It’s Going to Be Okay.

It Always Works Out.

It’s always going to work out.


Hasn’t it always?

It has.  It has always worked out.  And it will continue to.   Because if it doesn’t work out, we die.  And what doesn’t kill us, literally only makes us stronger.

A bad situation, isn’t a bad situation.  It’s an uneducated one.  Because if we were educated, we wouldn’t be in the situation.  Now that we are in the situation, should we not do everything possible to learn from the situation in order not to repeat it.

Taking responsibility for our situations educates us.  Eventually one can learn enough to get ahead of the reactive place, and move forward into taking proactive actions.  When one gets here they can move ahead of reactive stress, and move ahead into a peaceful, calm approach which is the mindful and optimal way of existence.

But I must digress.

There’s Levels To This.

How okay everything turns out is completely up to us.  If we are dragging our feet and refusing to learn-negative attitude-the situation will drag on, and on, breaking us more, and more.  If we choose the positive mindset, we learn quickly, right the wrongs, and move forward.

I mentioned education earlier.  A big area of frustration for us typically comes from how we have been educated to live life.  We are forced so early to make long term decisions, not understanding that change of mind and change of heart are inevitable as one navigates through life.  Understanding this, to be proactive, one must look into the future, instead of at what is happening at this moment.  Because while we must appreciate in the now, we can only appreciate when we live in a moment we foresee.  Because we created that moment with vision.

We’ve now moved from things being okay, to creating and taking control of our destiny.  Because quite honestly, if we aren’t living the life that we dream of, whose fault is it exactly?  If we can see it, we can create it.  Have you ever tried closing your eyes and picturing you doing something that you really want to do?  Your eyes will shutter like a camera taking pictures.  You can see the moment.

What Happens When We See It?

It’s as automatic as checking which way you’re going after entering an alley.

Choose your direction, locked in with one way to go, and proceed until a change must be decided and chosen.  Avoid having the change forced onto you.

The cycle runs on oddly a month cycle.  If one decides to say, start a workout regimen.  One should be dedicated on an interval basis for an entire four-week period, tracking progress along the way.  Because the mind operates better on fresh motivation, one should check monthly progress to make sure things progressed with every interval.  At the end of that month, just like the alley, check to either stay on the direction or change-up a little.  Never straying from the path but adjusting to increase our performance every time.  This can be applied to everything one puts their mind to.

Because it is when we do not make adjustments when necessary that we incur a bad situation.  

See it.

Do it.

Check progress and adjust if necessary.

Repeat until goal is achieved.

It’s always going to be okay.  You’re in complete control.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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