Embracing Failure and Disappointment

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Failure and disappointment are two things that will happen consistently in life if you’re actually living it. Giving an effort in life may bring failure and disappointment, but so will not trying at all. You will never regret trying and failing, only never going above and beyond your capabilities. Learning to embrace the failure and disappointment that comes with trying hard is a sure way to be satisfied with your life.

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Helen Keller on Failure and Disappointment

Adversity is the cayenne pepper spice of life. Most people can’t stomach it and consider Frank’s Hot Sauce to be super hot. If you’ve seen “Hot Ones” you know that there are levels to “heat.” It takes a willingness to explore heat levels to have a chance to get used to them. Failure and disappointment will only appear if you are trying to do something different than what you’ve always done. 

But there’s a kicker:

Life will send failure and disappointment to you REGARDLESS of how much you try to shy away from them. Failure and disappointment, both forms of adversity, are two ways life forces us to grow and understand ourselves.

When living contently, comfortably, and without struggle, these two forms of adversity will hit a little differently. They leave us wondering “Why me?” “Why now?” Embracing failure and disappointment will lead to success more than avoiding the pain of adversity.


I was playing FIFA 20 on PS4 and played two whole seasons on Professional level. The game ranges from Beginner, Amateur, Semi-Pro, Professional, World Class, Legendary and Ultimate. It was fun mostly destroying and having an easy time beating the AI and scoring a lot of goals with my character in career mode.

I knew I’d get bored if I kept destroying the AI, so I decided to move up to World Class to start the season. In all my years of playing FIFA off and on, I’d never played this high on the skill level.

I haven’t been that angry and irritated in a long time. I promised myself to take the losses and not care, but I began to restart the console at the first sign of a bad game. Thing is, with FIFA, you have certain metrics you have to meet each game, like shot-to-goal conversion percentage, goals and assists made, and average match rating, like 9.0 out of 10. You need to make good passes, good decisions, be in good positions, help your team and more if you want to not fail miserably.

I dislike failing miserably. A lot. The yelling at the screen began. I couldn’t figure out why I cared so much about the game that I was becoming physically irritated. Video games are a way to tell where you’re is putting their energy, and I began to see that somewhere in life, I stopped putting my best foot forward. I had settled somewhere. Somewhere along the line I got complacent and lazy and stopped taking risks. I had stopped really trying to get better, do better. And that’s why I was angry at the game.

The game showed me that failure and disappointment need to be embraced. I needed to take the losses. To not win the league, not win any trophies. I needed to be forced to really try to get better at the skill games. Failure and disappointment are inevitable. 


Growth becomes inevitable when you embrace failure and disappointment. You can gain a new perspective or keep crying about failing. 

What I learned was that I had rejected failure. I didn’t want to be disappointed. So, I stayed safe. I had stopped playing somewhere along the line, and FIFA showed me that I wasn’t really interested in getting good, I was just interested in getting things handed to me. When they didn’t come easy, I cracked. 

I decided to do something about losing in FIFA. Take the losses and learn. Better my skills. And apply the analogy to life.

If I want to feel satisfied with my accomplishments, I need to continually do tougher things. Try more “cayenne pepper”(personally I like spicy foods, so spicy that I perspire) in life. I need to continually better myself to be better equipped to handle the new stress I’m taking on.

Failure and disappointment are just that. They are adversity. They don’t feel great. If you choose to see them for what they are, the spice of life, you can begin to appreciate the failures and disappointments for the growth they cause.


Do you know what feels worse? Going years without trying anything, even more years without trying something new, and years after that without increasing your skillset or improving yourself. Do yourself a favor and go out of your way to do something difficult every day. Once you’re used to that difficulty level, do it better than you did before.

Embracing failure and disappointment leads us to the truth of who we are.

Do you quit when things get hard?

Do you easily give up?

Do you avoid taking chances and risks?

You can choose to do anything. Failure and disappointment will be a part of it. Embrace them both and you will feel more satisfied than you would in trying to avoid them.

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Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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