Just a Little Faith

The Seeker Post #16

Faith. That word alone carries so much weight it’s mentally difficult even typing it as the title of a blog post.  This week’s topic was induced into existence during a phone call with a person dear to me, who has been experiencing the effects of faith and asked me to speak on it as if I’m some guru.  Thanks for believing in me to even dare speak on this.

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However, I have lived by faith for some time now, which doesn’t make me an expert, but I do have some experiences to draw from.  I grew up being told about faith in all the WRONG ways, but I will not blame religion, my parents, egotistical evangelical pastors making millions, or the Holy Bible they take their lessons from about my “Mis-education in Dealings of Faith.”  It’s no one’s fault because one cannot know what they don’t know and because I decided to learn what it is on my own.

Faith as small as a mustard seed can move mountains.  Or so they say. Confucius puts it this way, “Start with the smallest stones first.”  Faith is the substance of things hoped for, and the evidence of things unseen. The EVIDENCE of things you haven’t seen yet.  The substance of things HOPED for. The unseen “thing” is the cleared pathway through or around the mountain. What’s hoped for, is that one gets to the other side safely.

The Salk Institute
The Salk Institute San Diego California

This must be discussed.  I don’t want to use the mountain reference though, I feel like it’s possible one can become deflated reading this while thinking about all the ways that one cannot move a mountain, even if you started with moving the small stones first.  I don’t even feel like moving a mountain.  I wouldn’t want to. That’s the kicker.  The question isn’t “how do I move this mountain,” but “how do I move this mountain that somehow must be moved?”

The more pertinent question is, “What is it that I want to move with my life?”  Faith is the power needed to know that you will always make it where you are trying to go on your life’s journey, if you have the faith necessary.  Faith requires action. Only through action can faith grow. The more faith grows, the more action ensues. The more action is fueled to the cycle, the more powerful the cycle becomes.  Of course, it takes energy, because positive energy always uses more than negative or neutral energy.

Which means if we are talking about the cycle of action/faith, we must talk about the birthing process.  But if you want to discuss the birthing process, you either have to fully understand idea creation, or ask your parents just how you were thought of and made, or if, well…. Nevermind, I guess we can leave that up to your imagination to decide what I was going to say.  Lol.

The Salk Institute
The Salk Institute San Diego California

If I have an idea, that idea won’t see the light of the day if I don’t DO something about the idea.  Once the decision is made, effort is used to begin to give the idea with life. Then once the idea receives life, it can be birthed, and through faith, which can only be followed by action, the idea can be given its physically manifested form.

We act because we believe.  When we act we gain experience which leads to knowledge, or acknowledgment of the truth.  The truth of who we are, what we want, what we cannot put up with, what we can put up with, what we want to do, the truth of ourselves.  Knowledge of self.  Once one becomes confident in who they are, or self-mastery, one can then act on faith because of the solid foundation they created.  Continually acting on that knowledge is the self-fulfilling—-”self full fill mente(mente means mind)”—-the action of filling oneself, and once you understand that process, what it takes to fill oneself with knowledge and energy, you realize how wasteful it is to share energy with those who are not willing to do the same.

Faith.  Even as small as a mustard seed it can move mountains.  Where an idea was birthed also comes belief that the idea can be manifested.  Where there is a belief, there is action, and the fruits of those actions give birth to more faith, and belief.  This faith can move mountains, it just takes a little time.

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