Everything You Are is Everything You Should Be

You are fine how you are.

Everything is going to be okay.

Time is not linear.

You exist, NOW.

Not tomorrow.

Not a week from now.

Not in a year.

All your plans are just that, plans, and nothing else. YOU have meaning, not the plans.

All your goals are striving for something that already is. In the grand scheme of all things, everything is already accomplished the moment you see it in your mind.

It IS because time isn’t linear.

Everything exists.

You are growing. Learning. Becoming.

But right now, you ARE. I AM. We ARE.

Striving is stress. BE-ing is peace.

You are right where you should be. And you always have been.

To desire is to look without. 

Everything you are and need is WITHIN.

There are doings that must be done.

So do them and be done, so you can just BE.

Be what?

Be you. 


In this moment.

Just be.

We spend our time trying to LOSE ourselves in a relationship, in this thing called LOVE.

If not a relationship, then religion. We bury ourselves in the notion of existing fully in an eternal space with a GOD we don’t know.

We lose ourselves in alcohol, caffeine, and other substances, just to come back to the reality of equilibrium and try desperately just to escape again.

We go to work looking for promotions, work friends, people to accept us, when we’ve never accepted ourselves, now, as we are.

We want to be anything and everything but who we are, here, and now in this moment.

Who you are now, is perfect. And yes we can always be better, but there’s no need to run away from you.

Go right now. Find a mirror. Look at yourself. And love BE-ing you.

Now. Today. In this moment, everything you are, is everything you should be.


Tempt Fate with Sacrifices of Significant Risk

“Fate favors the brave.”

“No risk it no biscuit.”

“The greater the sacrifice the greater the reward.”

“Luck always seems to be against the man who depends on it.”

“Nothing great was ever achieved without personal sacrifice.”

fates of greek mythology
The Fates

In old greek mythology, the Fates were three old women who were charged with the destinies of all mankind. All of these destinies were intertwined by the “String of Fate.”

red string of fate
Red String of Fate

In Japan, there are legends that our heart contains a specific artery that runs through our pinkies – the reason why people pinky swear – and that artery metaphysically is connected to the “red string of fate” which connects us to others all around the world, essentially making humanity and every creature a part of the network of earth itself.

In the bible there is a quote about “faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.”

mustard seed size comparison
Mustard Seed

Faith is a belief in something one cannot see. (Also very metaphysical if you remove religion from this) 

Belief stems in the heart chakra, and an open heart chakra is associated with many things, one of them specifically being fearlessness. Fear and faith cannot operate in the same space.

You either fear the unknown or have faith in the unknown, you cannot have both. This is why the mustard seed is used, because it symbolizes something we can barely see. We can’t see our core, our heart center, our chakra, the torus field that surrounds and proceeds out from the heart, but we can FEEL it.

Fate favors the brave, those who take risk. Those who are willing to sacrifice what they KNOW for what they DON’T know will always be rewarded at some point, even if the reward doesn’t show up immediately. That’s faith. And that’s why fate/destiny must favor those who are willing to sacrifice.

Tempt fate in your favor with sacrifices of significant risk and watch things happen even better than you ever imagined. Watch your life be created from the thoughts you have almost effortlessly. There is no trying when the belief is firm and steadfast.

Next time you fear a change, or are scared to risk something you know, like a job or relationship or whatever, just remember:

No risk it, no BISCUIT, baby!


Mind Control

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To Be or Not To Be

Hamlet questions the physical existence that we all suffer from, the ups and downs, the pains, the lack and delay of justice, the rich pricks, the heartaches of relationships, the seemingly endless sea of troubles.

By questioning our very consciousness, we learn something:

Would you rather be conscious, or forever unconscious?

Consciousness, being in the mind, means that we are just aware of what is happening around us, and what happens to us is only a matter of being aware of this physical body and circumstance, as all pain, especially heartache, resides in the mind.

So the question of being, the I AM, behind EVERYTHING, is the cause of all our pains, struggles, desires, and wants. To BE or NOT to be, is really a matter of what we choose to do with our consciousness.

Awareness is a funny game, as we are extremely partial to the physical existence that we encounter everyday.

Our senses fool us because the sensory perception is filtered through our interpretation of the input received. Each one of us individually will interpret the events that happen around us differently, and due to life and circumstance, the mind can erase things, distort things, and make things either bigger or smaller than what they actually are.

All of our senses are connected to nerves and synapses that are firing in the mind, which is really our brain’s way of telling us what is going on in the world, mainly so that we can survive.

However, in such a comfortable society, survival is really a matter of how much danger you have to survive daily, or not. And for most of us, we don’t think about surviving much, so we exist, and with our existence being so comfortable, we always tend to focus on what we DON’T have.

Hence, the suffering.

We rely on our feelings to carry us after receiving input from outside sources, and we constantly move along, doing things to amplify or minimize the feelings we have.

We do this with everything. 

You can bypass all of this.

You CAN BE that which you see in your mind, in your dreams. By cultivating the feeling beforehand, you can literally become a beacon of light, attracting everything that you now ARE. There is no WANT or DESIRE because you BECOME THAT which you seek.

This takes the pressure and fight out of life. No more stress. 

This requires faith and belief. It requires you to not rely on this physical existence for feedback. The feedback is usually not going to tell you things are as you see them in your mind, and that’s okay.

Releasing yourself from the physical bondage of relying on the physical world to give you what you seek is the definition of TRUE freedom. You don’t have to remain a slave to the physical.

This is the way into health, wellness, wealth, and the life that you have dreamt of all of your life.

To BE or NOT to BE.

What we focus on, or give our attention to, is exactly what will be created around us in our world.

So if you FOCUS on what you DON’T want, what you DON’T want is exactly what you will receive, because that is what you FOCUSED on. If you focus on what you DO want, you will suffer, because in focusing on what you WANT, you are believing that you DON’T have.

The literal “trick” is BEING that which you seek. 


There is no need for WANT. You already have it. Because you ARE it.

Life has a funny way of granting us those things which we really internally desire and are unaware of in perfect timing, and also when we aren’t looking for it.

It’s why when we think we have found what we want, it quickly becomes something that we take for granted and lose.


The simple key to this is to use I AM in your day. In every moment you should be focused on what you ARE. No need to say it out loud. Use the power of your mind and visualize. You can visualize the scenery, the literal words I AM, followed by whatever words you ARE. 

You will find that over time, your language begins to change. Why say I AM a millionaire? 

Why not say I AM wealthy, rich in body, mind, and health?

You will find the things that you desire are not the things you desire at all. They are just things which pass. It is YOU who becomes that which you SEEK.

By discovering yourself in I AM, you can find out when you are frustrated, angry, envious, proud, etc. and begin to change your language around the lapses in your “attention.”

This is why the gratitude practice is so mind-blowingly successful in helping people live happier lives: being grateful is literally saying “I AM GRATEFUL FOR WHAT I HAVE.”

What a mindset.

Try using I AM to be that which you seek this week and get back to me on the changes you become aware of around you.