Thoughts, Vibrations and Willpower

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A Discussion on Thoughts, Vibrations and Willpower

There are many faculties of the mind. Thoughts create vibrations throughout the mind, and we create our reality through actions we take with and through our willpower. Thoughts are an energy source, and can tap into our willpower, another unlimited energy source, and we vibrate with that energy to create the life we have around us.

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Active and passive faculties abound and are there for our use and benefit. The many passive functions(habits in this sense, not involuntary actions) keep many of us from ever moving past the 10% function, IF we ever get there. By active impulse we can insert new habits, while passive functions carry out old commands. In this function exists the law of conservation of energy, that energy can neither be created or destroyed, only transferred from one form of energy to another.

In Genevieve Behrend’s book, ”Your Invisible Power,” she mentions a process by which she began to accept her mind as a unit of the divine mind. The divine nature seeks to expand upon itself just as the universe does, and by expanding, it can reveal its true nature.  “I am the substance of all there is,” she states. If we are the divine mind personalized, then we also are a function of the divine mind which seeks to express itself through us, and in ways never experienced before. 

Atkinson states,”All thought impulses, or motion impulses, once started on their errands, continue to vibrate along passive lines until corrected or terminated by subsequent impulses imparted by the active function or other controlling power.” This is Newton’s law of inertia at work in the mind; that if a body is at rest or moving at a constant speed in a straight line, it will remain at rest or keep moving in a straight line at constant speed. Atkinson also states in chapter three that “there is in Nature an instinctive tendency of living organisms to perform certain actions, the tendency of an organized body to seek that which satisfies the wants of its organism.”

What Does This Mean For Us to Have Vibrating Thought Patterns?

The Mind Can Be Illuminated

Moving these functions require that man learn to bend the mind to the will. We have an unlimited source of willpower – this is a function of the absolute power of the universe living in us and through us – but we have not taught ourselves how to attach the mind to the electrical current of the will. The electric current is the thought form that creates the vibrations throughout the mind and body.

Atkinson states,”The Will is strong enough, it does not need strengthening, but the mind needs to be trained to receive and act upon the suggestions of the will. The Will is the outward manifestation of I AM.”

I AM is our consciousness, that I AM. Whatever follows the I AM is that which we are conscious of being. This is why it is extremely important that we watch our language, because what we are conscious of being is exactly what we will be.

“As a man thinketh, so shall he be.”

How Do Thoughts and Vibrations Work?

Through constant teaching of our mind to tap into our willpower, we gain control over how we think, process information, and create our reality through thought and speech. Remember, thoughts create vibrations, and we control thoughts through willpower.

“The body is willing but the mind is weak.”

We do not teach ourselves to constantly do hard things. These hard things become easy things as our mind taps into the will. A weak will is similar to a flickering light in a dark room: it flickers here and there and makes it hard to steadily see that which is in front of you. A strong will has the powers of illumination, as every accomplishment in building our ability to tap into our unlimited source of willpower is a stepping stone to bending our divine nature completely to its source of power: the Will.

Through active thought-impulses we can change our passive functions, making our passive functions that which we seek to ultimately be. Our passive functions seek the path of least resistance, so changing our passive functions from habits that hurt our divine progress to those of a divine nature only increases our alignment with our inner divine nature. Giving a command to our faculties is a function of the will, and to continue to command until the function is changed into a passive impulse is the completion of alignment. Our thoughts in active and passive forms are vibrations which send impulses for the actions we take.

How Do We Apply this Concept of Thoughts and Vibrations?

Everything is a Process

First, understand that you ARE source. You are the universe individualized. The universe seeks to expand itself through you. Our bodily functions are those of a “lower nature” and the law of inertia means the path of least resistance is the most natural one. Only by force of will can we change our nature from that of the primal and instinctive to that of the divine.

Second, it is by choice that we must tap into our unlimited source of energy and through changing the passive habit we use this unlimited source of willpower to control our thoughts and create our reality through active thought-impulse and passive action impulse – the vibration frequency is key. “Be transformed daily by the renewing of your minds.”

Third, the first step of building our ability to tap into willpower is to break off bad habits. The second step is forming new habits. It is a recurring theme for those seeking to create a new reality around themselves. Willpower is the unlimited source of energy and bending the lower nature of the body to the mind, and the mind to the will, enables us to tap into the divine nature that lies within all of us.

Thoughts vibrate like a frequency which cause the materialization of the thought into the physical realm. Controlling these thought vibrations is a focal point of tapping into our willpower. The exercise is learning to tap into the willpower so we have a better adeptness at controlling our thought-vibrations.

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