Five Keys for Changing Your Mindset

louise hay quote if you accept a limiting belief then it will become a truth for you

Our beliefs shape our reality. Our thoughts bring life to our beliefs, be they factual or not, and our actions support our beliefs.

Therefore, everything that we do builds our universe. Because the universe is mental. Everything exists in the mind. Our senses process, and we act based on what we sense. If our senses bring us to good conclusions or good “feelings” we typically will try to reproduce the situations that caused those “feelings” to manifest.

This means that our beliefs will control everything that happens to us, because we will act, consciously and subconsciously, on those beliefs.

Here’s the kicker:

Your beliefs MORE than LIKELY are not YOURS.

That overwhelming dark cloud that never seems to leave? It’s your core.

You wouldn’t have looked up those search terms that caused this article to pop up.

So it’s safe to say you are looking for an answer to a question you don’t have an answer to.

Your power core, or your heart, your soul, desire to feed on energy that fills it. The only things that really fill the needs of the soul are:

  • Freedom to explore and make good decisions – prove that it is capable of providing for itself of its own accord
  • Something to care for – does not always have to be human
  • To be thoughtful/mindful of every moment – why meditation is such a big deal in a busy world
  • To learn and experience new things – a life lived in anticipation of something great

Your core is essential to powering your body with spirit, which is our will. You lose will if you aren’t connected to something that you deem important.

Your core is separate, but connected to the entire world through your BODY. Your body’s senses are highly sensitive, but due to programming, desensitizing, and improper nutrition, they are dull. Eventually the dulling of the senses leads to a robotic and un-explorative style of life, where feeling is only really necessary in relationships, and thus the highs and lows some people find themselves so attracted to; those highs and lows are ways out of the steady rain cloud.

You can imbue your core with anything to power it but first you need to understand and accept these few things:

1.Your beliefs can be changed

Believe it or not, you do not have to keep the same beliefs you had as a child. Your past is there as a lesson, usually not repeated unless the lesson has been learned. That’s why any feat accomplished by a set of beliefs must be over and above the previous victory, especially if kept in the same system of beliefs.

Eventually a set of beliefs can only take you so far, unless you were to purposefully dig into the next level of said beliefs. However, to never change is to invite stagnation. The soul recycles energy based on experiences, and it’s why those who stay active as they age typically live longer.

New experiences are exciting and thus carry new energy – the feeling of being energized – so changing your beliefs can lead to an unknown way of living that we would have never experienced if we didn’t change our core beliefs.

You can believe whatever you want. If a belief doesn’t serve you, get rid of it. No one has ever forced you to believe anything, and if you live a life based on the FEAR of something, you will face a saddened and depressed way of feeling from your soul.

Take what is good, discard what isn’t useful, isn’t that what the great Bruce Lee said?

2. Your soul loves to grow, achieve and accomplish new things

Your soul is like a plant, the stages of which we can all name. Seed, in the soil, sprouting, breaking through the soil, etc. We don’t just age unaware like animals of how much time has passed, we remember. We have vivid memories and can take note of everything. We can program our body through repetition and plan out a future with our imagination. We don’t have to rely on anyone for knowledge of how our bodies should work. It’s our vehicle through life, we should make it work ourselves.

Because of this, living by any belief system that you didn’t create for yourself will leave you unhappy. Believing because someone told you so, or labeled it as fact, shouldn’t leave you never finding out for yourself.

Commit to doing something tough daily that you know will lead you to success. Success in anything, as long as it is important to YOU, will feed your soul.

Make the hard decisions, for an easy life. Making easy choices will lead to a hard life, because everything starts in the mind.

If you never go through any adversity, you will never be satisfied.

3. Most of your current beliefs are probably not yours if you look deep enough

We are a blank slate until your earliest of memories. What is your earliest memory? What do you feel from that moment? What was happening? Did you enjoy it? Hate it? Love it? Don’t feel any sort of way?

So, if things aren’t intentionally programmed by way of parental teaching, the “education” system, and who comes in and out of our lives giving us instruction, then what else can program us, UNINTENTIONALLY?

Our environment. Typically this is the roll of the dice. You have virtually no control over this, as each and every one of us started with a thought. Wink wink.

We have so many teachers in life, and yet everything doesn’t have to be taken as law, as we unknowingly box ourselves in with all sorts of rules and regulations that have no place in real life, because real life is what happens when we live, breathe and do as we desire.

Absorb what is useful. Make sure if something doesn’t serve your higher good, get rid of it.

Make a decision to learn something about life. Find something inside you and dedicate yourself to it, and put morality to the side.

The sun shines on the just and wicked alike, as does the rain.

They both die the same as well. Your morality can get you killed just as easily your immorality. Your good is someone else’s bad, and your bad is someone else’s good.

Choose ye this day, whose beliefs you will take, or create. Watch carefully in each moments that thoughts you are having and understand where they originate. Do they serve your highest good? Will they satisfy your soul?

What you ultimately choose to believe is how your life will be lived.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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