What is Fearlessness?

Fearlessness and faith go hand in hand, like two sides of the same coin.

One must have reason to be fearless, either through supreme control of the mind, or through pure strength.  Pure strength must be absolute, and control of the mind is necessary to combat struggle.

Both give the user of the fearless trait an unshakable belief in oneself irregardless of ‘obstacles’ in one’s path.  Said obstacles are merely learning experiences.  Speaking of learning experiences, this must mean that one must be on a constant journey.  To constantly encounter learning experiences, one must be constantly moving forward on a path not yet forged.  Ah, yes, the path less traveled.

The Path

Why would one be on this path?  Is not the goal perfection in one’s own individual way?  If the goal is not perfection, what else may one seek?  Much unhappiness in life comes from seeking that other than perfection, things that fade with time.  Perfection is a process, a process that ages with time.

As time ages, perfection does too, as perfection is achieved on a moment to moment basis according to each individual user of the trait.  How is perfection achieved in each moment?  The user must commit to embodying truth.  Truth, a concept also affiliated solely with each individual, rests on the heart and soul chakras, centered in the middle of the chest, and right below the loins area.  One feels these spirit areas move with each decision not made in truth and honesty to oneself.

Truth and Honesty: The Difference

A deeper concept.  The difference in truth and honesty.  Truth is centered in the chest, because one’s truth is significant to them alone.  If said truth is incorrect, but firmly believed in, one can bypass the mechanism of honesty by holding onto said belief.  However, this mode leaves room for the belief to be chipped away at, which gives honesty a hole to seep through.  If the bubble is never burst, one’s mind can detract away from being “honest with oneself” because of the strength of the belief.  Once honesty begins to creep inside of the burst bubble, change of belief in the falsehood can occur.  This is not perfection, but a lower state of mediocrity at not being committed to being perfect.  It’s extremely uncommon for one to be honest in their soul but not be aware of an untruth in their heart.  Being true to oneself requires alignment.

Perfection is a balance of truth and honesty being in complete alignment, and because of said alignment, one’s actions fall completely in line with the balance.  Ah yes, faith.  The action based on not yet seen events.  One has no other choice but to believe in the unseen unfolding when one’s heart, soul, and actions are all in alignment.  One knows now, that no ‘unfortunate event’ can occur, because anything challenging is only challenging because it’s never been encountered before.  Because something has never been experienced, most will put the experience in one of two categories, good and bad.  ‘Good’ experiences require no effort, no problem solving, no learning.  ‘Bad’ experiences are the opposite.

Experiences are for Learning

When one can just label the event an experience, and look for learning opportunities, one can begin to chase perfection.  In each moment we can be faced with a brand new learning opportunity and experience.  In conquering these each moment, we evolve and become fearless, invoking the law of attraction.

Now that no experience can ever be bad, a shift happens.  A shift to a positive mindset.  This mindset leads a user to KNOW, that just as one will wake up in the morning, only good can come to them.

Being fearless is knowing.  Faith is also knowing.  Both start within and finish with action.  When one takes constant action, there can be no failure.  When one takes constant action, one achieves perfection.  Perfection ends at the end of one’s life, when they can claim that they did everything they wanted to do in life, when they wanted to do it, and how they wanted to do it.

There are No Regrets if You Just Do

Being fearless means no regret.  Faith knows that everything will be ok.

There can be no regrets.  Just do.  It’ll work out.  It has to.

Published by James Taylor

Dedicated to changing the world by changing myself. Actions speak louder than words and the mind is the battlefield through which all wars are won. It cannot happen outside before it happens inside. What you believe, you can achieve.

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