Subliminal Cues for the Subconscious Mind-The Seeker Post #4

In an attempt to break down the activity of the subconscious mind and bypass the conscious blockers, it’s imperative that one understands there are some things that easily slip past the conscious, and these are what we know as “subliminal messages.” Let’s take a peek into what a subliminal message actually means.

Sub” means below the normal level of perception.  “Message” simply means a message. Subliminal messages are messages sent below the normal level of perception, which is undetectable to the untrained conscious mind. These activities also do significant work on one’s “self.”  A practical way to slip someone a belief or seed thought into their subconscious mind is the Trust Theory.  One of the things trust theory states is that if suggestions come from a trusted source it auto-bypasses the conscious mind. If the source is not trusted the conscious mind will filter something out as a lie.  This is why we are so quick to fact check on the internet during discussions. Children are less likely to do so because they trust their parents automatically.

Although Western culture is still skeptical of hypnosis, it has been proven and accepted more generally by the world as a way to alleviate stress and bring positivity into one’s life, which in turn has a positive impact on stress-related diseases one might be facing, such as high blood pressure. Self-hypnosis is about relaxing oneself to a state where one can deposit positive thoughts and cues into the subconscious. If you read last weeks blog post, you will already understand that the subconscious mind is always awake and active, looking for clues to affirm what it’s been taught to believe is actually true.

Psychology Today has a great article discussing the monumental role subconscious cues can have in our subconscious programming. Did you know that one will be attracted to something more by their subconscious mind over their conscious mind? The conscious mind really does act as a block to make sure the subconscious mind is allowed to operate the background functions without interruption in daily processes. Let’s look at a few examples.

Colors have been shown to have an impact on our mood, feelings, and actions. Cold, neutral tones tend to make a person feel calm and relaxed, whereas bright colors stimulate.  This is why one doesn’t typically wear yellows, reds, and oranges as these colors more often than not will stimulate the brain, not calm it, during times of relaxation. One trend I’ve seen recently is the plethora of red leggings that a lot of women seem to be interested in wearing at the gym. The red attracts attention and provokes strong emotional feelings. One’s eyes will automatically look for the red, as it has been known to be a power color. If one desires to feel a certain way, one should dress accordingly. This is why “power suits” exist. It’s why you can actually make a few assumptions about who a person is by their car color choice, shoe color, etc., as it gives a lot of insight into how a person typically tries to behave in various situations.

Another fun fact about subconscious control; we are attracted to people that look like our parents.  Whereas I cannot personally attest to the validity of this statement, it is backed by “science” and I have too often seen it in action, especially in American culture, as tribal tendencies are a deep part of our society. “Tribalism connotes chauvinistic othering: the belief, or tendency to accept, that a group that includes you is superior or should be favored over other groups.” What this means, is that one’s more likely to choose friends and mates that remind them of their family, especially if their family structure and upbringing were under more favorable.

Some other small facts about our mind’s subliminal choices: The better one’s symmetry, the more attractive one is typically considered. Dress to impress even in jeans and a t-shirt. A female’s voice will go high-pitched when she’s attracted to a guy.  This statement applies to the “Oh HIIIIIII” with several “I’s” to indicate the pitch of the statement. When you’re hungry you’re more attracted to someone with a little more fat on them. Yes, that’s the reason skinny/thick couples exist. Lastly, girls are attracted to guys who display pride. Whereas the last statement is finally changing in our society, as we have realized pride to be a major issue in many cases of toxic masculinity, a man with low self-esteem typically does not fare well with females.

The philosopher Aristotle said that personal beauty is a better recommendation than any letter of reference.  Next week begins our series on the philosophers that had a big impact on my life, and Aristotle is the first one we will study.

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