3 Best Tips to Live a Completely Satisfying Life

Do Your Best and Leave the Rest

This is all anyone really can do. To be completely honest, this is the hardest thing to do. We come up with excuse after excuse to NOT do our absolute best. We use excuses like:

  • “I’m trying” – either do or don’t there is no try
  • “It’s hard” – anything worth doing is probably going to be tough
  • “I’m tired” – Eat better, drink more water, exercise, get off the digital devices, and prepare your body for sleep at night

Doing your best means doing everything you can do the best you know how. It requires we use the information we have stored, our entire library of knowledge, to put 100% effort into each moment. 

It requires we be smart about our decisions, give all the effort we can, and continue moving forward.

It requires that we fail sometimes because we are giving effort and not being afraid.

No matter how you look at it, everyday IS and SHOULD be a BATTLE. Not in a negative way though, but in a very positive manner that you set about each day to handle your business for the day, do something else productive, and treat yourself and others with the utmost respect.

That’s it. That’s all you have to do. Everything else comes and goes.

Practice Gratitude Daily

Gratitude is the release from the stress of desire. Gratitude gives us an opportunity to receive daily blessings. 

We receive by ACKNOWLEDGING those things that we have or have experienced that bring us joy, happiness, and contentment. By acknowledging, it becomes the gift that keeps on giving. We make room for everything that is coming by understanding that we have everything that we have wanted, everything we need, and everything that we didn’t expect.

There are so many gifts that we have that we don’t acknowledge daily, and by becoming aware of these things, our energy changes.

We take so many things for granted:

  1. Health – When’s the last time you were constipated, sick, had a terrible fever, was vomiting all over the place, etc? How many times did you pray to Jesus to come save you from the throes of death? 
  2. Jobs – You have income! Congratulations!
  3. Vehicle or transportation
  4. A roof over your head
  5. Clothes for every day of the week and then some
  6. Hot water for showers
  7. You can walk, no back pain, you have both eyes and can taste good food

There is literally so much to be grateful for daily and we just, forget about it. Practicing gratitude raises our frequency and opens the door for abundance. When it becomes a habit, it feels even better and you can notice a visible shift to your energy and life.

Learn – Lose Ego Always Remain Neutral

Lose your ego. You dont know everything, in fact you’ll realize over time how little you know at all.

This is why one should remain neutral in all situations, giving oneself the ability to take in and receive more information than was previously understood.

This could be information about why a person is throwing a tantrum, why someone is driving erratic, why you made a mistake here or there, why you failed at a task, etc.

By remaining neutral we can learn so much more, especially if you aren’t one to learn on your own. If you aren’t reading, listening or watching something educational at least once a day, you are living egotistically, thinking that there is nothing for you to take in, essentially saying to yourself that you are smarter than everyone.

Learning keeps us humble and opens the door for success later as we realize how little we know about life and other people.

Gratitude and doing our best are the first keys to learning, because you can’t learn if you aren’t giving 100% effort in everything you do and failing somethings. You also can’t learn if you aren’t grateful because you won’t have clear hindsight.

Thinking about what we are grateful for shows us the past in a new light. Instead of thinking how things didn’t turn out how we wanted them, think of the ways in which things did turn out well, or even better than planned or anticipated.

Lose your ego and staying neutral helps us take a different perspective and think about reality, instead of the jumbled mess that can be our minds sometimes.

Life can be crazy, but that’s the fun part. You wouldn’t enjoy it if it were boring.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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