Love vs. Fear Pt.2

Love vs. fear. It is the ultimate choice. It is also an active choice. Choosing love over fear means to be present, cognizant, and unbiased in every moment. Love vs. fear is the ultimate choice because love is the complete absence of fear.

Love in its essence cannot exist if fear exists. Love mixed with fear becomes hate. Jealously. Envy. Pride. Greed. Lust. Wrath. 

Everything that love is not, fear IS. 

Love vs. Fear Chart

Fear is an emotion that causes us to feel an unpleasantness regarding someone or something and the pain we anticipate being caused as a result of it.

Fear causes us to shrink ourselves.

Fear causes us to take a step back.

Fear causes us to believe in a pain that has not yet happened, which is typically the cause of the pain.

Fear is what causes us to view endings as such bad things when endings are always the beginnings of something else.

We must lose something in order to gain. Sacrifice in order to receive.

Love is the only bridge that covers the distance of the gap between what we know and the unknown. Fear only increases the gap and distorts it even more. Fear is what causes us to create the distortion in the first place. 

Energy Heat Map

When you apply this concept to work, relationships and life, you can easily see whether you are acting out of love or fear, and this is what will cause the results that you seek or don’t seek.

You see, you reap what you sow in mind and in body. If you aren’t aware that you are acting out of fear, even in the most minuscule of moments, the seeds you sow will still bear fruit and the fear OR love will produce the results.

Love will always seek to understand while fear will create its own answers. Love will always seek to accept, while fear pushes away. Love will always seek truth, while fear doesn’t care about truth as fear itself IS the truth that one seeks whether they consciously acknowledge it or not.

Love and fear are both states marked by indescribable feelings. We try and try to pinpoint the feelings that we experience with various words, but we are forever unable to capture the essence. 

Here are some examples of how love and fear affect our everyday existence.

Love vs Fear in Life

In love, one will choose to accept the reality of life. That doesn’t mean being a doormat, it means that in accepting reality, you choose acceptance and responsibility over blame and resistance.

You become responsible for your own existence, and accept the results you experience as truth. When you do this, you become able to change the world around you.

In fear, it is impossible to change the world around you. The life you live will always happen to you, and will always seem to punish you in some sort of way.  

With love, everything becomes available. Everything seems new and “good” in some sort of way. There is a sunshine to life that shines on all the dark spots, and while they are still there, we know that light cannot exist without darkness, and darkness without light. Where there is light there will always be darkness, and we mustn’t be afraid of the darkness, because we have become the light.

Love vs Fear in Relationships

Love will cause us to accept people for who and what they are, and while we may not always vibe with someone, we will understand that we don’t have to. 

We have been taught that we have to choose to like or dislike something, and this is fear training. Acceptance doesn’t need “likes” or “dislikes” because the act of choosing means that we are “feeling” a certain way about the reality we are being presented with.

In relationships with people, whether intimate or platonic, love versus fear works the same. We may not always understand, and we therefore fear. Because we fear, we distort. When we do this, we do not accept and push the person away.

Love is unconditional, while fear is conditional, especially in relationships. Quid pro quo.

Love however, bridges the gap in what we don’t know versus what we know. Love allows us to place ourselves in the shoes of the other person, which would cause us to seek to understand instead of choosing dislike and like, etc.

Most times when we don’t understand and don’t know, we form distorted stories and ruin relationships. Love builds, fear destroys. This is the general rule for relationships.

Love will always build, even in separation, because love is acceptance of the reality all around us, meaning that even in endings there are beginnings. Fear is what causes us the pain.

Love vs Fear in Self

What we want and desire out of life is caused by fear and love. All of our previous encounters and experiences usually cause us some sort of distress based on the fear of pain.

Pain of rejection. Pain of loss. Pain of physical sorts, etc.

So we shrink. We choose to reject. We choose decisions that cause us loss. We choose decisions that will ensure we don’t go through physical pain.

When we choose love as the state instead, we are able to move past fear and build the bridge into our future. Fear resists the future because it is unknown. Love allows us to see into the future, because we ARE the light that sheds on the darkness around us, physically, mentally and spiritually.

Love gives us the clarity we need to make decisions, while fear clouds and distorts.

Choose Love Over Fear

How to Choose Love

  1. Love is acceptance. Fear is resistance. These indescribable essences create feelings that we make decisions based off of. Whenever you feel one of these, choose instead to try and feel what the opposite will feel like, and then make your decision. Only when you can understand both can you make a truly unclouded decision.
  2. What you sow, you will reap. If you sow out of fear, you will reap darkness. When you sow out of love, you reap light. Think of your every action as fear or love. When you remember to act in one or the other, you consciously create your future.
  3. Love bridges the gap to the unknown, where there is nothing to fear. Fear destroys any chance we had of getting to the unknown, as it sets fire to the bridge that love would have created. If you fear the unknown, you will stay where you are, and stagnation is death. The purpose of life is growth. Love grows. Fear does not.

Choose love. Acceptance. Truth. Light. And even though fear will always be a choice, you don’t have to choose it.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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