The “M” Talk

Why is the conversation around masturbation so hard?

The Talk

I don’t have all the answers. I have however, experimented with:

  • non-ejaculatory orgasms (a 1-year experiment)
  • consistent and steady masturbation with sex-life
  • way too much,
  • way too little
  • All the ways

And you know what my conclusion is? It’s how we can tap into our primal life force.

It’s the basis for all human life. Along with consciousness and spirit, the primal earth force, that we tap into during sex, is also there.

The primal comes from being completely uninhibited.

Those of you who have masturbated and found yourself in all sorts of upside-down crazy positions understand this.

Being in touch with oneself, completely uninhibited. Do you know the power you can tap into?

The primal energy is different than source energy.

Check it out:

Along with disciplining oneself – that it’s indeed not about the ejaculation, but muscle control and mental state – you can find things out about yourself that you never knew, but you must practice steady discipline, or the lust for pleasure will control.

Anyway, this is a very long subject, so expect more on this on the upcoming amateur TV series, the REEL, which will be releasing here!

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