Faith, Hero Academy, and the Academy of Destiny

Week 4, Day 3

The above photo was taken of me a day before the Hero Academy Lesson of Faith. Faith is stronger than hope.  Hope is a belief and a wish.  Hope requires less energy and effort than faith.  Faith requires constant action.  We commit to the constant action because of our faith.  What does this have to do with the above photo?  Because faith is the reason for the smile on my face.  I had been selected with ten others in my class for the Lesson of Faith.  Every Hero of legend and of current passed the trial of the Lesson of Faith.

Faith is this quirky thing.  At Hero Academy after I was selected for the Lesson of Faith I also received an anonymous letter that I was instructed not to speak of.  It was a letter regarding meeting one of my instructors at The Cliff.  The Cliff was the highest point on campus, and there was a rumor that whoever is asked to go to The Cliff never returns to campus.  No one is allowed there without an instructor.  I assumed it was nonsense until I received the anonymous letter.

The letter instructed me to meet my professor at the location at 18:00 this past weekend and the gentleman in the picture above with me was also there.  We were asked if we wanted to be legends.  With a lifelong fear of heights and the Lesson of Faith scheduled for the very next day, the last place I wanted to be was here, at The Cliff.

But I smiled.  It no longer was of any consequence what happened to me.  Chasing the life as a hero for the people was the only thing that mattered to me.  Is the only thing that matters to me.  Whatever was required of me I was prepared to give.

We were asked to step off the cliff.  I was already promised a seat at the Lesson of Faith trials to begin my next course.  This was my faith.  So I raised one foot, as did my friend.  And we stepped off.

As we did, steps appeared from the cliff and guided our steps down the ravine.  We had reached the Academy of Destiny inside of Hero Academy.

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