Three Steps to Unlock Your True Potential

I have learned a few things about potential and why I personally haven’t ever fulfilled what I believe to be my truest potential in the past few years studying various forms of coaching and mental training.

Potential is a measure of idle power available to an object, in this case; you and I.

I don’t want to get too technical, so let’s be simple and quick about finding the keys to the potential that lies within you.

Your Potential is Locked Away By A Vice

This is something quite hard to admit for most of us, because to be honest, vices are absolutely natural, and that is why hidden potential remains idle.

To sacrifice in life leads to subsequent reward with wise and good decisions. The law of karma and equivalent exchange guarantee this.

So, a vice is a padlock to the treasure box of potential we hold inside.

Simple answer: Thoughts.

Our DEEPEST desires manifest themselves through circumstance according to James Allen in his book “As A Man Thinketh.” The circumstances we are currently in are a result of how we think, so thoughts are a manifestation of our hidden desires. How do hidden desires that we are unaware of make themselves known?

Through vices.

A vice is a way we get to experience a small piece of the thing we actually desperately want the most. This could be anything, and no one can judge, so only you can make a decision on what is a personal vice for you, and the more open you are about identifying and sacrificing a vice, the closer you get to your potential.

Your Lack The Courage to Face Yourself

Let’s just be honest:

Looking at ourselves in the mirror as the cause of all our own circumstance is a tough thing to do. But wouldn’t it be wise for you to assume COMPLETE responsibility for your circumstances, therefore giving yourself the power to change them as you see fit?

Ah yes, responsibility is another key to potential.

  • Responsible for our time – our most valuable resource
  • Responsible for our money – the resource that is a store of value for our time usage
  • Responsible for our actions – the right actions lead to favorable outcomes
  • Responsible for our thoughts – thoughts lead to feeling which cause an action or inaction

The more responsible we become, the more we gain the ability to control the POWER that is idle inside that treasure box of potential. Facing ourselves is the greatest responsibility. We must look in the mirror and choose to make ourselves the person we choose to be.

You’re Scared of Your Deepest Desires

So we choose to not be responsible and certainly not let go of vices.

To admit our deepest desires is to look life in the face and know that we want to go out in the most glorious blaze of glory having shone like the sun, and for some of us that dream may instead be a peaceful homestead with a family. Whatever your deepest desire is, know that muffling that desire and not letting it see the light of day will not change things.

That desire will eat at your flesh if not cultivated with wisdom and honor. You honor yourself when you follow your dreams and plan out your desires.

To admit all the things to yourself that you really want out of life is to make a choice to either experience those things, or find reasons not to, choosing to meet with regret when your time expires.

Fear will keep your potential locked away forever under the grip of a vice and irresponsibility. We find ways to be responsible about everything except that ONE thing.

What To Do Now

  1. Sit down and have an honest conversation with yourself. Consider journaling for thirty days instituting a gratitude practice to know what it is you are happy to have, with the other part being to jot down your dreams and goals. Eventually you want to really take a look at what you don’t want to have died WITHOUT doing. Because your time is not guaranteed.
  2. Face your fears and your desires. It’s supposed to be scary. Without struggle there is no reward. Without sacrifice there is no gain. Without wisdom there can’t be successive good decisions made which impact our future the most through the good RESPONSIBLE use of our time NOW.
  3. Name your vices. And conquer them. The joy, the pure ecstasy of becoming who you always dreamed you would be is more joy than you could ever experience now. The vice remains as a temporary solace, a sort of “debit transaction” from your future joy. Decide to stop debiting from your future self and start investing the time and energy now to unlock your potential, because there’s no guarantee you will have it later.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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