Distractions: Tactic of the Weak-Willed

See, what had happened was:

I was GOING to post this video I shot last week, of me sitting with a bland background, talking about something that, at the time a week ago I thought was super relevant and super dope, until I watched the video to edit it and realized I couldn’t upload that shit anywhere, ever.

So here we are.

It’s 9:00 P.M. on a Friday night, and I’m typing this drinking GT’s Kombucha Third Eye Chai, and this happens:

  • Thinks “Oooh, let’s take a picture of this for the blog since you aren’t doing the video”
  • Takes three minutes taking the pictures and setting the lighting
  • Realizes how distracted I’ve become
  • Proceeds to open up the iPad while transferring pictures to PC for the blog
  • Literally opens up a game
  • Realizes how the distraction has now turned into a somewhat medium sized demon that I must somehow conquer
  • Realizes that the distraction was perfect because that’s exactly what this post is about

I kid you not that’s EXACTLY what happened. Here’s proof:

A picture of distraction in motion

And even more of the devil’s work:

Being distracted while writing about being distracted

You may ask, “James what’s going on??!!”

At the same time that things serve you a purpose, they also do not, as a general rule of the dual nature of our universe and everything around us.

Sometimes a distraction will cause you to gently rethink what it is you are doing, to make sure it is INDEED what you want to be doing. On the other side, the game I play requires very little work, and stimulates the creative side of my brain if I am doing logical work which may sometimes bore me.

Why do I say weak-willed? Because at the end of the line of why’s, there’s only one response left, and that’s a lack of supreme focus on a singular task at hand.

Is it good or bad? Can you still win with distraction as a tactic?

You’d have to be extremely logistical, thinking about:

  • How many minutes would you save with ZERO distractions
  • Do you NEED to save time or is it ok to metaphorically “pat the brain” for working so hard with the treat of a distraction
  • Even if you got all of whatever you were doing, done, what would that mean anyway? Isn’t there ALWAYS going to be something else to do?
  • This is also if you’re really trying hard to win, if you’re enjoying smelling the roses, you can really be distracted all you want, as long as you focus when necessary

It may not be that a person(myself) who enjoys petty distractions is necessarily weak-willed however, maybe, just maybe, it’s balance.


Or I could just be weak-willed.

Either way, distractions are crazy sometimes, aren’t they?

Have a great weekend!


P.S. Also, sometimes the distractions serve to ease me into whatever work I’m about to accomplish, because after uploading those pictures I never did anything other than finish writing this. Balance.

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