Giving and Receiving

James Taylor

Life Coach – Mentor – Trainer

Life is about educating yourself, with your self.

I’ve spent over 20 years finding out about me, which helps me understand how to help you, find out about YOU!

My goal is to help you discover meaningful ways to discover yourself, whether through material learning, exercise, or a regiment implemented to push you towards your future, better self.

Based on our intro calls, I will develop a custom action plan along with each tier’s workbook. The workbook includes information, reading and learning, along with areas for you to record what you are learning and leave notes to check back on.

Each tier increases in difficulty. We will have more sessions, more accountability, and more guidance in each one.

You will get an invoice for your purchase, and each month paid for is non-refundable, but each month you will receive a 10% for re-enrolling, up to 30% off for four total months enrolled. For more info, contact us!

What I Do
  • Create a plan of attack
  • Set beatable goals to increase confidence
  • Zoom mentoring and coaching calls
  • Workbooks for accountability and learning for each tier
  • Help you walk on your own two feet
  • Support YOUR process!!
  • Engage in 1-1’s from workouts to talk-it-out sessions, to coaching, giving you exactly what you need to get motivated and inspired!

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Mentoring Tiers and Pricing Levels
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