Truth Pt. 1

Truth, in its essence, requires change.  It requires that we respond to it. Whether through action or acknowledgment the truth always wins in the end.

This is why most “truths” are perverted.  Most truths are perverted to avoid the change necessary to cope with the acknowledgment of actual truth.

Man’s will and reason, given to him by the “Tree of Knowledge,” is currently the only thing separating him from true cohesion with the physical and spiritual worlds.

We will and reason away universal truths in search of man’s selfish truths, thereby forcing nature and all of its glory and perfection to submit to our will, instead of submitting to and interacting with nature at its optimal points.  Instead of working with, we work against, as man’s hunger for dominance and conquest remains unchecked. Unfortunately, it must be checked at some point, whether from within or from an external source. If not, we run the course of ruin, as has been seen in history.

Truth does not require dominance, it gives and takes willingly.  Insistence on dominance is a flaw in man’s ego derived from the perverted truth and reason, a consequence of a flawed system.  Perverted truth and reason only serve man, and nothing else on this planet. Man’s reliance on his strength and dominance will cause an outside source to conquer man.  Balance in the universe is necessary, as balance is the truth.

This throws the Yin Yang, the duality, the balance, of its circular course.  In throwing things out of course, by refusing the source right in front of us, nature itself, we reason and reason away natural law so that man can continue his dominance, instead of servitude.  Serving is as simple as helping one in need. Anything not stronger than ‘man’ needs man’s service to flourish. The dominance has pushed the world into destruction twice already, with the third at hand. A vital tipping point is just around the corner to restore the necessary balance.   If truth is right in front of us in the form of nature, then the truth must also reside inside of us, as a system of checks and balances, as we are also a part of nature. These internal checks and balances should be developed, instead of our overly developed physical ones. A reliance on physical boundaries causes an imbalance itself because man is not just physical, but a spiritual being.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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