Achieving Total Victory in Your Life-The Seeker Post #11


Greatness.  Success. Words that go hand in hand with confetti falling, hands raised in victory formation, and smiles laden with tears of joy at tedious work finally paying off. Championships require persistence and perseverance,  anger or a high level of distaste for your current state of existence, and luck(which is being ready for and capitalizing on opportunities, which means one is in constant motion, always focused, alert, aware, and ready. These all take persistence and perseverance).  It takes time to master things, 10,000 hours or a decade, whichever you reach first, to discover if one is even good at something, much less determine whether one can make something a good way of life. It takes being willing to master something, and knowing that victory is always one opportunity away from revealing itself.

Golden State Warriors Championship

The confidence to know that one can indeed WIN comes as a result of doing a certain “thing” over and over so much that one knows they can accomplish that “thing” whenever necessary.  That is why being a contender versus already being a champion is so difficult, as the champion already knows they have won, because they have done “it” before. The contender on the other hand, has never experienced a championship victory, or “being the best at what it is that one does.” However, when we see a contender succeed in felling the champion, it is always because one knew that one could, because of the hours put in at mastering what it is one needed to do to take advantage of the opportunities that presented themselves on the way to becoming victorious.

Dec 1, 2012; Atlanta, GA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide celebrate after defeating the Georgia Bulldogs 32-28 in the 2012 SEC Championship game at the Georgia Dome. Mandatory Credit: Dale Zanine-USA TODAY Sports

The little things.  The little things are the most important.  The things that most people ignore. Eating the right amounts of food daily to fuel the body and nothing more requires a level of discipline most are never willing to engage in, which means most will NEVER achieve they body they try so hard to obtain. Doing 15-20 minutes a day of a few little things that will pan out to those 10,000 hours is the smallest of tasks, but most see the 10,000 hours and decide it’s never worth it to start chipping away at them. Track is a sport that highlights this significantly, although as is the case with most sports, the more elite the level, the less little things one can even afford to do wrong.  This means simply, if one cannot put in the work doing all the little things daily, one should never expect to “be the best” at what it is they are doing. One can never achieve “total victory” without being able to accomplish the little things as if they were just instinct.

Lebron James Championship

We already discussed that if one aims for a certain percent, he or she will reach that percent.  Asking the question; Why isn’t it okay to just be normal(or mediocre), is actually phrased to mask the guilt the ACTUAL question would no doubt deliver.  The actual question is, “Why ISN’T it okay to just be mediocre?” Normal isn’t exceptional. It isn’t great. It isn’t being an activist and it sure isn’t bringing change.  Normal is actually the standard, and if one looks at the standard from whatever various perceptions one may be looking from, they would see the standard is very, very far from “good.” To say each day that one did 100% of what they could to achieve what it is they are setting out to do is actually a pretty tough task, but every day is a new 24 hours to set and accomplish the little things that add up to mastery over a decade, while steadily chipping away at the 10,000 hours it takes to become a champion.

Kevin Garnett “Anything is Possible” Moment of Immortality

The world standard is very low. That’s why we celebrate with and love to see a champion in the making. That we blow other countries up filled with other humans because a media outlet told us that we should.  That people go hungry in the world. That some people eat and other people don’t. That very few have all the money in the world and the rest must fight for scraps. That it’s okay to feel that some humans are better than other humans, forgetting some humans have never been given a chance from the beginning, although the other group of humans think no matter what, even if it’s into a bad existence, that every pre-conceptual human embryo should be born regardless, even though it is them who hate the child that is born into nothing, subjecting them to a life of less because it’s, well, normal.  That we all have to get jobs doing things we don’t necessarily care to, when building a better world for the worlds inhabitants would mean that everyone’s skills and talents would be used to the fullest capacity in ways that make everyone feel like they are living a life full of purpose, which in general would raise the morale(or vibrational energy) of the entire world, which, as you guessed it, would cycle all the way back around to making the world better for all of us. Raising the standard for oneself inevitably raises the standard for us all. Imagine a world full of people trying to be champions. That would be a sight.

Yang 2009 World PGA Championship

We could go on, but one would only want to be normal if normal benefit them, and them alone. Why wouldn’t a decent human being actually want what’s best and good for them AND everyone around them? To be able to celebrate with those we have also pushed to the brink and seen struggle to do the little things daily is a joy many will never taste, because of the selfish nature of most human beings living on this planet. Championships don’t always come in the way of sports, but to be a champion is to have done the best you can, for as long as you could have, UNTIL the outcome you seek has been achieved. In that moment, you will raise your hands in total victory, knowing that you have succeeded at doing all of the little things all the time, and you lie on the field of battle exhausted but joyous.

Champions Celebrate the Same

Greatness.  Perfection. Excellence.  These are things that humans should strive for, every second of every day.  Yes, it’s hard and uncomfortable and you’ll want to take a break, and one should take a break, knowing that the break is supposed to energize them so that they can come back and work harder at being great, perfect and excellent. A talk on intentional breaks coming next week. Thanks for joining me!

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