Law of Mental Control and Concentration

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What is the Law of Mental Control?

Your mind is to be put to use for YOUR own good and benefit. The mind is not something to be left alone to act as a parasite, using the body as a nutritional source to try and satisfy its unknown desires. The Law of Mental Control is just that; SOMEONE or SOMETHING will be in control at all times, there is no state that is not under some sort of control. You are NOT your mind or your body, and understanding this concept can help you gain access to unlocking your personal power to exert mental control of the mind. Mental Control and concentration go hand-in-hand, allowing us to have mental control through the power of concentration.

There are many ways to develop your concentration, which gives you power over your mind and allows you to accomplish whatever you desire. Concentration is the key to mental control and subsequent power over the mind. The mind is the most powerful tool we have as humans, and most humans have no interest in having the power to control it at will.

Concentration is the road to fulfilling desire

Understanding the Law of Mental Control

Concentration is the key to exerting power over the mind. The friction that we feel as a result of using our mind versus our mind, in turn, using us is alleviated when we use concentration. Concentration is the force that allows us to use the law of mental control at will. Although we live in a society that glorifies short attention spans, ADD, ADHD, and medicine to combat these “diseases” the truth of the matter is that none of us have ever had the teaching of using the gift of concentration.

To acquire concentration, one must first have a desire for something that is stronger than any distraction. Distractions are anything that does not serve our present or future greater good. The ability to concentrate is not for the weak of heart or will, as concentrating is used only when our desire is the only thing in the front of our minds. Distinct imagery of the desired outcome helps us to concentrate, and that desire is what allows us to use the law of mental control through concentration to our own benefit.

The mind is like an engine, and the fuel to the engine is the above-mentioned desire. Using concentration for things like our 9-5 is necessary to our “paying of the bills” but that is exactly why the concentration doesn’t last as long as we’d like it to. Even doing things that can lead us to a better future can get tiresome if it is not in alignment with our ACTUAL selves, a concept that is also changing by the second as time passes.

Concentration is a mind empty of friction

Steps to Understand and Apply the Law of Mental Control

  1. Brain games. Games are a competitive way to exercise. Anything with an outcome of winning is considered a game, and there are games for every age, color, and mental ability. Math, strategy, vocabulary, and many other games are available to suit your tastes. My recent game I’ve been playing consistently daily is chess. I’ll find myself playing back to back games. Teaching myself to think ahead and take in so much information in small periods of time really satiates my concentration in ways I can’t begin to describe.
  2. No distractions. Decide to turn your phone off for hours at a time and see how well your concentration develops.
  3. Sleep and eat in ways that give your brain an edge. Take sleep seriously and eat foods that give your brain the nutrients it needs to win. Coffee, smoking, and all other drugs take away the brain’s ability to do this on its own, teaching it to rely on substances for reliability when it comes time to focus.

These are the minimal steps, and I’ve included links to other resources with even more tips to improve your concentration and gain control over the law of mental control. Your power lies in the mind, and your body is to be used as a tool to accomplish the goals set in the mind. Without power over the mind, you can accomplish nothing.

Good luck!

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Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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