What Radio Frequency Are You Playing Daily?

The Seeker Post #15

Contemplating this piece at a local cafe

Reflect, reflect, reflect.  We reflect the light, we reflect energy, we reflect our environment.  If we reflect, then we also project. We project outward into the world around us what is inside of us.  Duality is in existence in the world, and in us. It’s what creates balance. We need balance for the world to exist.  So we are not only mirrors of our fellow man, but we are projectors, or, creators, of our immediate realities.

I was in a room the other day and a guy came out to greet me.  Because I was in such a zero state of no emotions, no feelings, clear-minded and free from outside influences, I didn’t realize how easy it was for me to receive “input.”  Input is our sensors receiving “output” from external sources. If we are not “open” for input, it’s probably because we are on output mode, exerting frequencies for reception from open communicators.  My radio had been turned to static, looking to pick up a frequency, while his radio, however, was definitely set to a lower frequency, which I did pick up on.

Contemplating this piece on a bench

Back to this “guy,” who I did discern had given me a slight side eye.  “Did this muhfucka just side-eye me? Man, whatever. Lol.” What I had initially thought was a dislike that originated from me, became clear was a dislike being emitted from his radio station, because I had this feeling in my “head” this whole time that I was fighting a small dislike, which was impossible because I didn’t even know the guy.  I’ve long grown past the need to judge someone and emit energy based on things I don’t know. There’s a difference in making a judgment call and adjusting your station and treating someone a certain way based on something from our past. My output was set to too positive a frequency, and in a negative environment, a positive frequency is easily rejected.

He didn’t like me.  I knew it, and he was trying to hide it. As small as the feeling was, it existed.  The side eyes I thought I was receiving were felt through the handshake, the answers he gave me, the tone in his voice.  I was receiving his output, and his output told me this:

“I don’t like this guy.  I don’t know why, but I’m choosing to.  No matter what, he can’t convince me to like him.”

Good thing I learned a long time ago that it’s impossible to get everyone to like you.  One must still be positive anyway.

Now, I’m okay with this.  After really reflecting for a couple of days on it, I realized that I was receiving his output.  Why do I keep repeating these words of input, output, reflection, projection, and sensing?  Because we are frequency receivers. In a positive environment negativity cannot exist. In a negative environment a positive light is extinguished.  The same way light cannot exist in the darkness is the same way darkness cannot exist in the light. This is why “Birds of a feather flock together.” My positive energy frequency at the same time was NOT being accepted into his “input” which caused this small friction the ENTIRE time we were talking.  No matter what tactic I tried to rid the room of this friction, it stayed.

How many times have you projected energy that was, in turn, reflected back to you, without knowing where the energy originated?

How many times have you reflected back energy that escalated a situation?  

Knowing that we are constantly receiving and reflecting energies while we are not aware can be scary, but it explains almost every scenario we find ourselves in.  We can, however, learn to TUNE ourselves, so that we receive the energies we put out more than emitting frequencies we don’t want to receive back.

Learn to tune your radio and be better at your energy and frequency input and output management with the following tips:

  1. Know that if you aren’t emitting an energy or frequency, you are reflecting one.  Watch yourself from the third person to check just HOW you’re reflecting. Unless you’re a master, it’s nearly impossible to see just how you’re “reacting to a situation” whether positive or negative unless you remove yourself from the situation.
  2. During emitting, or “output” typically what you are emitting will be returned, unless you know how to “direct” this energy.  If you are emitting that “I want attention” you will receive “attention” from ANYONE open to that frequency. See how we tune ourselves to whatever radio station that we like to listen to?  Same with energy. The energy we want to receive is exactly the energy that will be sent our way.
  3. During “input” be careful of what station you are set to receiving.  Be aware of whether you are at zero or not. A way to recognize if you are at zero is to check the energy dwelling in your body at the time.  Are you stressed, happy, sad, angry, irritated, lustful, etc? If you are receiving an energy you will not reflect it back cleanly, and this will lead our interactions.  Our energies mixed with the energies of others will create an entirely new atmosphere. Be open for only the input you are willing to receive.
  4. Never, ever blame.  Seek to take responsibility.  When it comes to input and output of energy, understand that knowing exactly what you are and have been responsible for will allow you to get better at tuning your own “radio.”

You are an electric being with a radio station being played from your body at all times.  Your input and output will attract frequencies of the same type no matter how subtle or loud your station may be playing.  Discernment is key. Grade yourself constantly. Grow from your experiences. Watch yourself in the third person. Make adjustments.

What frequency you play is entirely up to you.  If someone plays your music back, you better believe it was for a reason.

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