The Heroes of the Academy

The Academy has been around for as long as humans consciousness has existed. It materializes for those willing to put themselves through whatever it takes to achieve the dream they desire.

Once enrolled, the pace moves at twice the speed of normal life outside of the Academy. For every week that passes outside of the Academy, two weeks pass inside. This phenomenon, called the “DREAM Accelerator” also known as the Daily Recourse and Enabler of Action Mechanism, is part of the sleep testing mechanism I touched on in entry one from last week.

This “mechanism” helps the student engage in meditation and lucid dreaming, taking the strongest desires and goals dreamt of by the individual, and processes them into daily activities meant to help clarify and achieve said goals.

This week at the Academy we enrollees spent a majority of time studying previous and current heroes in various genres of life. The Academy takes your mental and physical capabilities, garnered from a test at entry, and amplifies them by placing you under the mentorship of heroes in that category.

Unfortunately, we enrollees at the Academy are banned from using the names of the heroes, as publicity affects their behind the scenes work. However if you dig just enough, you can probably discover who the heroes in your genre are. In studying the heroes closely related to your skill set, you can find a possible entry point into the Academy, as the Academy appears before those who dream.

It’s almost the end of week two at Hero Academy, and I’ve met a few people from my class as well as the Heroes in my division. Some of my heroes spent 10 to 15 years leveling to get to their current state. They travel the world bring hope and positivity wherever they go, and I will strive to be a part of that someday. Until then my status is that of a D1, a Level 1 Dreamer, the lowest on the hero totem pole. After Dreamer Level 5 comes Savant levels 1-5, then Hero Levels 1-20. It’s a long road, but not for the Dedicated. The Dedicated I’d an additional title that also brings special abilities to Heroes as well as those striving for positioning at the S1 level.

Who are some of your heroes?

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