Transmuting Negative Thought

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The definition of transmute means to change in form, nature or substance. To transmute negative thoughts means to change the form of the negative thought to a positive or self-benefitting one. After touching on the concept of gaining immunity to negative thoughts, we will focus on completely changing the substance and form of negative thought through transmutation.

Let the Positive be the Light that Guides You

What It Means to Transmute Negative Thought

We do things because of an underlying motive of desire and interest. IF we are interested enough, the desire will bring about the action that we take to “fulfill’ the aroused desire. Success is achieved with strong desire and interest.

Contrary to popular belief, worry has absolutely no place. Worrying gets nothing done. The difference between worrying about a thing and getting stuff done is a matter of desiring the opposite outcome of what one is worried about, along with the interest in relieving the pain that worry causes. Fear and worry must be replaced with confidence and hope.

To replace is to transmute negative thought. We talked about this in last week’s post.

A single drop of positivity can change your day

How Transmuting Negative Thoughts Works

Our thoughts draw to themselves other thoughts of like-minded nature. The more negative the thought process you have in your mind, the more these thoughts will solidify into material essence in your life, and all the more if there is true feeling feeding the negative brooding.

A good example of this is simply reading the news, because more often than not you will end up in a negative thought process that will pervade your day for at least 3 hours, at minimum. It’s RARE to see news that is consistently uplifting. I find myself mistakenly logging into Twitter and seeing a news article that I have zero interest in that is filled with negativity, comments and all. My mind drifts back to the substance of the article at various times throughout the day, and I find myself desperately climbing back to equilibrium.

Transmuting negative thought is an art form. Think of it as a movie score, when a dark scene becomes a lovely one, when all the negative fades away and the protagonist finally succeeds in the end. To transmute negative thought is to see the light at the end of the tunnel without actually physically seeing it.

To be successful in anything you must want it very much. It is not wrong to have desires. Remember, you deserve everything and are worthy of the same. Habitual negative thought processing is not only a habit, but it’s a habit robbing you of your dream life and lifestyle

How to Transmute Negative Thoughts Processes

  1. Fear absolutely kills desire. It takes a knife to desire and stomps it out. Fear causes you to lose all hope and ambition, and you have no chance at desiring anything, because fear has taken hold.
    1. To successfully transmute the negative thought of fear into courage, you must actually DESIRE significantly more than anything else, especially fear. If you don’t want a thing that much, fear can easily come in and replace all desire. Therefore, you must KNOW THYSELF. Knowing who you are and what you want out of life gives you a sure blueprint to the true desires that lay inside of you. Knowing the truest things about yourself allows you to proceed forward, cancelling fear at every intersection of fear and desire.
  2. Worrying about the future steals joy from the present. 
    1. At every point in your life when you’ve worried about something, when has that worrying BENEFITED you? Every difficulty you have faced in life has presented itself with an opportunity to overcome the difficulty, even if you were unable to see it. It’s why you are still here, able to read this post. There is NOTHING to worry or fear, except losing time and experience staying where you are in fear and worry.
  3. Concentration is the key mechanism.
    1. In the post on seven steps to developing the will, we established that concentrating on the thing right in front of you is the key to getting anything done. This means there’s no need to fight worry so instead choose to concentrate on whatever is right in front of you. When we worry, we literally do not have the time to focus on the ways that are also right in front of us to make plans that benefit our cause.

Keep a journal of your thoughts, both positive and negative. In this journal, consciously write down your transmutation of negative thought to positive. This will help you create a physical habit, and eventually you’ll be able to do it in your mind.

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