Truth, Pt. 2

It’s why man created laws.  Man’s inability to enhance his inner checks and balances comes at a cost.  If we all agree no man is perfect, how then can man create a law that applies to all?  It causes an imbalance in an otherwise already perfect system. A law system not derived from perfect nature itself, only enhanced by mans intelligence, can never succeed and will fail over and over in an attempt to correct the errors.  In a system of conjured law, many have gathered together to say ‘their’ reason is better or of a higher cause than someone else’s and therefore decide what should and should not be done. This creates a conflict of interests if the system is not beneficial to everyone and everything.  This creates yet another imbalance in the system. How can one man put himself above others? If this word is said to have come from a source outside of himself, how can a flawed man then lord that truth over others, if they also have not received the same? If the truth does not benefit all, is it not flawed and perverted?

Truth is simplistic in nature.  Easy to see, hard for human and human’s reason to understand.  It will remain hard to understand due to the flawed man’s system of reason.

Flawed laws cannot benefit the whole, and if they do they should be tightly based on the system of universal laws which govern everything on an otherwise perfect Earth.  If the laws apply to everyone equally, then the consequences of breaking those laws should be equal as well. The people judging and handing out consequences should be evenly spread across the board to represent each person and their interests individually.  Unequal representation is another flaw in a flawed system. Why is this? Because if one does not understand another’s reason for an action, then a perfect judgment cannot be passed, as the judgment would in itself be flawed due to a misunderstanding.  Understanding only comes if a truth is understood between two parties.  A flawed or perverted truth can never be understood between two parties.

Universal truth has no flaws.  Truth presents itself to everyone equally.  The truth represents everyone equally. In truth, everyone eats, feels joy and happiness, and struggles equally.  Truth knows balance, but also no limits. There are no restrictions in universal truth, as truth will restrict everyone equally.  Truth knows no species, but truth knows levels of intelligence.  This means the higher the intelligence, the more responsibility one has to adhere to the truth.  Lack of adherence to truth creates an imbalance in the system.

Of course, one can choose not to adhere, for the fulfillment of their own will and reasoning.  This, however, will undoubtedly ricochet consequences of karmic law and into action in other planes, places, and timelines.  Regardless of whether the offender of truth can see or feel consequences physically, consequence always happens.  

The formula for fully understanding consequence is as follows:

Understanding truth, consequences, and learning from each is the key to mental clarity and freedom.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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