The Collective Break…

…and The Power of Sunshine


For a mid-westerner, you grow up believing and trusting in the seasons.  There used to be about three to four months in each legitimately, before the weather really began acting on its own accord, in part because of people, and in part because of…people.

Regardless, the past few years has seen significant changes around the landscape of Ohio, my home state, and the surrounding areas.  From turnaround torrential downpours, to excessive and muggy heat, all the way to the opposite spectrum of single digit cold fronts with wind that blows razor blades across one’s face.  There’s weeks in a row of zero sunshine to days upon days of heavy rain and dirty streets.

But the sunshine, when the sunshine is in season it simply alters the way our minds and brains work and calculate between logic and risk.  If Vitamin D truly is a hormone produced by the body when it receives sunlight, then lack of sunshine somehow must force our bodies to try to produce it in other ways.

Oh, you were wondering when I would reference the title?  Now would be a great time.  The collective break is something I’ve begun to sense in the mid-west since ‘sunshine’ became a season.  There’s now two seasons, sunshine and no sunshine.  Most people are varying levels of irritable, spicing it up with working out strictly to go on vacation, icing it all over with loads of alcohol every weekend.

Collectively, people are working tirelessly to some extent up until the sunshine hits.  Most times it’s because it’s better to stay inside than be out in the snowy and ice-filled streets. The collective break happens when the sunlight is most prevalent.  Whereas most people are still working, the focus definitely shifts to enjoying the sunshine.  If you think about it, the collective overall feeling of an entire city and landscape is changed strictly from the abundance of light.  If humans are affected by light this much, wouldn’t it be optimal to have a schedule around enjoying the light, and working when necessary?

How about a brief example before we conclude?  When most of us were in elementary school through college, was this not what made those times ‘fun and exciting’ in their respective essences?  That you KNEW, at the end of the year you had three months of summer to hang out with your friends, plotting to take over the school the next year just as you attempted to do the year before.  Even the anticipation of knowing you had to go back to school was okay, simply because you got a break to enjoy the sunshine.  If the collective conscious is real, and the collective break is indeed a phenomenon for humans, humans would indeed operate at optimal levels with this institution.  I may be crazy, but how do YOU feel when the rays of sunshine hit you?

Published by James Taylor

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