The Magic of Hero Academy

Entry 3, Day 13 20:00 Hrs


This week at H.A. was particularly interesting.  We learned of magic, and the power of words and written words.  In one of our lessons we learned of Heka, an Egyptian God whose name meant magic, and through his power created the world with two other gods.  The gods of perception and insight, and the god of authoritative speech.  “The most important of these were the gods Sia, Hu, and Heka. Sia was the power of perception or insight, which allowed the creator to visualize other forms. Hu was the power of authoritative speech, which enabled the creator to bring things into being by naming them.”

My thoughts on this lesson were the following.  If magic therefore is achieving _______ by indirect means, then filling in the blank (authoritative speech) with a powerful word(end goal) must be learned through perception and insight.  Is this not that magic of achieving goals through changing one’s perception?


The Academy’s classes has been excruciatingly grueling.  The constant learning, the constant testing, and the constant increasing of energy and one’s ki to resonate with the earth(which literally can be translated to ki) can be draining.  However, achieving a heightened state of enlightenment to grasp hold of one’s power as a potential hero candidate requires sacrifice, dedication, and separation from one’s old self.  Renewing of the mind is a theory of many biblical and historical texts, one that is especially crucial in accepting, processing, and applying metaphysical information.

Ki, also synonymous with chi, is that which is inside of a human that separates the living from the dead.  If the earth is also synonymous with ki, the same ki that is inside of us, can we not also connect to the force that holds the earth together?  If we were made from the earth can we not resonate fully with it?  Would that force be gravity?  Or something else?  These are questions I have to answer by the end of my first year here as a student.

Well, it’s time to get back to class.  This one at 22:00 hrs is about Creation and Ingenuity.   See you soon.

BlackRhiino, PCE-1

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