Desire, Ability, and Faith


Do you have the desire to do what you are currently doing?

How about the desire to do what you want to do?

The desire must be authentic for “the doing” to be sustainable and real. Sustainable, because the human body and mind must be able to recuperate in order to consistently put out quality work, in whatever that work is. Recuperation is easy when one does what they love.

It’s why we love music, art, sports, a good read, and good movies. Humans can see and appreciate heartfelt work. Heartfelt work is so loved and respected because humans understand what it means to give everything within one’s abilities to complete a task. Most of us just don’t have a 100% real authentic desire to do what it is we are doing.

And we don’t know how to get there.


Because we don’t know how to do what it is we really DESIRE to do, we choose school and college to develop an ABILITY that functions in the form of guaranteed work.

Ability and desire go hand in hand, as each drives each, thereby increasing the ability and desire.

The magical number for ‘mastery’ is said to be around 10,000 hours, or 10,000 of whatever it is that you DESIRE to do.

So, the question now must be asked,”What do I have the desire and ability to do for 10,000 hours, in order to become a master at my craft or art?”

One may think it’s an exhorbitant amount of time, but the odds of one already having spent 10,000 hours doing what they didn’t have the desire to do remains quite high.

Regardless, if one has the ability and desire to do a thing, he or she should do that thing. One must aim for mastery, not money or success, both of which will appear somewhere within or at 10,000.


Now that we understand how desire and ability factor into our individual success, the last paragraph hopefully presented an obvious segway into the third factor.


A recurring factor in getting things done in life, tripling faith with ability and desire produces solid results every, single, time.

If you’ve been educated in any fashion, you know that just the act of attendingnd showing up daily, along with turning in homework assignments and doing mediocre on tests will eventually, after some years, produce a sheet of paper called a diploma which let’s people know we have completed time in education.

Your faith in the fact that you’d receive the diploma was never in question.

Get it?

Your faith in the fact that you will complete 10,000 hours in whatever it is you desire to do should be the only fact that matters.

Because at mastery level, one is now able to contribute as a master of the art, or at worst, a high level industry expert.

Don’t know what to do? Or hate what it is you’re doing?

Do what you want.

Don’t know how or have low ability? That will come with time, because with time comes experience.

Wondering if it will work out? Have faith. The same faith that allows one to show up for work daily knowing that he or she will receive payment for the hours traded.

If one follows these three, the probabilities of success skyrocket.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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