Gaining Immunity to Negative Thoughts

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Part of gaining immunity to negative thoughts is learning to cut out fear and worry. Fear is considered a habit, just as courage is considered a habit. All of the virtues are habits we choose. One can CHOOSE to see the unknown as full of possibilities or impossibilities. Choosing courage to replace fear in thought form is how you gain immunity to negative thoughts. Any thought that does not serve you is negative and we change this by changing our beliefs and thoughts.

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The magnetic force of the human is built upon the energy of strong expectancy. To expect something that is not recognized by our physical senses is to have faith in that thing no matter what the thing may be. The law is no “respecter of persons,” and neither is the truth. What you expect, either through fear or courage is exactly what you get, because thoughts are seeds for the future and what you sow, you will reap.

The Mind Can Feel Like a Gathering of Clouds

What Does it Mean to Gain Immunity to Negative Thoughts?

To say to one’s self “I am not afraid,” is to admit that one is afraid. It’s funny how that works. To deny the existence of fear is to acknowledge the fear itself. This is why we replace fear with courage. What you are not conscious of cannot be impressed on the subconscious. The conscious mind makes impressions on the subconscious, so thoughts coupled with belief or strong expectancy will most often come to pass.

The opposite of I AM AFRAID is not I AM NOT AFRAID but I AM FULL OF COURAGE. You can try this right now. Can you feel the difference when you say and believe each one? Gaining immunity to negative thoughts is about catching the beliefs and thoughts in action right at their formation. This process in itself requires discipline and focus, but that’s all we have been working on this entire year, so you should be ready.

Wash Away Negative Thoughts with The Positive Opposite

How Does Gaining Immunity to Negative Thoughts Work?

Gaining immunity to negative thoughts is the same as having immunity to illness. Your immune system is built for and prepared against any and all attacks. Any thought that does not serve your best interests must be firmly stamped out with its stronger opposite. 

Just as the immune system sends as many white cells to destroy harmful bacteria, all of your concentration, focus, and willpower must be used to transmute or transform the harmful thought to the positive helpful one.

Gaining immunity to negative thoughts it about building up concentration/focus to pinpoint thoughts and emotions that do not serve your greater good. Remember, the conscious makes impressions onto our subconscious through the feelings(hormones) released after experiencing something through our physical senses. Being able to proactively control and direct the conscious mind is an ability gained with discipline and focus.

How Do We Gain Immunity to Negative Thoughts?

  1. You must mentally assume the opposing positive state of the negative state that you are experiencing. Take a moment when the “negative” thought enters your mind to actively choose to change it to its opposite. This builds up our concentration and focus so we can gain immunity to negative thoughts.
    1. Take a deep breath in of the positive thought and exhale the negative one. With every breath assume the mental state of the thought you wish to embody. Do this with three deep breaths and move forward in that state, concentrating on the state desired.
  2. You can and you will. Your thoughts are energy that you can use to your benefit or detriment. Begin to focus on how you think, and change every single negative thought to its positive. Focus on sending out nothing but positive, so that your attraction energy is for the positive and not the negative. Remember, thoughts are seeds that build our future, and whatever you sow, you will reap.
  3. Make a list of all the things you would do, if only you had zero fear.
    1. Fear fills us with worry, doubt, scarcity, poverty, jealousy, envy, and the like. It breeds an entire family of monsters in our mind. You MUST decide to kick them out, and REPLACE them with its opposites.
    2. After making the list, assume the state of courage. You can and you will accomplish anything you set your mind to. Nothing is impossible for you. By concentrating and feeling the end result, the means to that end will appear.

All of what you desire can be accomplished by tapping into your willpower. Willpower allows us to control our given resources(the most powerful being the mind and body) at will.

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Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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