Eating Like the Biggest Animals on Earth; The Plant-Based Approach-The Seeker Post #2:

The vibrancy in our foods is what powers our own bio-battery.  One’s nutrition is extremely paramount to their mental and physical state of being and wellness.

Light. It’s what gives our planet life.  By photosynthesis, plants are able to convert light into food.  This is why fruits have the highest vibrational energy. It IS the closest food source to light energy.  It’s how animals eat and feed their young, and how humans SHOULD be eating. Time and time again, it’s been proven how humans have the body makeup of a frugivore, not a carnivore.

Giraffes can weigh up to two tons

Animal products are so far removed from the source of energy that it becomes toxic to feed it to humans.  Animals are BRED unnaturally to eat high quantities of low nutritional value feed that has low vibrational value. Humans are then fed the rotting carcass of the dead animal several days or even weeks after it has been slain, and that’s not including the growth additives and antibiotics they are given to help them grow to full size and bigger in just a few short months. More facts on the process here.

The living conditions are dark, cramped, filthy and unsanitary, as many animals lay in their manure breeding the same diseases the antibiotics are used for. The cramped spaces? They’re quite similar to sitting in an airplane seat for three to six months straight without being able to stretch one’s legs.   

Most pens do not allow for movement

How should one eat?

By giving the body the fuel it needs we can optimize its capabilities further than that of what humans currently know, and we are able to gain an even deeper understanding of how our minds and bodies work and comprehend why it desires what it does. Most of us truly do not understand how good the body is designed to feel, without all the ups and downs of emotions, stress, caffeine, alcohol, drug usage, and the constant seeking of various pleasures to release dopamine.

It’s hard to do this on a diet consisting mainly of deteriorating animal proteins, bleached and starchy carbohydrates, and non-sensical saturated fats, when our body needs a plethora of other nutrients and water(our bodies are made up of over 60% water, and the main function of the kidneys is to filter what comes into the body to keep our bodies relatively alkaline during pure homeostasis) to function optimally in body, mind, and spirit.  Acidic foods are mucous producing, and most of, if not all, ailments in the body come from excess mucus production and inflammation. Here’s a list of 21 foods that trigger mucus production.

With new information coming out as well about our second brain in our GI tract, a place that sends 70% of hormonal impulses to the brain, it is essential that one understands he/she truly does become what he eats.  Fruits and living energy produced straight from the soil and seed in earth produce food that automatically regenerates when in season. It’s more cost effective than animal factory farming, and much more gentle on our planet. Would not these same foods fuel a living creature, creatures known to thrive in sunlight, taking in sun rays and converting it to Vitamin D?

What to eat?

This brings us back to the title. The largest animals on the planet are herbivores and frugivores. Their diets consist of food developed and matured by sunlight. A diet based on meat is a second-hand diet, and more dangerous than smoking cigarettes.
So what’s one to eat? Leaving out all of the more processed foods of the vegan sort that are more transitional foods meant to help a meat-eater transition, the best foods for humans are:

There’s over 100,000 edible plants on Earth for humans
  1. Fresh Fruits(above ground= most sun receiving, best energy producing, highest efficiency)
  2. Fresh Vegetables(below ground=helps the digestive tract and nourishes with amino acids and minerals derived from the earth)
  3. Whole grains and legumes
  4. Seeds and nuts

I tend to lean towards apples, oranges, pears, and bananas as my main go-to easy fruits. For substance I add in dates and pumpkin seeds, as pumpkin seeds are full of antioxidants, improve prostate and bladder health, have great amounts of magnesium, and can lower blood sugar, just to name a few benefits. More on pumpkin seeds here.

I use frozen berries and agave/maple syrups along with flax and Chia seeds for my quick go-to smoothies. This allows me plenty of fiber and omega fats for my brain health and cognitive function. If I’m not having a smoothie, I’ll cook quick oats and use fresh blueberries or strawberries, along with some pumpkin seeds for added protein.

I eat a lot of spinach, chickpeas(there’s a great chickpea “tuna salad” recipe here), grilled Brussel sprouts, and trail mix sparingly. Personally, I love broccoli and hummus, as broccoli is a superfood.

Chickpea Tuna Salad Sandwich

A big part of nutrition is understanding how the body functions. The body loves to chew, it takes energy. These foods all take time to chew, time to digest and leave one full of energy. I haven’t had a need for caffeine in months, haven’t had coffee since August of 2018, and only drink tea if I’m up late to write an article. I do not chase protein or macros. My aim is always to get my body as many nutrients as possible according to my daily workload.

Feel free to email me with more nutrition questions. I’d love to hear from you!!

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    1. That’s awesome! For most people coming off that food, I hope they understand your body will go through a detox process. It is easier to start with the substitutes, and your body will lead you from there.

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