The Meaning of Life

The Seeker, Post #23

“There’s no way James discovered the meaning to life.”

Every Person Reading this Post

You’re damn right I didn’t DISCOVER the meaning to our existence on this planet. But together, with some highly accomplished and talented friends, along with you and your opinions on this piece, we can probably agree on a damn close “loose” definition.

In this longer piece, we will process the following six ideas, and in doing so, come to an UNDERSTANDING of what it means to live:

  • You can never step in the same water twice
  • Living is a constant process of relating
  • Life simply IS
  • You simply live, not live for.
  • Finding peace of mind is the general goal
  • Life is the world’s best teacher

You can never step in the same water twice.

Bruce Lee

“Like flowing water, life is perpetual movement. There is nothing fixed. To avoid trying to solidify the ever flowing, you must change and be flexible.”

Imagine stepping in a river. All at once you have engaged with something that is ever changing, ever flowing, constantly moving, simultaneously in every moment and still flowing however the terrain deems it flow.

Trying to stop and solidify the ever flowing is not only a ridiculous process, but it will also halt life from springing up downstream, causing an ecosystem breakdown that could have been avoided.

Instead, learn to change and be flexible.

Living is a constant process of relating.

Bruce Lee

Always do your best to relate DIRECTLY to what is being said in each moment. To live is to relate.

Each of the cells in our body has a purpose and works somehow in tandem with every other cell, whether they are working together as an organ, tissue, muscle fiber, or firing off synapses to perpetuate thought and action.

Same with the world. Except in the world, each cell (human) somehow seems to think they play a more important role than the next, which leads to trying to influence OR gain approval.

Seek, instead of influencing or gaining approval, to relate to the next cell in every moment. Letting go of past feelings and situations, we can then abide in every moment as freely as the water flowing, adapting to our surroundings and environment, relieving the stress of trying to make our environment fit to us.

Life simply is.

Bruce Lee

Life is a living now. He who is living is not CONSCIOUS of living, for LIVING happens when we allow life to LIVE through us, completely UNHAMPERED in its flow.”

If life simply is, trying to MAKE life happen is the cause of all the stress and problems in the world. In existing in each moment relating to what is happening around us we are able to find total meaning in every moment, being led by life, instead of trying to lead and change the ever flowing.

The key: Be flexible to flow with life.

You simply live, not live for.

You guessed it: Bruce Lee

There can be no former or future problems when we live in the moment. Living for is what causes all of the stress, heartache, anxiety, and pain that we feel in life.

Remember, living is a constant process of relating and being in every flowing moment. Life will always flow, but learning to flow WITH life is paramount.

The goal of life is finding peace of mind.

Bruce Lee

When life is just lived, and not traded or conceptualized or squeezed into a pattern of systems, one can truly find peace of mind.

We all want peace of mind. It’s why we marry people or get a 401k. It’s why we invest, get a second job, and buy houses.

Somehow we never achieve peace of mind.

Take life out of the box, or better yet, take your box out of the water, and flow with the stream of life.

The greatest teacher is life itself.

Bruce Lee

We all have said it: Life teaches us more than any school ever could.

True education draws inner knowledge to the surface. Outside indoctrination seeks to input empirical knowledge, which is NOT ever flowing with life.

Things that have already been discovered can be great things to learn, but we discover more when we LIVE, and these things register as stronger synapses in our minds.

The concept of the meaning of life, can only be understood when we learn to flow with life. It cannot be understood any other way.

Learn to flow with life, relating to your environment and everything that is happening around you in every moment. In this, you gain peace of mind, as you become enamored with constantly learning in each and every moment. In relating we find joy and happiness, and in learning we gain freedom.

The meaning is of your own creation. Whether you flow with that is up to you.

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Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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