about another month’s rent saved up and that will force you to get a job soon and not bullshit around taking pics on the beach trying to prove how cool you are.  It can sound dreamy, but life is exactly what you make of it, so it’s not about regretting anything, it’s about living through everything. So make that crazy decision. You’ll live to talk about it, I promise.


Relax, Refresh, Recharge?

The Seeker of the Grail Post #12

I was thinking the other day on the people I know who love what they do daily, and comparing them to the people who don’t love what they do on a daily basis. What was I comparing?

How and when they take breaks.

We see and hear about “relax, refresh, recharge,” but most of us consider that only when we have been at our 9-5 and feel like screaming at our boss. We think, “I need a vacation on the beach.” But why the beach? If you wanted to vacation on the beach, why wouldn’t you find a way to live there, so that you could always feel relaxed, refreshed, and recharged?

Everything will work again if you unplug it for a few minutes...including you. Anne Lamott Quote
Anne Lamott Quote

People who do things that they love daily more than likely always feel some sort of relaxation, because their work is refreshing, and it’s being in that moment daily with what it is they love to do that’s so recharging. So why do they need to take breaks?

Inspiration and creativity are one’s way of connecting within to that module that lies inside of all of us. K-12 schooling and college more times than not turn that module off. We are taught to mechanically do things, and as humans, that’s what causes the need to “relax, refresh, and recharge.” Taking breaks for the person who LIVES that way, is about taking a step back.

Sometimes you need a mental break Life tip quote
Awesome Life Tip Quote

When one takes that step back, they can realign the creative vision, see the entire picture, make critical adjustments, and find even more inspiration and creativity. They become not only more productive, but more powerful. Ever wonder why those who have “it” almost never seem to stop? This is why. They don’t “break” just to go back and keep banging their head off of the same ole dusty wall. The work IS important, IF the WORK is important. If you feel that what you are doing is purposeful, you will be that much more involved in the creation and doing process of that work.

For those who don’t necessarily enjoy the things they do daily, our breaks from work are spent bitching about work, getting “other things” done(the whole running of errands that people speak of), and really, really wishing we didn’t have to go back to work.  Because of this, we are less interested in our work which leads to us being less productive.

A break should rejuvenate and empower us to do better with our creative work. Our inspired work. Our light-bringing work. Our work that changes the world around us. However, if one is not motivated by their “work,” why are they doing that work?  This must be considered. Wasting time is one of the cardinal sins of the untrained human body, the cause of stress and anxiety of the mind. Stress is not stillness, and stillness is needed for inspiration and creativity, the cycle of “creation.” Creation is knowing, knowing comes from within.

If you get tired, learn to rest, not to quit-Quote
Learn to Rest Quote

A break is really just the end of a cycle.  Everything has cycles. This is the natural way.  Of course, some cycles are man made, but even those cycles are built on and around the cycles of nature.  We see this in every sporting event, the cycles of nature, changing oils and fluids in our vehicles, collecting paychecks, etc. Cycles are everywhere, but learning those cycles is what’s crucial, instead of just existing in them. Controlling the cycle is what’s desirable. One can relax once the cycle is understood. One can be refreshed with timely breaks. One can be recharged with every cycle.

In life, one should also consider the various cycles that one participates in.  To be able to capitalize on the breaks and make adjustments in a timely and efficient manner to give the individual the best chance of success every time moving forward is key. Don’t just relax, refresh and recharge just because. Do it with purpose.


Achieving Total Victory in Your Life-The Seeker Post #11


Greatness.  Success. Words that go hand in hand with confetti falling, hands raised in victory formation, and smiles laden with tears of joy at tedious work finally paying off. Championships require persistence and perseverance,  anger or a high level of distaste for your current state of existence, and luck(which is being ready for and capitalizing on opportunities, which means one is in constant motion, always focused, alert, aware, and ready. These all take persistence and perseverance).  It takes time to master things, 10,000 hours or a decade, whichever you reach first, to discover if one is even good at something, much less determine whether one can make something a good way of life. It takes being willing to master something, and knowing that victory is always one opportunity away from revealing itself.

Golden State Warriors Championship

The confidence to know that one can indeed WIN comes as a result of doing a certain “thing” over and over so much that one knows they can accomplish that “thing” whenever necessary.  That is why being a contender versus already being a champion is so difficult, as the champion already knows they have won, because they have done “it” before. The contender on the other hand, has never experienced a championship victory, or “being the best at what it is that one does.” However, when we see a contender succeed in felling the champion, it is always because one knew that one could, because of the hours put in at mastering what it is one needed to do to take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves on the way to becoming victorious.

Dec 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide celebrate after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs 32-28 in the 2012 SEC Championship game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The little things.  The little things are the most important.  The things that most people ignore. Eating the right amounts of food daily to fuel the body and nothing more requires a level of discipline most are never willing to engage in, which means most will NEVER achieve they body they try so hard to obtain. Doing 15-20 minutes a day of a few little things that will pan out to those 10,000 hours is the smallest of tasks, but most see the 10,000 hours and decide it’s never worth it to start chipping away at them. Track is a sport that highlights this significantly, although as is the case with most sports, the more elite the level, the less little things one can even afford to do wrong.  This means simply, if one cannot put in the work doing all the little things daily, one should never expect to “be the best” at what it is they are doing. One can never achieve “total victory” without being able to accomplish the little things as if they were just instinct.

Lebron James Championship

We already discussed that if one aims for a certain percent, he or she will reach that percent.  Asking the question; Why isn’t it okay to just be normal(or mediocre), is actually phrased to mask the guilt the ACTUAL question would no doubt deliver.  The actual question is, “Why ISN’T it okay to just be mediocre?” Normal isn’t exceptional. It isn’t great. It isn’t being an activist and it sure isn’t bringing change.  Normal is actually the standard, and if one looks at the standard from whatever various perceptions one may be looking from, they would see the standard is very, very far from “good.” To say each day that one did 100% of what they could to achieve what it is they are setting out to do is actually a pretty tough task, but every day is a new 24 hours to set and accomplish the little things that add up to mastery over a decade, while steadily chipping away at the 10,000 hours it takes to become a champion.

Kevin Garnett “Anything is Possible” Moment of Immortality

The world standard is very low. That’s why we celebrate with and love to see a champion in the making. That we blow other countries up filled with other humans because a media outlet told us that we should.  That people go hungry in the world. That some people eat and other people don’t. That very few have all the money in the world and the rest must fight for scraps. That it’s okay to feel that some humans are better than other humans, forgetting some humans have never been given a chance from the beginning, although the other group of humans think no matter what, even if it’s into a bad existence, that every pre-conceptual human embryo should be born regardless, even though it is them who hate the child that is born into nothing, subjecting them to a life of less because it’s, well, normal.  That we all have to get jobs doing things we don’t necessarily care to, when building a better world for the worlds inhabitants would mean that everyone’s skills and talents would be used to the fullest capacity in ways that make everyone feel like they are living a life full of purpose, which in general would raise the morale(or vibrational energy) of the entire world, which, as you guessed it, would cycle all the way back around to making the world better for all of us. Raising the standard for oneself inevitably raises the standard for us all. Imagine a world full of people trying to be champions. That would be a sight.

Yang 2009 World PGA Championship

We could go on, but one would only want to be normal if normal benefit them, and them alone. Why wouldn’t a decent human being actually want what’s best and good for them AND everyone around them? To be able to celebrate with those we have also pushed to the brink and seen struggle to do the little things daily is a joy many will never taste, because of the selfish nature of most human beings living on this planet. Championships don’t always come in the way of sports, but to be a champion is to have done the best you can, for as long as you could have, UNTIL the outcome you seek has been achieved. In that moment, you will raise your hands in total victory, knowing that you have succeeded at doing all of the little things all the time, and you lie on the field of battle exhausted but joyous.

Champions Celebrate the Same

Greatness.  Perfection. Excellence.  These are things that humans should strive for, every second of every day.  Yes, it’s hard and uncomfortable and you’ll want to take a break, and one should take a break, knowing that the break is supposed to energize them so that they can come back and work harder at being great, perfect and excellent. A talk on intentional breaks coming next week. Thanks for joining me!


Bruce Lee Teachings and Commentary- The Seeker Post#10

The Seeker #10-Mentor Series

We all have different versions in our mind of the immortal legend, the dragon whose name was Bruce Lee. The myth, the man, the teacher/philosopher movie star who died too early, yet leaving a lasting mark for eternity.

The man who wanted to be known as a teacher and thinker, not the movie star or kung fu hero he was famous for, but as an artist who wanted to show the world what the body was capable of when one instilled “emotional content” behind actions. We have since made some discoveries of the meanings of what Bruce Lee meant when he gave us the clues on being like water, as Lee made it less about his Jeet Kune Do, and more about the philosophy of life.

Bruce Lee

One of my more contemporary mentors, reading Bruce Lee’s books was like reading a minefield of gold that would burst on every quote, as my internal mind understood and readily accepted every key quote that he left behind. While compiling this list of some of my favorite Bruce Lee sayings, I found it excruciatingly hard to keep ones from dropping off the list.

Imagine the world 500 years from now, as many of Lee’s books will be underground legends, lost to the advanced society we are becoming, when only the best ten to twenty quotes from a man will be left. Maybe when we are done being inundated by podcasts and listening(the least valuable form of learning) we might one day go back to reading and learning history, slowing down just a bit to actually take in some information, instead of letting it go in one ear and out the other.

Bruce Lee’s Life Quotes

  1. “Don’t get set into one form, adapt it and build your own, and let it grow, be like water. Empty your mind, be formless, shapeless — like water. Now you put water in a cup, it becomes the cup; You put water into a bottle it becomes the bottle; You put it in a teapot it becomes the teapot.” Perhaps one of Bruce Lee’s most iconic quotes, it’s possible it resonates so well because we recognize it to be so true. Water can be so powerful over time, carving ways around rocks and debris, creating rivers and streams, allowing us to use its latent power for energy. Yet, it takes on the form of the container that we put it in, and remains the same powerful constant. Let it sit, it becomes stagnant, use it properly and it can power entire energy grids. It gives us life and nourishes our gardens. It moves at will, as it needs to, as is necessary for it during its travels. Be like water.
  2. “Great freedom= Great Sensitivity…There is no freedom if you are enclosed by 1) Self-Interest or 2)  Walls of Discipline.” Discipline is defined as the practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.  It cannot be true freedom if actions are not freely made and taken. But great sensitivity and having the interest of others in mind creates good actions. Self-interests do not allow us to act freely, as those who’ve seen my latest Instagram IGTV video on passion might know. Self-interests do not allow us to act in the best interests of others, as it creates a fully selfish existence.
  3. “Books, teachers, parents, the society all around us, all tell us what to think but not how to think.  What is the point of being educated, of learning to read and write, if you are just going to carry on like a machine?  After all, it is merely the root function to form.” The best part about this quote from Bruce Lee is that while we all know it, it’s rare that any of us stop to really re-evaluate our lives and change it from one of machine-like actions to actually living. Most people consider traveling, or quitting the 9-5 to be the way of getting past the machine existence, but typically they are just copying what they’ve seen other people do that seems to be “freeing.’ Freedom starts in the mind, it’s about how we think about life, and what we are doing to really change ourselves, which inevitably changes the world around us.
  4. “There is intelligence when you are not afraid.  There can be no initiation if one has fear. Fear is what compels us to cling to tradition, gurus, etc.”  Intelligence is defined as “the ability to acquire and apply knowledge and skills.”
    However, there are two types of knowledge; that of the “empirical” sort and that which is absolute “truth.”

    Empirical knowledge is defined as “sense experience, the knowledge or source of knowledge acquired by means of the senses, particularly by observation and experimentation.”

    True knowledge must be absolute, single, infinite, whole, undivided, non-dual, immediate and self-conscious.

    True knowledge is the knowledge you get when you have that “ah-ha” moment. When you “finally realize” something. It can be felt inside.

    To apply knowledge of the senses is to act according to your environment, which is a physical state of existence, and forever changing, which, if u cannot change, life will be harsh.

    To apply true knowledge, one must seek the true knowledge first, and everything else comes after. If true knowledge is what we get from going “inside” then one must really “know thyself.” Once one “knows themselves” all fear vanishes, and they become free to act.
  5. “The poorer we are inwardly, the more we try to enrich ourselves outwardly.” There are several versions of this quote from several other philosophers that have come and gone through our time. It is possible to be rich outwardly and rich inwardly, but it’s extremely rare and the common man/woman does not have these capabilities, especially when most people operate from a vantage point of self-interests, as we spoke on above. Whether Bob Marley, Confucius, Jesus, Elijah Mohammed, etc., most people who we have recognized as great have said this, and yet we chase and chase for outer riches, instead of inner life. It is a reflection of our poor position that we place the burden of our souls on our physical body. With food, alcohol, drugs, prescription drugs, etc., we refuse to do the healing work of our soul, and our bodies pay the price.
  6. “A struggle of any nature can never be settled satisfactorily until the absolute fact is touched–where neither opponent can affect the other  Not neutrality, not indifference, but transcendence is the thing needed.” The absolute fact, or truth, exists in a place reachable to everyone. That’s why we disagree on such trivial issues like justice, human rights(which are animal rights because we are animals), equality, and taking care of the Earth as our home and not just some random resource. We disagree because we live in a state of “self-interest.” It’s quite amazing how destructive self-interest lifestyles can be to our own bodies and therefore, the world.
  7. “To be on alert is to be deadly serious.  To be deadly serious means to be sincere to oneself, and it is sincerity that leads one to the Way.” Sincerity, while we like to claim that most people are not sincere, can we really claim sincerity if we do not live in the Way? What is The Way? The Way doesn’t need explained, it’s something we all know and recognize within. We reason our way away from The Way, because it’s easier to be self-interested, than to do the actual work that comes with acknowledging the existence of The Way. To be on alert because one is constantly absorbed in living every moment in TRUTH, which is the fullest way to live in every moment, means that one is extremely serious about their existence.
  8. “The great mistake is to anticipate the outcome of the engagement; you ought not be thinking of whether it ends in victory or in defeat.  Just let nature take its course and your tools will strike at the right moment.” This is what some call chance or luck, but it’s more undercover name is opportunity.  We create our destiny, it’s what leads us to our fate, and throughout the journey opportunity appears, It becomes our role to be ready to seize and capitalize on opportunity as it presents itself. I spoke to a woman the other day who told me she had an engagement coming up that she was preparing for that she really wanted to win. I told her that every time I have focused on winning itself, I have lost. The key is to do everything possible in your power that could lead to victory, and leave the rest up to nature, or, what will naturally happen as a result of your actions.
  9. “Discipline in conformity with nature.”  The only discipline that we should follow is discipline that is in alignment with and conforms to the natural state of things. We mentioned discipline earlier, but in relation to the previous quote by Bruce Lee, we understand that nature, or what happens naturally, cannot be controlled. Our actions leading up to what will naturally happen is that magic that makes dreams come true. Therefore, our discipline, or the training we give ourselves that allows us to perform our actions better, must be in alignment with the natural state of things, and in that is the flowing like, or being like, water.
  10. “To bring the mind into sharp focus and to make it alert so that it can immediately intuit truth, which is everywhere, the mind must be emancipated from old habits, prejudices, restrictive thought process, and even ordinary thought itself.”  True freedom is the only thing that can bring about this state. Eliminate all fear, focus inward in the maturation process(“the process of maturing does not mean to become a captive of conceptualization. It is to come to the realization of what lies in our innermost selves.”) I thought this was a fitting end to the Bruce Lee segment, as it kindly brought all ten quotes together, again admonishing us of the omnipresence of the truth, which we must look for(The Way), which can only be found in freedom(discarding all old thought processes), which comes from being focused and alert(deadly serious, or sincere).
Bruce Lee

While many may not come into the full understanding of what it means to be truly free, sincere in every moment, adhering to The Way, and tossing aside all self-interest, the few that do will always change the world, because transformation of the inner man/woman, will always lead to a change in one’s entire world, which affects everyone that comes in contact with that person.

Think of it this way. Bruce Lee existed and while he existed, wrote books. Those books reached me, many years after the death of his physical body. Even in death, his words were able to penetrate and help me change my own mind. Inevitably, because of that change, I am able to share with you, today, what I believe to be the absolute truths from what I have read, understood and applied. This is what it means to change the world.

See you next week, where we get back to our regular posts on transformation!!


Lao Tzu Teachings and Commentary-The Seeker Post #9

Mentor Series #9

Sage: A person attaining the wisdom that a philosopher normally seeks. Lao Tzu is considered the father or founder of Daoism, or Taoism as we know it, “The Way,” the path that leads us all to truth and understanding. He was a Chinese philosopher that was said to have also been the “librarian” for the imperial records, a writer credited with authoring the great book “Tao Te Ching.”

Lao Tzu Quote

One of my favorite mentors, or, author of the book “Tao Te Ching,” I found the concepts presented were too pure not to add into my life. I know, it’s so cliche of me to “add value to my life” from a book I’ve read, when so many people are looking for motivation and inspiration. However, my life path has been about transforming my “self” into a new being, one not needing motivation and inspiration to exist(the ups and downs of life), which means I seek true wisdom, which begins inside. Wisdom is inner knowledge recognized as truth and applied mentally then physically without fail. This is the key to being “wise.”

These next ten concepts are the reasons why Lao Tzo has played such a big role in my mental development towards discovering the true nature of truth and wisdom.

Tao Te Ching

  1. On Modesty : “The wise are heard through their silence, always self-full through selflessness.” It’s not about “us.” It’s about other people. It’s about listening more than we speak, giving more than we take. Through this action of giving more than we receive, we remain full inside, instead of always looking at how we can fulfill our void through our own desires. Modesty isn’t necessarily about wearing so many clothes people can’t see you, it’s about being more aware of others. It’s not about living “lavish,” but more about how we give to others in various ways. Pulling back in heart, soul, and mind. Our thought to make modesty about clothing is another way we have shown our attachment to the physical, when modesty is a state of being.
  2. On overfulfillment: “Keep filling your bowl, and it will spill over.  Keep sharpening your knife, and it will blunt. Keep hoarding gold in your house, and you will be robbed.  Keep seeking approval and you will be chained. The Great Integrity leads to actualization, never over fulfillment.” Referring back to the modesty piece, we can now understand why the goal should be to give more than we take, listen more than we speak, and give more than we receive. What is our obsession with obtaining items most times we don’t use anyway?
  3. On the importance of what is not:  “We shape clay to birth a vessel, yet it’s the hollow within that makes it useful.  We chisel doors and windows to construct a room, yet it’s the inner space that makes it livable.  Thus do we create what is to use what is not.”  The things we don’t see or understand can provide meaning in this life. Sometimes it’s not what’s said, but how it’s said. It’s whether someone makes time, not their excuse for why they couldn’t or didn’t. Looking deeper into our actions, we can find all of the issues we face in life, mostly by paying attention to the things we aren’t doing that we know we should.
  4. On tranquility: “Although all forms are dynamic, and we all grow and transform, each of us is compelled to return to our root.  Our root is quietude. To fully return to our root is to be enlightened. Never to experience tranquility is to act blindly, a sure path to disaster.  To know tranquility is to embrace all. To embrace all is to be just. Justice is the foundation for wholeness. Wholeness is the Great Integrity. The Great Integrity is the infinite fulfilling itself.” Why is it that stress makes us sick? Why do most of us run towards the noise? Why do we seek out distractions? Most of us are afraid of the silence, because of the power that’s in it. We know the answers we seek are within the silence we run from, but running from those answers and the silence is also what brings the stress and anxiety.
  5. On celebrating paradox: “No thing remains itself.  Each prepares the path to its opposite.  To be ready for wholeness, first be fragmented.  To be ready for rightness, first be wronged. To be ready for fullness, first be empty.  To be ready for renewal, first be worn out. To be ready for success, first fail. To be ready for doubt, first be certain.  Because the wise observe the world through the Great Integrity, they know that they are not knowledgeable. Because they do not perceive only through their perceptions, they do not judge this right and that wrong.  Because they do not delight in boasting, they are appreciated. Because they do not announce their superiority, they are acclaimed. Because they never compete, no one can compete with them.” It’s still what “isn’t,” not what is. What is exists only as a medium to see the fullness of what is not.
  6. On seductions: “Inner strength is the master of all frivolities.  Tranquility is the master of all agitated emotions.  Those who succumb to frivolities have lose their inner strength.  Those who succumb to agitated emotions have lose their tranquility.  The wise cultivate inner strength and tranquility. That is why they are not seduced by addictive temptations.” The ability to understand and accept that one is NOT their body helps with the pursuit of cultivating inner strength. The inner soul wants to do wonderful and amazing things while in this body and world, but it is impossible without the inner strength necessary to navigate through the path life takes us on. If one cannot learn inner discipline to say now, one will be tormented by the desires of the flesh.
  7. On our relation to the world:  “All attempts to control the world can only lead to its decimation and to our own demise since we are an inseparable part of what we are senselessly trying to coerce.  Any attempt to possess the world can only lead to its loss and to our own dissolution since we are an intrinsic part of what we are foolishly trying to possess.” The control we seek to have over everything in the physical is yet another indication that we are weak spiritually. Spiritual is not a religious term, it’s just something science has not been able to quantify, as mankind has a hard time quantifying that which we cannot see, even though we spoke earlier on two quotes that alerted us to the fact it’s what’s NOT there in the physical that’s most important. We must see to control and understand what’s within, before we can understand what’s outside, manifesting physically.
  8. On war:  “The wise hold steady on the passive yin path, and those who are aggressive prefer the active yang.  Weapons are instruments of coercion and devils of death. Resort to them only in dire necessity. Peace is our natural state of being.  If weapons must be wielded to defend ourselves, and we are victorious, never rejoice. Can there be joy over the slaughter of others?” War is a state of stress, produced by our lack of seeking peace within. We take the stress and put it on others, making our anxiety and stress the fault of another, allowing us to still not seek what is within, and instead attack what is outside of ourselves in the physical.
  9. Too much invites disaster:  “What is overexpanded becomes diminished.  What is too strong becomes weakened. What is too high is cut down.  What is overpossessed becomes impoverished. It is in the nature of the process that in the final stages, those who are overextended, overarmed and overprivileged, shall be overcome.  Disaster stalks the fish which swims up from its deepwater home, and the army which threatens to conquer those beyond its own borders.” Modesty. If only you could see the smile on my face as I write this commentation, because I know personally that everything is connected, and the connection starts within. We spoke on modesty and having too much earlier, and what that says about our inner state, so I will not continue the discussion here.
  10. Distinguishing the Highest from the Lowest Morality: “You can readily recognize the highest virtuousness because it never places itself on display.  You can readily recognize the lowest virtuousness because it is always announcing itself. The highest virtue quietly serves universal needs.  The lowest virtue actively strives for personal success. The highest morality serves common needs. The lowest morality is self-serving. True benevolence acts without intention.  But when rituals go unheeded, they are enforced with rolled-up sleeves. Failing the Great Integrity, we resort to virtuousness. Failing virtuousness, we resort to moralizing. Failing moralizing, we resort to dogma, the most superficial form of faith and loyalty, and the nourishment for confusion.  Natural persons are attracted to substance rather than form, to the nutritious fruit rather than the enticing flower, to that which dwells deep within, rather than to that which clings superficially to the surface.” Less is more. The more we return to inner peace and solitude, the more we can see the damage we have caused by releasing our inner demons of stress and anxiety into the world by our actions. No need to shout or proclaim if you are confident, that will be seen. No need to announce if one is secure. If you know, you know, and if you don’t know, one typically tries to act as though they do. We fake it till we make it, never BEING what we should, but doing just the opposite.
Lao Tzu Quote

Thank you for spending time with me today. I hope to continue serving you with some truths to feed your soul and help you cultivate from within, so that what is without blossoms like a flower planted in fertile soil. Comment on my commentary on the Tao Te Ching by Lao Tzu, and let me know what you think!


Interlude – My Enemy?…Is the Answer-The Seeker Post #8

Perspective/Short Story

It’s easy to treat family and friends well.  People who say they love you, treat you decent and will help you move because you are “family” or “friends.”  What does it mean to be a family member or friend though?

We are taught to think that only blood-relations make someone family, or that someone can be married into the family.  Only people that we know and trust and have hung out with more than a few times can be considered friends. We are taught they are the only ones to trust, the only people who will ever support us.  That we should barely trust acquaintances, even much less, the hated enemy.

The enemy.  The individuals we are taught to hate, and not study.  The individuals we know NOTHING about. We just hate them, because for some reason, we know that they disagree with us.  We know that they don’t like us somehow, so we decide to HATE them.

Universe forbid that these enemies ever show us any sort of disdain.  There will be hell to pay if that enemy says anything behind my back, or even looks at me wrong.  Revenge won’t be in the hands of karma, I’ll handle it myself. The enemy, if only they didn’t exist, if they were never around, oh how great life itself would be.  There would only be my family and my friends, the people who agree with me, never say that I’m wrong, say they love me no matter what dastardly things I may do, and allow me to not have to grow, learn anything new, or even worse, compromise what I want to be true for my own self with what is true for my “self” and my enemy.

The enemy, it’s their fault I’m in this predicament.  If they didn’t believe the way they did, the world would be a better place, we could all just get along finally.  My enemy, for some reason I just can’t get over what they said to me, they don’t know me, they don’t know what I’ve been through.  They’d never understand. My enemy thinks they know more than me, how dare them.

My family and friends never say they know more than me.  They let me talk all I want, vent in frustration, hell, they even nod their head in agreement when I say things, even the mean things.  My family and friends, sometimes they say they have other things to do when I need a hand, but that’s okay, they love me and therefore owe me for next time.  Because they are my family and friends, they should be there for me regardless, but when they aren’t, I’m definitely allowed to be angry about it.

That’s okay, I’ll always forgive them, as long as they forgive me.  But never my enemy, no matter what, I’ll never get to know them, they’ll always try to do me wrong.  They’ll always look to stab me in the back no matter what, I just know it. I know my family and friends would never talk bad about me, no matter what I do wrong, we are related and have been friends since high school, we’re practically as much family as my family.

My damn enemy though, if only they’d get a clue, though I’ve never spoken to them.  I cut them off or walk away whenever they try to speak because I just know they are saying something “stupid.”  It’s not my fault they disagreed with me. Hell, they don’t even look like me. All my friends and family do though, and the one person who does look like my enemy, they agree with me too, although, we’ve never really talked much either, they were just always around growing up, so I basically know them, too.

I’ve never seen my enemy do anything wrong though, and I’ve never actually found out anything about them.  I just assume most people grow up like me, and know how I think, so it’s only obvious that everyone around me should be just like my family and friends.  My enemy is so different from me, and I don’t want to know why.

I don’t know why I don’t want to know, maybe it’s that fear of the unknown.  I don’t like fear. Fear is scary. My enemy is scary. I don’t know them or anything about them, and I’m comfortable with my friends and family.  I don’t want anything new. I just want to be left alone to do what I want, when I want.

The world can take care of itself, I should be able to live how I want. I don’t want to save the world.  I don’t need anyone else but my family and friends, who are supposed to be there through thick and through thin.  So what if I’m selective about who I’m around, it just makes life easier, and life is hard enough as it is.  Sure, I’ve never gone out of my way to do new things, learn about new people, or study my enemy….because who wants to study someone they hate? I don’t even need a reason, I don’t know them and I don’t care to.  I don’t want to ask them questions because I just know I won’t like what I hear. So they can piss off. Just leave me alone and let me be.

My enemy, I want them to be the problem so that I’m not.  So that I don’t have to change. Things are easy right now.  I don’t want to learn anything else. I don’t care about my enemy.  They can die. Change is annoying. Why should I have to change my views? I want to be right.

Though, what if, I just changed my attitude about my enemy?  What if, they might be just as cool as me, or better? What if they had some new information that could help me out in life?  What if their newness is exactly what I really want, and I’m convincing myself otherwise? What if, I’m just worried about my family or friends being mad that I made a new friend?  We aren’t allowed to meet people outside of the group, it’s just us, only we are allowed in the group.

But, I can’t call them my enemy forever, it’s been so long since we disagreed, and I want to find out why.  I have to know if they are my enemy. They’ve never done anything wrong to me, and even if they did, it couldn’t be worse than the friends and family that have let me down.  But they love me so it’s okay. I don’t know this “enemy” so there’s no way they could “love” me how my family and friends do.

For once though, just for once, I will give my enemy a chance.  I want to know why they “disagree,” even though I don’t know if they actually do disagree. I want to know why we’ve never spoken.  I want to feel for myself what type of person they are. I want to learn something new.  Life can’t just be the same old circle of people saying and doing the same old things all the time.  That’s what scared people do. Just once, for a while, I’m going to do me. I’m going to learn. I made my enemy my enemy, but maybe they don’t see me that way, maybe it’s me.  Maybe, just maybe, it’s my own thoughts. Maybe it’s what I’ve been taught. Maybe I’ll treat my enemies like I want to be treated, and we will see how they react. Maybe they aren’t my enemy.  Maybe I’m the enemy.

Maybe I’m my own worst enemy.  Not anyone else. I’m the enemy.  And I won’t be the enemy anymore. I’ll be the friend, the family.  I’ll be the one to change. I’ll be the one to adapt. Only then can we really know if my enemy is really my enemy, or if the real enemy is my “self.”

My enemy holds the answer. But is my enemy outside, or within?


Plato Teachings and Commentary-The Seeker Post #7

Mentor Series #7

Plato, the middle of the three great Western Philosophers of Greece(not counting Pericles) in Socrates, himself, and Aristotle, is most known for his work The Republic.  

Plato Quotes

In The Republic, Plato pursues the answer to two major questions for the morally and ethically inclined individual, an individual he believes, because of his expertise in ethical matters, does not have the understanding necessary for a good human life. The first question is, “What is Justice?” The second question follows as, “Is the just person happier than the unjust person?” He believed the mistakes were due to the individual lacking some sort of comprehension in three “forms” of which were called Justice, Beauty, and Equality.

Even now, our society struggles with true Justice, true Beauty, and true Equality. We believe that beauty can be bought, that justice can be served, and that equality doesn’t and cannot exist. However, in nature all three qualities exist simultaneously, Justice in the form of an equal ecological cycle(ones that humans have severely tampered with and destroyed), true natural beauty (without added fillers, filters or purchases), and true equality, as nature provides everything for free for all, as a result of its natural system, one that man continuously ignores and overcomplicates in pursuit of his invention of money and success.

Statue of Plato

Plato’s Teachings Applied Today

“You can discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation.”  This can be verified through personal training and sports, as most former athletes will tell you life’s best lessons are learned during the playing of sports.  Tough training seems to be key in opening up layers of the subconscious. We know that the conscious acts as a filter for what goes in and out of the subconscious, so my guess is that the hard training leaves the conscious mind weak in the filter area, as it concentrates on survival during training. Most will show you their souls during a phase of going through something difficult, as if you took 100 people off the street, gave them all equal gear for an obstacle course race, and recorded their actions, you could find out who is strong of heart, weak of heart, who is physically strong/weak, who gave effort regardless, who was logical/rational, etc.

“We can easily forgive a child who is afraid of the dark; the real tragedy of life is when men are afraid of the light.”  We all understand the feeling of being afraid of the dark because we do not know what lies in the dark space of which our eyes cannot see. So what does it mean for men to be afraid of the light?  Since we can see and know what is in the light because of its luminescence, does that mean anyone afraid of the light has something to hide? I believe we should take his words metaphorically, as we do not know what is hiding in the dark and are therefore afraid, it must only mean that shining light in the darkness and being afraid of the light would mean one doesn’t want what’s in the dark being revealed.

“Human behavior flows from three main sources: desire, emotion, and knowledge.”  What is it what we want? How do we feel about that, versus our current position?  Do we have sufficient knowledge to achieve what it is that we want? The answers to these questions will drive the behavior of every human and living thing on this planet, both logic and reason aside.” Knowledge is power, and the more of it that one has, the more one is able to achieve. Knowledge is the light that removes the darkness, it illuminates the mind and gives us the reason behind the action. Knowledge allows us to achieve a state of purposeful living, and through that knowledge, we can live with emotion and achieve through desire.

“The direction in which education starts a man will determine his future in life.” Education is the beginning of knowledge for us as individuals. We are thrust into a system that deliberately inundates us with information that is faulty, outdated, unjust, ugly, and unequal. It’s why we have the problems in society that we have today. Is it possible we can agree that if we were educated and taught differently that the world as we know it would also be different?

“We are twice armed if we fight with faith.”  Faith is having evidence of things unseen. This means that we have evidence to believe something can happen or is possible.  To fight, knowing that we can win truly is a double-edged sword. It’s why getting the “championship” typically leads to an edge in the next championship. Faith is like having the experience of already having achieved or received what it is that one is looking for. In having that realization, one will also bring the actions necessary, as faith without works is dead. If one knows via faith, who can stop them?

Be the change we want to see in the world?  Plato stated it this way: “Good actions give strength to ourselves and inspire good actions in others.”  If one sees others doing good, one will follow suit. If one sees others doing bad, though they may think twice about repeating the action, it becomes easier to do knowing that repercussions weren’t immediately handed out following the action. Our actions always inspire others.

“A good decision is based on knowledge and not on numbers.”  The more you know? Numbers are always changing. They are variable. That’s the purpose of numbers, to record, to change. Knowledge, in this case, the truth, will always lead to good decisions, however faulty the numbers may be.

“Opinions are the medium between knowledge and ignorance.”  Opinions shouldn’t be taken as fact, as the wise will do their own research but also entertain new ideas until those have been tested and found in agreement or disagreement with truth, or one’s belief system, which is somewhat based on truths, all of which are distorted to some degree.  If one’s truths weren’t distorted it’s quite possible one would be perfect, though the actions accompanying perfection have only been achieved by a few worthy individuals. Opinions help bridge the gap between ignorance and knowledge by giving us an idea of how much knowledge one may actually have, once we can attain an understanding of what truths the opinions are based on.

“The greatest wealth is to live content with little.”  Minimalism is always the answer.  There are just too many quotes on minimalism that agree with Plato to list here. Material things are never the key to happiness. We cannot satiate the inner desire of the soul with the physical, material things.

“The first and greatest victory is to conquer yourself; to be conquered by yourself is of all things most shameful and vile.”  We all recognize the defeated feeling that comes with losing to our flesh, the physical nature which keeps our spirits in bondage. The flesh must be conquered by the SELF. The “I” must be more than the “ME.” The ego doesn’t necessarily need to die, but it must always come second to the “I.” To be a slave to the physical nature is to be a slave to death, as the body is headed towards death, but the “I” remains immortal.


Feel free to share, like, and comment! Next week we get into the Eastern philosophers, starting with Confucius! See you then!


Socrates Teachings and Commentary-The Seeker Post #6

Mentor Series #6

In the above picture, we see Socrates in the scene of his death. Socrates was sentenced to death because his ideas threatened the “status quo” of society at the time. We celebrate his thought processes today, being the teacher of Plato and by default, Aristotle, but we don’t understand that his thought processes got him killed by the “status quo.” While alive, he was, of course, the object of ridicule by his peers for those same ideas that threatened their way of living.

One of the greatest philosophers known to the Western world, I’m sure some of you would be amazed to know that Socrates didn’t teach for money, the way most of the philosophers we celebrate also didn’t. Our status quo now is to speak for money, to make money motivating people, doing talks here and there showcasing to people our oratory abilities, riling people up for the moment, only to find ways to get them to spend more money, the endless cycle of our society. Our very own status quo. Philosophers of old would laugh at us and cry blasphemy, that us mere humans would charge other humans to listen to us speak on subjects that have already been discussed and spoken on by teachers of old.

We could spend an entire week going over these philosophers I’m presenting, but I know you came here for a quick read and some interesting quotes that may help you find an understanding that you weren’t able to see before. Without further adieu, here are my top ten favorite quotes from Socrates and my personal thoughts on them.

  1. “Well, I am certainly wiser than ‘this’ man.  It is only too likely that neither of us has any knowledge to boast of; but he thinks that he knows something which he does not know, whereas I am quite conscious of my ignorance.  At any rate, it seems that I am wiser than he is to this small extent, that I do not think that I know what I do not know.” Too often, we assume that because we graduated from high school(like everyone else), or graduated from college(like everyone else), or have a specialized degree(like anyone who has experienced enough of “life”) that we have some kind of “knowledge.” There is so much information in the world, that the only one who should be remotely interested in “how smart one is,” is the one that knows of their ignorance and is doing everything they can to rid themselves of it and changing their actions along with the new discoveries of information. Think about how many books you have read in your life, then think about the fact that the Vatican itself has over 1.6 million books in its library.

2. “True wisdom comes to each of us when we realize how little we understand about life, ourselves, and the world around us.” This affords us the ability to really understand just how ignorant we ARE, and have been taught to be. Understanding one’s ignorance is the first key to getting any wisdom and true understanding at all. KNOWING of one’s true ignorance is the key to the car that can drive you to actual knowledge, life’s truest and longest pursuit, the search that is neverending.

3. “What a lot of things there are a man can do without.” We have been taught to buy and sell. Our consumer society is killing the earth, and with the earth, us right along with it. We are constantly in the search for new things, forgetting about the things we bought a week ago because they are no longer new. The easiest way to fill this void is to constantly be working to improve and better one’s SELF. The improvement of self is the only way to understand that we don’t need ANYTHING. We desire to improve ourselves, and instead of doing that, we work to spend, and having spent, we must work. This leads us to the next quote.

4. “To find yourself, think for yourself.”  We have heard the quote “know thyself” from several teachers of old times, and it’s the universal law that we run from the most. We don’t want to look in the mirror unless we are comparing ourselves to others. We never want to acknowledge our ugliness inside and out, and we certainly don’t want to fix it or be told that we should. We constantly preach to be accepted as we are, but never require the second part of that, which is to improve, now that we have been accepted. Yes, the Christian’s Bible says “Come as you are” but in Matthew 5:48, Jesus says on the Sermon on the Mount, “Be ye therefore perfect, even as your father in heaven is perfect.” Sure, we can accept each other’s flaws and weaknesses, but to not improve on those, is the cause of much distress in society. “If he can’t accept me at my worst, then he doesn’t deserve me at my best,” is the perfect example of this. While we never want to accept someone’s worst, we constantly expect their best and have a hard time forgiving when we are given less than the best. We must know ourselves, and to know ourselves we must think for ourselves, and that takes much time in solitude. Only in these actions can we give our best to society.

5. “He who is not contented with what he has, would not be contented with what he would like to have.”  Ever noticed that there’s always a little buyer’s remorse no matter what you’re buying? That’s your inner spirit telling you that it’s only a temporary bandaid on the void that you constantly try to feel with those consumer goods. Buying new things will never satisfy your desire for more, only BEING and DOING more than you did the day before as an individual will give you absolute contentment.

6. “They are not only idle who do nothing, but they are idle also who might be better employed.” Sure, we know there are those who are idle and don’t enjoy work. I’m one of those people. It’s why I blog. So naturally, we all know everyone is motivated when they are doing something they enjoy. So why is our society set up to get everyone a diploma or a degree and send them off to work in uncomfortable clothes in an office building for eight hours a day? If our system was built to draw out everyone’s natural talents instead of throwing everyone in the same bucket, not only would everyone be more naturally and happily productive, but our society would flourish like no other society has ever seen before.

7. “Our prayers should be for blessings in general, for God knows best what is good for us.”  Definition of blessing: In religion, a blessing is the infusion of something with holiness, spiritual redemption, or divine will.  The Law of the Preservation of Order is a law that means nothing can ever truly descend into chaos. Chaos is the destruction of everyone and everything, including our Earth, Sun, overall rotation of night and day, etc.  It would mean the ending of every law that humans have discovered. This coincides with religious manuscripts that say such things as, “God will not tempt you more than you can bear.” “God’s grace is sufficient for me.” Also, one of the more popular motivational phrases, “What doesn’t kill you only makes you stronger,” and “Everything will be okay in the end, and if it’s not okay, then it’s not the end.”  This also explains the Lord’s prayer, “Thy will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven…” which coincides with Hermes Trismegistus laws and principles of hermeticism, “as above, so below, and as below, so above.” There is no coincidence which means that everything will happen as it should. Our prayers should be for the will of the all to be done, as it should be in all its fairness and correctness. To hang on to feelings about things that didn’t go the way we wanted is a waste of time and energy, as we know that things always happen as they should, and we should expect them to, as long as we act in a just, right, and dutiful manner daily.

8. “A system of morality which is based on relative emotional values is a mere illusion, a thoroughly vulgar conception which has nothing sound in it and nothing true.” Emotions are useless and change based on a variety of things. They swing us on this pendulum in life, and the only way to get over this conundrum is to understand fully #7 that we just covered. We live in a system built around the seven deadly sins, and not the virtues which are the polar opposite, so therefore, any system or morality will always be faulty and incorrect.

9. “Nothing is to be preferred before justice.”  Definition of justice: Just behavior or treatment.  Meaning equal treatment for everyone. Also meaning that everyone must be afforded the same privileges and opportunities so that they may indeed be judged with justice the same.  If there is no equality, there can be no true justice.

Final Thought. “Let him that would move the world, first move himself.” Change starts with us. Inside. From inside the change moves outward. Any person who cannot change themselves, mainly their thought processes about the now versus the future possibilities that exist for us all, can never change anything. We are all our own self-fulfilling prophecies. A person who lives like there’s no tomorrow will indeed ensure that there is no tomorrow.

Next Week: Plato Stay tuned, feel free to comment, like and share. I love hearing from you!


Aristotle Teachings and Commentary-The Seeker Post #5

Mentor Series #5

Innovator, free-thinker, philosopher, scientist, and inventor of the field of formal logic, which is not the point of this small essay on one of the greatest philosophers known to the Western world. Emphasis has been put on “Western” because it has been steadily discovered over time that many a Greek traveled to Egypt for study, before returning home to Greece, much like is the case with every upper echelon civilization today. Many would agree this is the case with those who would travel abroad to Cambridge in Britain, or for those who travel to the United States for educational purposes.


My purpose in speaking on Aristotle is mainly to introduce his thought process while delivering a few commentary notes on my favorite ten quotes(notice I did not say top ten, as it is impossible with an educator and philosopher of his stature to be limited to a top ten) that have impacted my way of thinking, and helped influence my writing of these Grail texts that I am delivering to you over the next few years. Along with Aristotle, we will make stops at his teachers Socrates and Plato(yes, we will cover in reverse order, as this helps us understand better in retrospect how thought processes developed, I find this better than teaching in order, because it helps the brain stay fluid), then dive into some Eastern philosophy with Lao Tzu and Bruce Lee. To learn more about Aristotle in general, please see the article from encyclopedia Brittanica here.

Thought Process

Aristotle’s thought processes had a hand in contemporary philosophy, political thought, scientific philosophy, metaphysics, most of the sciences, and human ethics. His main course of study was discovering “what made a human life good,” and how one could live their life making sure they achieved that goal. Obviously, all teachers and students differ, that’s the inherent point behind passing down ideas of thinking; to make the ideals better, to expound on previous thought and improve upon it for the good of the world. I don’t want to take too much time breaking down exactly what Aristotle did, but it would be quite impossible for me, as the world only has about a third of his works available, most of which were probably notes. Let’s move on to his quotes and my thoughts on how they affect us as humans on Earth today.

Aristotle on Life

  1.  “Personal beauty is a better recommendation than any letter of reference.” We inherently know this to be true. Beautiful people are our celebs, models, citizens that we look up to. It’s a matter of merit to be beautiful, as one who is beautiful(not just outside, but also within) are typically believed to take better care of themselves, be more educated, and with those good looks, it’s desirable for common folks to be around them. Attractiveness is a magnet, and we know from last weeks Seeker article that symmetry is built into the human consciousness as something to be desired. One can always become beautiful; it requires a knowledge of good nutrition, which in turn feeds the body to look well, which in turn feeds the confidence, which feeds a thirst for more knowledge about taking better care of oneself, which breeds symmetry and beauty.
  2. “It is the mark of an educated mind to be able to entertain a thought without accepting it.” To be truly educated is to know that one doesn’t know everything. Socrates said, “The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing.” To predate him, Confucius stated, “What you know, you know, and what you don’t know, you don’t know…true wisdom is knowing what you don’t know.” This is why the truly educated are always searching for more information, to either prove or disprove their own thought processes. One by default becomes a scientist of sorts, using information in the laboratory of the mind to conduct experiments for the sake of knowledge itself, not proving a point. We desire to entertain thoughts outside of our own without fear because only through finding and testing new information can we become just a little bit smarter than we were previously.
  3. “It is during our darkest moments that we must focus to see the light.” Most of us know this, if only in the back of our minds. It is easier to follow the path of negativity, as the human body is a mortal one, destined for death. It is the path of the superior, or spiritual man/woman, to seek higher elevation, especially in times of “distress.” To seek to drown oneself more in darkness and pity is the sign of a weak individual, and the only thing negative about being weak is the refusal to admit one’s weakness, and attempt to become stronger. To stay weak is the sin, as the sin wills us towards the death that already awaits us.
  4. “The worst form of inequality is to try to make unequal things equal.” This is the purpose of socialism and especially democratic socialism. My point isn’t that one way of political thought is better than another, as each has their merits. That in itself is a “point.” That we should take the merits of all and do our best to use them to the advantage of all. Each individual has their own talents AND shortcomings. The true leader is able to use each individual to their strengths while putting them also in a position to minimize the use of their weaknesses. Nature is balanced, everything and everyone plays its role perfectly. This means that all roles are equal. Everyone and everything is equal in nature, and so it should be with every earthling and system of thought.
  5. “Whosoever is delighted in solitude is either a wild beast or a god.” Many disagree on this for the simple fact a lot of people are never taught HOW to deal with the mind. We aren’t taught about it, or why those voices in our head are so strong. This is explained if one can understand that there is an “I” and there is a “ME.” Humans have a dual nature, and we are taught mostly from the physical, not understanding a base on the physical is exactly what leads us to be LED by the physical. Its hormonal processes and desires will swing us on the pendulum of life until we ascend to the “I.” I have a tidbit on that here. To understand that dealing with one’s self, to control and discipline the body to exist as the “I” takes energy, knowledge, and dedication, all of which can be created in solitude.
  6. “The ultimate value of life depends upon awareness and the power of contemplation rather than upon mere survival.” Again, this is a reference to the negative influences our body exerts on us, as it steadily marches towards death. The mind, the “I,” is immortal, and cannot be killed along with the body. The mind will remain, and as long as one can contemplate and understand this, one has the opportunity to understand the power of life itself. Instead of the constant thought of “avoiding death” and “surviving” one can realize the true potential inside one’s own mind. Remember, what we focus on or give energy to becomes our reality, due to the power of the mind. If one believes he can or cannot, it is true. Understanding the true power and nature of the mind becomes the source of life itself when contemplated.
  7. “Democracy is when the indigent(poor, needy) and not the men of property, are the rulers.” We must first understand the definition of democracy. Put simply, it is the control of an organization or group by the majority of its members. The only participation that most of the members of the USA have is in a voting process which is still unequal due to the electoral college, which gives power to a certain few individuals based on various rankings and statistics. Unless the people are allowed the choice in making the rules, we cannot consider this a democracy. For instance, did you know that there are 20,000 laws governing just the use and ownership of guns? Or that in a seven-year period “Congress” created 452 new crimes, which brings the total of Federal crimes available for punishment to almost 5,000? When a small group has control over the majority, democracy doesn’t exist. A democracy cannot exist THROUGH representation either, as one person cannot represent the thoughts of many, and that is why a divide exists. This is why the people who have everything, the people who make the most money, cannot lead, as they, by default, CANNOT actually have the voice of the needy in mind when making laws.
  8. “Nature does nothing in vain.” This was discussed a few points ago. Nature is perfect, and never does anything outside of the cause and effect system, the system of rhythm, a system of natural order and balance. Everything in nature happens because it’s supposed to, as the Earth is a living organism designed to survive regardless of the demands put on it by every species here. The Earth is designed to maintain and support life, so its processes must also happen to support that cause. Knowing this, it must be a singular species that causes bad things to happen on earth, as everything is connected BECAUSE it is a singular unit.
  9. “The energy of the mind is the essence of life.” Also discussed in point six. The more one connects to the mind, the more one desires to be led by it, and less by the physical body, which tends towards negative energy and death. It is essential that one contemplate this. If one desires to be led by the physical, the up and down swing of energy by the food one eats, belief systems, thought processes due to the environment and hormonal changes, etc., will cost one dearly. To be led by the mind is to have the energy of the mind, which is infinite. The mind is an infinite power source to the body, and accessing this can help one understand the essence of life.
  10. “If one way be better than another, that you may be sure is nature’s way.” The best way is nature’s way, as it is THE natural way. No pun intended, however, the truth remains. One should always take the path of least resistance, as in that path one can find the natural order of things, especially for themselves. To find out how you naturally exceed your “limitations” is nature’s way. Do what is natural, as nature does, and you will find it is the best way.

This ends my essay and commentary on ten great quotes from teacher Aristotle. I hope that you were able to take away some things that can help you find your path in life and exceed limitations. This is the point of the Grail that I am composing. I must help you find the power within yourself to change. Next week is Socrates. I hope you will join.


Subliminal Cues for the Subconscious Mind-The Seeker Post #4

In an attempt to break down the activity of the subconscious mind and bypass the conscious blockers, it’s imperative that one understands there are some things that easily slip past the conscious, and these are what we know as “subliminal messages.” Let’s take a peek into what a subliminal message actually means.

Sub” means below the normal level of perception.  “Message” simply means a message. Subliminal messages are messages sent below the normal level of perception, which is undetectable to the untrained conscious mind. These activities also do significant work on one’s “self.”  A practical way to slip someone a belief or seed thought into their subconscious mind is the Trust Theory.  One of the things trust theory states is that if suggestions come from a trusted source it auto-bypasses the conscious mind. If the source is not trusted the conscious mind will filter something out as a lie.  This is why we are so quick to fact check on the internet during discussions. Children are less likely to do so because they trust their parents automatically.

Although Western culture is still skeptical of hypnosis, it has been proven and accepted more generally by the world as a way to alleviate stress and bring positivity into one’s life, which in turn has a positive impact on stress-related diseases one might be facing, such as high blood pressure. Self-hypnosis is about relaxing oneself to a state where one can deposit positive thoughts and cues into the subconscious. If you read last weeks blog post, you will already understand that the subconscious mind is always awake and active, looking for clues to affirm what it’s been taught to believe is actually true.

Psychology Today has a great article discussing the monumental role subconscious cues can have in our subconscious programming. Did you know that one will be attracted to something more by their subconscious mind over their conscious mind? The conscious mind really does act as a block to make sure the subconscious mind is allowed to operate the background functions without interruption in daily processes. Let’s look at a few examples.

Colors have been shown to have an impact on our mood, feelings, and actions. Cold, neutral tones tend to make a person feel calm and relaxed, whereas bright colors stimulate.  This is why one doesn’t typically wear yellows, reds, and oranges as these colors more often than not will stimulate the brain, not calm it, during times of relaxation. One trend I’ve seen recently is the plethora of red leggings that a lot of women seem to be interested in wearing at the gym. The red attracts attention and provokes strong emotional feelings. One’s eyes will automatically look for the red, as it has been known to be a power color. If one desires to feel a certain way, one should dress accordingly. This is why “power suits” exist. It’s why you can actually make a few assumptions about who a person is by their car color choice, shoe color, etc., as it gives a lot of insight into how a person typically tries to behave in various situations.

Another fun fact about subconscious control; we are attracted to people that look like our parents.  Whereas I cannot personally attest to the validity of this statement, it is backed by “science” and I have too often seen it in action, especially in American culture, as tribal tendencies are a deep part of our society. “Tribalism connotes chauvinistic othering: the belief, or tendency to accept, that a group that includes you is superior or should be favored over other groups.” What this means, is that one’s more likely to choose friends and mates that remind them of their family, especially if their family structure and upbringing were under more favorable.

Some other small facts about our mind’s subliminal choices: The better one’s symmetry, the more attractive one is typically considered. Dress to impress even in jeans and a t-shirt. A female’s voice will go high-pitched when she’s attracted to a guy.  This statement applies to the “Oh HIIIIIII” with several “I’s” to indicate the pitch of the statement. When you’re hungry you’re more attracted to someone with a little more fat on them. Yes, that’s the reason skinny/thick couples exist. Lastly, girls are attracted to guys who display pride. Whereas the last statement is finally changing in our society, as we have realized pride to be a major issue in many cases of toxic masculinity, a man with low self-esteem typically does not fare well with females.

The philosopher Aristotle said that personal beauty is a better recommendation than any letter of reference.  Next week begins our series on the philosophers that had a big impact on my life, and Aristotle is the first one we will study.


Changing and Mastering the Laws of the Subconscious Mind-The Seeker Post #3:

The subconscious mind is so powerful that is has to have a set of rules governing it, or it would have more control over the conscious. It’s 30,000 times more powerful than our conscious mind. This means most of our actions that we don’t know about are handled by the subconscious. If one is looking to increase their control and power over their own selves, one must look to empower their subconscious.

Brief Subconscious Overview

Let’s begin:

#1 The subconscious doesn’t know the difference between what’s real and what’s not.  This also means it’s directly linked to our imaginative abilities. I.E. Horror movies.  We innately feel the energy being broadcast through what’s subliminally happening in the movie.  Whatever is imagined cannot be deciphered as real or fake because of the subconscious. One of my personal favorite methods is imagining myself in a situation, whether with a job, partner, training, or whatever.  I think of myself vividly in the situation making a decision or significant choice, or perhaps the other way around. I work through all of my feelings, drawbacks, and victories in each situation. As I work, whenever the situation arises, I have then already dealt with it, similar to muscle memory, so that when the event happens I am already ready for it and can take advantage of the opportunity, a thing some people call luck.

Napoleon Hill Quote

#2 Time passes slower when one is using it consciously.  I like to tell people that when we are looking forward to something it seems like time is passing slower.  It’s because we are not existing in the current moment. It’s the reason why counting the clock seems to take forever.  If one uses their time wisely, it may seem as if they lose track of time as they are lost in every moment.  Training yourself to be in every moment will make time cease to exist, as time is a construct developed by man, and not real. When one focuses on something the conscious mind is involved and makes things slow down, because of the focus.  Another reason why one should train the subconscious is to do things subconsciously instead of consciously. The subconscious mind isn’t able to sense time the way that the conscious mind is able to.

#3 Everything we do in life is the result of a belief that we hold.  The only things we can act out in life are the things we believe in.  The longer one holds on to a certain belief, the harder they are to change.  What are some negative “stories” you have told yourself about yourself that have held you back?  I have believed that on average I’m never going to earn more than $18,000 a year. I have said that every year since I graduated college, kind of like something I’m celebrating.  I have said I’m terrible with women, and I have been. I’d literally find a way to sabotage something good I had, kind of like Ricky Bobby’s dad in Talladega Nights. These little things we believe really hold true, and have held me back.  The negative beliefs we believe and foster about ourselves hold us back from our true potential. I no longer say these things, and use affirmations and various other methods to ensure my subconscious believes only positively about my capabilities.

#4 Every thought causes a physical reaction.  This is why if one believes they can get sick or will get sick due to a certain time of the year, one will physically get sick during that time of the year.  If one runs around hoping that one does not indeed get sick, the focus is on being sick, and one will indeed get sick. This makes it paramount that one thinks positively about their body, as their body follows the thoughts of the mind.  If one thinks they are ugly, they will indeed be ugly.

#5 One gets everything that they expect.  Why? Because actions follow thoughts. If you expect little, you will get very little.  Because you probably will do exactly what it takes to get just a little. If you expect a lot, you will probably get a lot.  The subconscious will direct the body where it needs to go to achieve what it expects. The things I have expected to do I have always been able to do.  The more daunting a task, the more fear creeps in, the less likely one is to complete the task. We get exactly what we expect.

#6 The subconscious is always actively aware. I’m notorious for harping on people all the time about what they say and do.  This is because the subconscious mind is always, always active. It is listening to everything one puts in it, and always watching everything going in through the viewers, the eyes.  The subconscious mind never turns off and is always looking for proof of the things it believes in. That is why one should seek truth and wisdom above all else. Anything else negative that is fed to the subconscious on a daily basis becomes its natural food. It will search for this food in the actions that you take. It will make you take actions that will give it the food that you feed it.

#7 Whenever in a battle with the conscious mind, the subconscious mind will always win.  The subconscious, because of the proof it has received over time to substantiate its beliefs, will always look for other proof if the individual is trying to force conscious thoughts onto what the subconscious mind already knows. This is why in a lot of old texts mental alchemy is the greatest alchemy. To change the mind is to change the self.

#8 Ideas will stay in place once planted in the subconscious mind until they are challenged and defeated.  If one has the idea that they cannot date beautiful women or meet a girl who plays video games and is beautiful, these ideas will stay in place until challenged.  One will go through life with the belief that they cannot make over $20k a year until the belief is challenged. I am a personal testament to this.

#9 The more the conscious mind is used, the more the subconscious fades into the background.  This is why it’s good to verbalize thoughts with oneself. Making the subconscious conscious is key in controlling the thought patterns in one’s mind.  If one is “conscious” in their actions, the laws of the subconscious play less of a role in how one chooses to operate. This is why it’s important to be active mentally.  The subconscious becomes our autopilot otherwise and we will always get what we have always expected to achieve or do unless we change consciously and actively the pattern of thinking.

Lastly. The subconscious is extremely vulnerable to suggestions.  Hypnosis is based on this principle. Suggestive material, such as background items or music, stirring a cup, or a light touch on the hand or shoulder, will effectively distract the conscious mind. This leaves the subconscious mind open to suggestion.  This is how you can convince anyone of anything, as long as you distract their conscious mind.

One can take control of their life by understanding how the mind works. First, one should do just a little research on brain nutrition and function, to find out if their current state is capable of making these changes. Nutrition allows our body to work optimally. After beginning a nutrition plan that can help your brain work optimally, then we can start working on feeding our subconscious ultra powerful tips and hints that can help us add high quality to our standards of living. Find out how to eat better with my free downloadable nutrition guide here.


Eating Like the Biggest Animals on Earth; The Plant-Based Approach-The Seeker Post #2:

The vibrancy in our foods is what powers our own bio-battery.  One’s nutrition is extremely paramount to their mental and physical state of being and wellness.

Light. It’s what gives our planet life.  By photosynthesis, plants are able to convert light into food.  This is why fruits have the highest vibrational energy. It IS the closest food source to light energy.  It’s how animals eat and feed their young, and how humans SHOULD be eating. Time and time again, it’s been proven how humans have the body makeup of a frugivore, not a carnivore.

Giraffes can weigh up to two tons

Animal products are so far removed from the source of energy that it becomes toxic to feed it to humans.  Animals are BRED unnaturally to eat high quantities of low nutritional value feed that has low vibrational value. Humans are then fed the rotting carcass of the dead animal several days or even weeks after it has been slain, and that’s not including the growth additives and antibiotics they are given to help them grow to full size and bigger in just a few short months. More facts on the process here.

The living conditions are dark, cramped, filthy and unsanitary, as many animals lay in their manure breeding the same diseases the antibiotics are used for. The cramped spaces? They’re quite similar to sitting in an airplane seat for three to six months straight without being able to stretch one’s legs.   

Most pens do not allow for movement

How should one eat?

By giving the body the fuel it needs we can optimize its capabilities further than that of what humans currently know, and we are able to gain an even deeper understanding of how our minds and bodies work and comprehend why it desires what it does. Most of us truly do not understand how good the body is designed to feel, without all the ups and downs of emotions, stress, caffeine, alcohol, drug usage, and the constant seeking of various pleasures to release dopamine.

It’s hard to do this on a diet consisting mainly of deteriorating animal proteins, bleached and starchy carbohydrates, and non-sensical saturated fats, when our body needs a plethora of other nutrients and water(our bodies are made up of over 60% water, and the main function of the kidneys is to filter what comes into the body to keep our bodies relatively alkaline during pure homeostasis) to function optimally in body, mind, and spirit.  Acidic foods are mucous producing, and most of, if not all, ailments in the body come from excess mucus production and inflammation. Here’s a list of 21 foods that trigger mucus production.

With new information coming out as well about our second brain in our GI tract, a place that sends 70% of hormonal impulses to the brain, it is essential that one understands he/she truly does become what he eats.  Fruits and living energy produced straight from the soil and seed in earth produce food that automatically regenerates when in season. It’s more cost effective than animal factory farming, and much more gentle on our planet. Would not these same foods fuel a living creature, creatures known to thrive in sunlight, taking in sun rays and converting it to Vitamin D?

What to eat?

This brings us back to the title. The largest animals on the planet are herbivores and frugivores. Their diets consist of food developed and matured by sunlight. A diet based on meat is a second-hand diet, and more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.
So what’s one to eat? Leaving out all of the more processed foods of the vegan sort that are more transitional foods meant to help a meat-eater transition, the best foods for humans are:

There’s over 100,000 edible plants on Earth for humans
  1. Fresh Fruits(above ground= most sun receiving, best energy producing, highest efficiency)
  2. Fresh Vegetables(below ground=helps the digestive tract and nourishes with amino acids and minerals derived from the earth)
  3. Whole grains and legumes
  4. Seeds and nuts

I tend to lean towards apples, oranges, pears, and bananas as my main go-to easy fruits. For substance I add in dates and pumpkin seeds, as pumpkin seeds are full of antioxidants, improve prostate and bladder health, have great amounts of magnesium, and can lower blood sugar, just to name a few benefits. More on pumpkin seeds here.

I use frozen berries and agave/maple syrups along with flax and Chia seeds for my quick go-to smoothies. This allows me plenty of fiber and omega fats for my brain health and cognitive function. If I’m not having a smoothie, I’ll cook quick oats and use fresh blueberries or strawberries, along with some pumpkin seeds for added protein.

I eat a lot of spinach, chickpeas(there’s a great chickpea “tuna salad” recipe here), grilled Brussel sprouts, and trail mix sparingly. Personally, I love broccoli and hummus, as broccoli is a superfood.

Chickpea Tuna Salad Sandwich

A big part of nutrition is understanding how the body functions. The body loves to chew, it takes energy. These foods all take time to chew, time to digest and leave one full of energy. I haven’t had a need for caffeine in months, haven’t had coffee since August of 2018, and only drink tea if I’m up late to write an article. I do not chase protein or macros. My aim is always to get my body as many nutrients as possible according to my daily workload.

Feel free to email me with more nutrition questions. I’d love to hear from you!!


New Year, Same Goals-The Seeker Post #1

Happy New Year! New Year, New Life, New Hope

“If there is life, there is hope.”  That’s a quote from the great physicist Dr. Stephen Hawking in the movie, “The Theory of Everything.”  Most of us would be hard-pressed to disagree. It’s why we try and try over again.  It’s why we develop ambition and decide to do “this” or “that.”

Humans.  A curious species that live on Earth, a planet in a solar system in what we call the Milky Way Galaxy, somewhere in our ever-expanding universe.  This species of earthling is known for violent acts of destruction and violence against each other: Albert Einstein once said, “Humans may have built an atom bomb, but you’d never find a mouse building a mousetrap.”  Humans; the only group of earthlings known for excessive violence against themselves while committing absolute atrocities against other earthlings and destruction of their only planet. Yet, as long as we live, there remains hope to do better, purely because we aren’t dead.

In some ways, yes, we absolutely deserve everything that’s probably headed our way.  In other ways, we still have time to be pro-active and change according to the information we find.  It’s inevitable that change will always happen, and most likely be painful if we aren’t ready for it. It’s likely that some won’t be able to make the change, whether because of ego, pride, lust, greed, sloth, anger, envy or some other debased form of human interaction and intelligence.

Yet, there remains this incessant hope.  As more and more information becomes available in this Age of Information, more individuals are looking for ways to overcome what seems to be a stagnant and outdated system.  Most of us sit on the proverbial sidelines, watching other people get in the game, and we never understand what it takes to be able to participate and contribute. If you’ve played sports, you understand how life is a lot like practice and games.  It takes ambition; a strong desire to do or achieve something, typically requiring determination and hard work, to sign up to play sports, or do something different from the status quo. In life, we have no choice as we are brought into this world by eager parents who just want a family. We are taught only what our parents and teachers know, suited up for the game, and told not to ask questions and just do as we are told, never understanding what the people on the field did to get there. We end up just following the same process most other people on the team follow, and the end result is standing on the sidelines watching as the game wanes on never knowing we had a role to play in how the game plays out.

One either contributes to the game, and finds a way onto the stat sheet as someone who helped make a difference at some point in their life, or the game ends and one wonders if there was anything that you could have done to make a difference. That’s regret.No one wants to die having regretted NOT doing what they felt they should have done.

To be a great player in the game of life, one has to be fully confident in their own abilities, and spend significant time in practice honing those skills that will provide them with opportunities to get in the game and contribute.  What does that take? Sacrifice, knowing that one left it all out on the field of battle, and had nothing left to give. It takes dedication to their craft, and more importantly, dedication to discovering what their craft is.

A belief system must require an individual to act the way they speak.  This eliminates all hypocrisy. By not wasting any words one can empower themselves with the power of words.  As one speaks, so shall it be. Not only does that factor into how we should speak, but how we think as well because those thoughts become reality. We also become what we eat, and this is such an important factor, especially in the Western traditions of eating. By eliminating hypocrisy, we can build trust between all species of earthlings.  This belief system requires you treat yourself with the respect you deserve as a human being born to this planet with the mandate of being a steward over our home, this planet we call Earth.

I don’t have all the answers and will never pretend to.  However, as a collective group seeking change in ourselves and for the betterment of this planet, my goal is to write and gather information from everyone I encounter, as we attempt to discover who we are and why we are here.  That is why I am releasing these documents that I have been preparing for the past year.

I call these documents the Holy Grail of Life. Whether I come up with a new name…well that depends on just how many people find the information useful to their lives. I want the things we talk about here to be of value to you and your life.  Again, I don’t know much, but what I do know I have tried to learn from some of the world’s brightest minds, people we learn about in school but never really take time to study.  These people are anywhere from Egyptian scholars to Biblical Heroes, Lao Tzu, Aristotle, Socrates, Plato, Nikola Tesla, and Bruce Lee to name a few.

Come with me this year as I attempt to deliver my findings of the secrets of harnessing our inner power along with the power and energy available around us!   Each week on Friday I will be posting lessons that I have learned from life, nutrition, workouts, tips on surviving the painful periods, and my own personal experiences that have led me to various winning results and undesirable outcomes.  

My name is James Taylor, and I am here to write my findings about truth and life.  I hope you’ll join me this year I as take the next 52 weeks unraveling the natural in nature, doing my part to hopefully help and restore your spirit, soul, and body so that you can do the same as well.

Three Steps to Unlock Your True Potential

I have learned a few things about potential and why I personally haven’t ever fulfilled what I believe to be my truest potential in the past few years studying various forms of coaching and mental training.

Potential is a measure of idle power available to an object, in this case; you and I.

I don’t want to get too technical, so let’s be simple and quick about finding the keys to the potential that lies within you.

Your Potential is Locked Away By A Vice

This is something quite hard to admit for most of us, because to be honest, vices are absolutely natural, and that is why hidden potential remains idle.

To sacrifice in life leads to subsequent reward with wise and good decisions. The law of karma and equivalent exchange guarantee this.

So, a vice is a padlock to the treasure box of potential we hold inside.

Simple answer: Thoughts.

Our DEEPEST desires manifest themselves through circumstance according to James Allen in his book “As A Man Thinketh.” The circumstances we are currently in are a result of how we think, so thoughts are a manifestation of our hidden desires. How do hidden desires that we are unaware of make themselves known?

Through vices.

A vice is a way we get to experience a small piece of the thing we actually desperately want the most. This could be anything, and no one can judge, so only you can make a decision on what is a personal vice for you, and the more open you are about identifying and sacrificing a vice, the closer you get to your potential.

Your Lack The Courage to Face Yourself

Let’s just be honest:

Looking at ourselves in the mirror as the cause of all our own circumstance is a tough thing to do. But wouldn’t it be wise for you to assume COMPLETE responsibility for your circumstances, therefore giving yourself the power to change them as you see fit?

Ah yes, responsibility is another key to potential.

  • Responsible for our time – our most valuable resource
  • Responsible for our money – the resource that is a store of value for our time usage
  • Responsible for our actions – the right actions lead to favorable outcomes
  • Responsible for our thoughts – thoughts lead to feeling which cause an action or inaction

The more responsible we become, the more we gain the ability to control the POWER that is idle inside that treasure box of potential. Facing ourselves is the greatest responsibility. We must look in the mirror and choose to make ourselves the person we choose to be.

You’re Scared of Your Deepest Desires

So we choose to not be responsible and certainly not let go of vices.

To admit our deepest desires is to look life in the face and know that we want to go out in the most glorious blaze of glory having shone like the sun, and for some of us that dream may instead be a peaceful homestead with a family. Whatever your deepest desire is, know that muffling that desire and not letting it see the light of day will not change things.

That desire will eat at your flesh if not cultivated with wisdom and honor. You honor yourself when you follow your dreams and plan out your desires.

To admit all the things to yourself that you really want out of life is to make a choice to either experience those things, or find reasons not to, choosing to meet with regret when your time expires.

Fear will keep your potential locked away forever under the grip of a vice and irresponsibility. We find ways to be responsible about everything except that ONE thing.

What To Do Now

  1. Sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself. Consider journaling for thirty days instituting a gratitude practice to know what it is you are happy to have, with the other part being to jot down your dreams and goals. Eventually you want to really take a look at what you don’t want to have died WITHOUT doing. Because your time is not guaranteed.
  2. Face your fears and your desires. It’s supposed to be scary. Without struggle there is no reward. Without sacrifice there is no gain. Without wisdom there can’t be successive good decisions made which impact our future the most through the good RESPONSIBLE use of our time NOW.
  3. Name your vices. And conquer them. The joy, the pure ecstasy of becoming who you always dreamed you would be is more joy than you could ever experience now. The vice remains as a temporary solace, a sort of “debit transaction” from your future joy. Decide to stop debiting from your future self and start investing the time and energy now to unlock your potential, because there’s no guarantee you will have it later.

How to Better Your Circumstances

Thoughts Become Things

I have been saying this for a long time, and mostly to myself:

“Everything is so mental.”

Maybe it’s because I’m the Cardinal air sign, the balanced Libra. Maybe it’s because I enjoy analyzing and getting to the bottom of things. Maybe it’s because I’m the world’s biggest bumbling idiot who can’t get out of his own way. Maybe at some point I was and still AM all those things. Maybe.

See what I mean? Ha, all jokes aside though, you are only made of the thoughts that consume your mind.

“Having conceived of his purpose, a man should mentally mark out a straight pathway to its achievement, looking neither to the right nor the left.


Until the day we can link our thought to purpose, there really is no intelligent accomplishment. The purpose of thought is to give man something to do.

This is the differentiating piece between humans and animals; animals run on instinct whereas we humans are literally mentally conscious of what we do in each moment, MOST of the time.

“Man is made or unmade by himself; in the armory of thought he forges the weapons by which he destroys himself,” says James Allen continuing, “thought and character are one, and as character can only manifest and discover itself through environment and circumstance, the outer conditions of a person’s life will always be found to be harmoniously linked to his inner state.”

“The outer world of circumstance shapes itself to the inner world of thought, and both pleasant and unpleasant external conditions are factors, which make for the ultimate good of the individual. As the reaper of his own harvest, man learns both by suffering and bliss.”

As a man thinketh

We are anxious, so very anxious to improve our circumstances but so also so very anxious to not do anything to actually improve ourselves. This is where anxiety creeps in.

This is ‘harmonious’ with last weeks article in which we talked about being full of quality. You will never be paid more than what you deserve. This is also in our thought patterns. Our thought patterns make sure that what is thought comes to life. This is the energy that we receive from thought that becomes emotion/feeling, which is the precursor to action.

The catch?

We do not attract what we want, we attract what we ARE.

Man is typically fighting against his circumstances, when his circumstances are just an after effect of his inner thoughts. The soul attracts what it harbors, that which it secretly loves and that also which it fears.

We must remember that it is impossible for good thoughts and actions to produce bad results. This is the same as the law that it’s impossible for bad thoughts and actions to produce good results.

“Nature helps every man to the gratification of the thoughts, which he most encourages, and opportunities are presented which will most speedily bring to the surface both the good and evil thoughts.”

as a man thinketh


  • Thoughts will always seek to manifest
  • You make your circumstances, not the other way around
  • The overall quality of your thoughts is exactly the price of your character, and that’s exactly why you have or don’t have what’s in your life
  • If you want to improve your circumstances, improve yourself

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Stop Wishing, Start Doing

It’s completely toxic how our minds take control of our body and hold us hostage.

It’s quite ridiculous how we can be fine one moment, and next moment we are lost in thought, not even moving. We could be sitting on our couch, in an office chair, standing in line somewhere 6 ft. away from another person waiting to get food.

The mind is a tremendously large expanse(universe) where thoughts like supernovas send particles out of nothing to every far reaching corner of the universe(mind) and some where, at some point in time, those thoughts mix and mingle with other particles and become living things.

Living in the sense that our environments and everything that we do stems from what happens inside of our minds.

A Wish

“to feel or express a strong desire or hope for something that is not easily attainable; want something that cannot or probably will not happen”

Oxford Languages

A wish. A desire. Hope that is crushed ultimately by inaction.

Inaction caused by lack of faith in one’s self and the belief. Inaction caused by fear of failure, because of so many failures before.




One of the best “treatments” gaining popularity is EMDR, or “Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing.” Here’s an excerpt from a Scientific American article on EMDR:

One day in 1987 Francine Shapiro, a California psychologist in private practice, went for a walk in the woods. She had been preoccupied with a host of disturbing thoughts. Yet she discovered that her anxiety lifted after moving her eyes back and forth while observing her surroundings. Intrigued, Shapiro tried out variants of this procedure with her clients and found that they, too, felt better. EMDR was born.

Scientific American

When asking clients to think of the emotion-provoking stimuli-usually a traumatic moment in time-the therapist moves a finger back and forth in front of the client’s eyes, asking the client to track the finger while thinking of the stimuli. This basic study has been done in droves since that day in the woods, and has been a source of alleviation of symptoms for patients and clients.

What This Means

Stop wishing, start doing.

Fear and all unpleasant experiences reside in the mind.

“An idle mind is the devil’s workshop,” they used to say. In the case of EMDR, it seems to be the truth.

The thought is what causes the unpleasant-ness. Our expectations and perspective about a situation make that situation what it is. It’s as if sitting and thinking about ANYTHING is likely the WORST thing to be doing.

When we move -and this is why people like going for runs- fear of the “situation” or “stimuli” is alleviated, allowing us to move forward.

There is a part to thinking and doing, but I truly believe that most of what we should be doing is exactly that: DOING.

Consider from here on out that wishes are wasted thoughts and energy, and doing at least guarantees you tried. But there is no try when you are doing, because you are DOING, not trying.

It’s why in football you get to TRY to kick an extra point or a field goal, or in basketball you get to TRY to make free throws, or in hockey and soccer you get a free TRY for a penalty show.

Because these aren’t guarantees, and you only get the one shot.

In life, when you fall 9 times and get up 10, it’s not that you’re trying. You’re DOING.

In doing, there is learning from previous mistakes, failures, and using that knowledge as we continue moving forward.

Only wish for what you want, then get up and go get it.

Stop wishing, start doing.


Taxing Your Future with Non-Productivity

Up until recently I’ve been pretty okay with my mediocre productivity.

I’d constantly repeat to myself the self-perpetuating truths about my existence:

“I’ll get there eventually.”

“It’s all about the ‘journey’ anyway.”

“I’ll just take my time.”

and the most important one we all say, but would never admit the thought actually crosses our minds:

“I’ll get it done later.” (Notice I didn’t say tomorrow, just later.)

The Math Behind Productivity

I had never really taken this to heart when looking at unproductivity. I had always calculated what would happen IF I WAS MORE PRODUCTIVE. And guess what, that never motivated me.

Of course I knew I could get more done and probably make more money, but I’d get there eventually, right? That’s what I always told myself.

I was way wrong on how I was looking at things. I always viewed them from the perspective of, “But when do I get to just do what I want?”

Here’s what I found out, and this made me go cold inside.

Just a single hour of non-productivity a day is 365 hours of non-productivity a year.

That’s equivalent to sitting on your ass for two weeks straight PLUS a day. Most of us can’t wait to get back from a seven day vacation because we have the desire to go back to working.

Let’s see where three hours of non-productivity lands us:

3 Hrs/Day x 365 days/yr = 1,095 hours of non-productivity.

1,095/24 hrs= 45 days of non-productivity. That’s a MONTH AND A HALF of basically just sitting on your couch looking at a wall a YEAR. Let’s look at one more.

You get off your shift of eight hours from work at 4 PM. You head home through traffic, head to the gym(why you didn’t go in the morning is still beyond you), finish at the gym and pick up food, then head home to shower and relax, because you deserve it. (Feel free to sub in picking the kids up from school, making them dinner, etc.)

It’s now 5:30 PM and you’re ready to relax. Next thing you know it’s 10:30 PM, and you’re ready for sleep. What you did didn’t matter. What does mater is that you’re tired of going to the 9-5, you don’t know when it will be over, you feel like you owe it to yourself to chill out, and yet somehow, in the back of your mind, it’s just sitting there.

Yep, five hours came and went just like that, and most times you’re selling your hours to someone else for $15 to $20 per.

Five hours a day of non-productivity(including wishful thinking) is 1,825 hours, or 76 days a year, of literally doing nothing.

Want to know why you aren’t where you’re at? Look at the white space on your calendar. That’s TIME, our most valuable resource, not being utilized. Even at minimum, if you pay yourself your wage(let’s just use $15/hr) for 1,825 hours, you’re looking at $27,000 dollars of income left on the table.

Let that marinate.

We Tax our Future with Non-Productivity

We go to work because at the ‘easiest’ level of working a 9-5(being an entrepreneur is TOUGHHHH) we are guaranteed to make an hourly wage in exchange for our hours. We know that if we show up today, and tomorrow, and this whole week, that we can collect a check that compensates us for at least not sitting on our ASS.

How do we “tax our future?”

Think of it this way: If you didn’t work for two whole weeks, would you expect a paycheck?

For most of us, that answer is no.

What we don’t realize is that we are speaking about ourselves in the future, except you’re just not THERE, though for technical reasons at this point in time, you’ve now actually pictured yourself without a paycheck in two weeks ;). The same with action and inaction. You can take as long as you want to do a thing or get started, and that’s exactly why you’re putting a tax on the future.

You are taxing TIME in the future that you aren’t guaranteed. If you spend $5 today, where will that $5 be tomorrow?

So if I, as I have almost my whole life, put off a

  • task
  • idea
  • stretching
  • finances
  • (insert yours here)

WHATEVER; somewhere, sometime in the future I will have to pay interest on my non-productivity.

How to Get More Productive

Be intentional about where you put your attention. Where our attention goes, energy flows. This means we must know exactly what we are doing at any given moment, which is great!

Attention, intention, and focus are time and energy multipliers. The more you use on a single target, the more energy flows. The more energy flows to a single target, the more likely to come alive that target becomes.

Time is our most valuable asset, as without time we couldn’t even make money.

David Meltzer said, “You only have activities. Either you get paid for those activities or you don’t.”

Here’s my personal list of how to get more productive:

  • Get over your feelings about being active with your productivity; it takes a while rewiring the brain, so embrace the pain and remember you’re taking care of your future NOW
  • Get a journal, wall calendar, and whiteboards(I have four, possibly overkill)
    • I use a whiteboard in the kitchen for mostly quotes and quick ideas
    • I use three others on three walls of my room; one for teaching, one as a to-do list and another for future ideas and projects that come to mind
    • The calendar I keep filled out with how my day is going to go, trying to fill in as much white space as possible, as those spaces are the most expensive(remember that $27,000 we left on the table?)
    • The journal keeps a tab on everything you feel and go through, as well as a gratitude practice(science shows being grateful is one of the best things that actually change our lives)
  • Get up early and stretch, read a book for self-improvement and/or get a quick workout in, start off with; discipline is a necessity to have as a baseline – remember your current baseline has you where you are now. Calculate your baseline with this:
    • Most common daily thing you do = C
    • Time spent doing that = T
    • Time spent doing that per week = WT(T x 7)
    • Your baseline is literally what you do the most, and for a lot of people, this is mindless eating and tv show binging
  • Reward yourself for being disciplined with a once a week day to relax and recuperate
    • This is a day of rest, not drinking and being lazy
    • self care like epsom salt baths, stretching, meditation, and others are key to keep you rejuvenated
    • record what worked, what didn’t work, and what you will fix moving forward

What you do with your time is completely up to you.

The future you will either thank you for it, or be upset about it, and in that FEELING of the future, you find your anxiety or happiness NOW.