4 Ways to Get What You Want

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Does the “law of attraction” still not work for you?

Are you huffing and puffing and blowing out spiritual candles every day, following every astrology and self-help page and still not “attracting” what you want?

Using sage to smoke out every past demon and cleanse yourself of all mistakes you’ve ever made and still, nothing seems to change?

If you answered yes, then keep reading.

How “Reality” is Created

We take in over 36,000 bits of information per hour through our eyes. Our hearing fills in blank spots, our sense of touch makes things real, the sense of taste and smell enhancing our very nervous system through engagement with what we see and hear.

Why do our senses matter?

Because they aren’t what creates reality, no matter how REAL they may seem. They are what tell us we EXIST, and that is all.

Reality starts in our head. Every waking thought, every dream, every DAY-dream, every interaction, past and future, including the thoughts about ourselves and our place in the world, have a heavy hand in determining the creation of our reality.

How you THINK is EXACTLY how things will be.

For example, I myself noticed that I have been making strides with my mental state regarding finances and wealth creation. I know that millions of people know better than I. I have stopped frivolous spending on consumables and re-routed that back into spending on money-creating opportunities.

However, I have still been reluctant to hire other mentors for myself. It has been a thing popping up since October. The need for coaching for myself.

It is my thoughts about coaching and what coaches do, or are SUPPOSED to do, or charge, that has really made me SKEPTICAL.

Why charge $1,000’s?

I know now that they know things I don’t know, and they know the VALUE in their work.

While this has nothing to do with YOU, this has everything to do with the concept that if I am SKEPTICAL, my ENERGY, because I believe this way, is one of skepticism. So MY OWN PERSONAL WORK WILL BE CREATED out of this belief.

Does this make sense?

How you believe is how you will live your life. If you believe that men or women lie, you will ACT WITH THIS AS YOUR TRUTH.

It will NOT BE POSSIBLE for you to attract honest people, even if you yourself are honest, or consider yourself to be, solely because you BELIEVE. In fact, you will ALWAYS push away honest people, in order to MAKE your believe true.

How we believe is exactly how we will operate and go about our daily lives. This is what creates. Our basic beliefs will drive us, unconsciously, subconsciously and then consciously to do and behave as though what we believe to be true, IS true.

You’re Out of Alignment

You want things, but you don’t know that you don’t actually want them. They just sound good. Most times we are actually afraid of what we THINK we want because subconsciously we all know we are NOT READY.

Think about this.

You’re not ready for what you say or think you may want.

You’d lose it if you got it, that’s why you don’t currently have it.

Since everything starts in the mind, what is created out of that is a feeling, which turns into energy used by the body to operate.

Nothing is attracted, everything is created. Your energy creates, using the feeling from the thought that started in your mind.

How do you REALLY believe about something? Do you believe that it’s possible your energy DOES NOT MATCH what it is you think you want?

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A million dollars. You say you want it, but do you REALLY?

Do you have $5,000? $10,000? Have you ever created this amount(not saved) and re-created it over and over?

Do you know what it takes to EARN a million dollars? If you did, you would have done it. Think about that.

If you knew how to EARN a million dollars, you would have done it.

Me personally, I do believe I am capable of EARNING a million dollars, and making another million on top of it. I know that I am only universal – not human – time away from seeing that number physically in my bank account.

I feel like I already have a million, and that’s why I am writing these words to you.

You will act as though you have, what you already have.

You will act as if something is true, if you truly believe it already is.

If you don’t believe something is true, you will never ACT as though it is.

To Align Yourself and Create, Do These Things

Find Out How You Really Believe

Take some time to think about and write down every single pain that you remember. If you remember it, it’s possible that you have not truly learned from the event, forgiven yourself/others, and released this FEELING.

Realize that not releasing pain means you carry that load with you. The universe can SEE that backpack of pain, even though everyone else can’t. Your unconscious and subconscious know that it’s there.

You must release your backpack and walk into every day fresh, with the intent that things are working out for your favor, and in fact everything is as it should be, for your highest and best good, in each and every moment. This is gratitude.

Honoring yourself by learning from and releasing this pain means that you will be able to create new beliefs, and with those beliefs create new feelings which drive the energy which surrounds your being.

Close Your Eyes and Imagine What It Is You Truly Want

Imagine that you are in the place you so desire, doing what it is that you want to do. If you truly believe, you will be able to smell the smells, see the imagery, taste the essence, and hear the sounds of the environment you seek. This is the world you create in your mind.

These feelings can stay with you.

Savor and Relish that Feeling

Operate in this. Feel it. Remember it. Act as though it is. Smile about it, YOU ALREADY HAVE IT! In your mind it is real, and that is where REALITY is made. Your external circumstances just haven’t caught up yet.

This is faith, actual faith.

The belief in things unseen by the body’s eye, the hope in things that have not appeared yet. Through that FAITH we act, and because we believe, it MUST happen.

Exist in That State, Permanently

Your existence in the physical world will always, ALWAYS catch up to what you envision and believe in inside your mind’s eye.

As you exist, your energy will flow through your physical body, and you will act in ACCORDANCE and ALIGNMENT with those new beliefs.

You may not even notice when things start happening, because your trust will always be in your imagination, not the physical.

Would love to hear your success stories. Comment and email me if this has helped you!

– Coach Jay –

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Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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